Meet firefliesoverwater

About firefliesoverwater

Hello. My name is Lyn. I am a long time costume designer turned bridal accessory maker from the mountains of North Carolina. Fireflies Over Water or ( F.O.W for short) is a my small line of bridal accessories that is inspired by the natural world. What looks to be just a simple flower petal from a distance turns out to be a vast canvas made up of tiny dots of color and shapes when observed up-close. This is the aesthetic I try to bring out with my pieces. Each item is simple in design and arrangement but is constructed using the tiny elements of glass beads and laces each sewn together one by one by me to create the finished product. All of my items are hand made by me in my small studio, using passed town millinery techniques and lots and lots of time and care. I use only the highest quality materials and strive to create beautiful pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation.