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I make all items myself, by hand in my home studio, nestled in a National Wildlife Refuge. I love making custom orders! I can design a single custom item for you or fill a wholesale order for wedding favors or for resale at your boutique. I first discovered the art of ceramics when I was a very young, firing in the household oven and glazing with paints. By no means did I fall solely in love with ceramics at this point. I explored every form of craft and art I could get my hands on. As a child I also fell in love with nature, traveling to southern Illinois for family vacations. I was able to really jump into both of these after moving to Carbondale, Illinois. I graduated from Southern Illinois University with degrees in both Ceramics and Graphic Design. I also received a minor in Art History. Now our cottage and my artist's studio are nestled in Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge. I find my inspiration from the nature all around me. I use a lot of animal, insect and floral imagery in my work. I also tend to work with small, detailed items. I am amazed by all of the very small textures, patterns and details that make up the larger beauty of the world around me. I love working in my small, rustic studio, with inspiration all around me. Please join me on Facebook to learn more about me, my artwork, my studio and my artistic lifestyle.

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