Meet Memento

About Memento

Your spark, passion and drive is a song only you can write, If you don't play it the world can't hear it. Starting with an idea and creating a business is not something I had on my 5 or 10 year plan. I had no idea I was the entrepreneurial type. Fast forward 5 years ahead and I have grown a successful business that I am very proud of. I love that I am building a business for my family & children and creating a brand. Memento started in my basement with just me and 1 commercial embroidery machine. I thought it would take me 3-5 year to pay off my first embroidery machine. I wore all the hats, convo girl, shipper, sewing ribbon, cutting fabric, ironing, applique cutting, embroidery, listing products. At holidays I would go to bed at 2 or 3 AM back in the early days. My drive was to exceed in online customer service. Shopping online with Memento was going to be like shopping at boutique but online. When you purchase online you pay and that is the end of the transaction until you get your item in the mail. When will it ship? Did they get my order? What if I have a question? I send each customer an email that we send that has details about their order, shipping date and how to contact us if there is a correction needed on their order details. I have had lots of customers say they love the communication as this lets them know a person and not just a computer received their order. The first machine took the longest to pay off! Every time I was able to pay us back for the machine, instead I bought another to help me keep up with the growth of my shop. I had 3 machines in 2010 and seasonal helpers at Christmas and peak seasons throughout the years. In August 2011 I hired my first full time employee. In April of 2012 I took the next step of getting a commercial space! It was exciting and a little overwhelming at the same time. I had 2 full time employees and a part time employee at the time and the thought of rent each month was a bit daunting. We have lots of space for shipping, embroidery machines, sewing table, packaging and all of the laptops needed to manage a growing Etsy shop! I love going to the new shop every day. The 4 ladies that work for Memento are all very talented and bring their creative talents to help make Memento even better! In July we added 2 new talented creative ladies, Amanda & Sandra to the team. We now have 6 amazing and talented ladies that all contribute to making Memento a creative & fun place to spend our days Monday - Friday while we create personalized items for our wonderful customers. As my shop has grown I could either turn customers away, leave Etsy or keep my business growing and hire individuals that also were sewers and creative like me. I love the fact that we all get to make & create things and help customers find the perfect personalized item they are looking for. I am still very active in my shop and work most days 7 days a week. When my talented staff turn things off for the day at 5 and on weekends I am still the 1 women lady that orders supplies, answers convos, sets up embroidery files.