Meet GrainDEEP


About GrainDEEP

We have always loved brainstorming about things we can eventually make, design, build. It's kept us both up till the wee hours of some mornings, not fully realising where the time had gone. We've always wanted to start something of our own but only fully realising how and what we would want to do until very recently. GrainDEEP was a natural progression for us as a duo. Isac has a very technical way of thinking. By day he works for a Civil Engineer. He is able to problem solve quickly and wrap his mind around some pretty fussy situations. For us to function, this is huge. Sonya works as a Designer and loves working with new concepts and ideas. We are able to bounce thoughts off one another and make them work and make sense. We like to think that each of us compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. We both love having control of something from start to finish and being able to put out the best product we possibly can. Thanks for getting to know us a bit better and have fun! Isac & Sonya