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THIS IS MY 39th YEAR OF SHOWS! My first show was in August was an old home day show in Gilmanton...and I sold little soldier Christmas ornaments for $1.00 ... times have changed. Does anybody have one of those ornaments??!! My first experience with quilling was picking up the supplies at a craft shop and making little flowers to place around my girl friend's wedding invitation. In the past almost 40 years, I have embellished over 2,500 wedding invitation. And I still enjoy being a part of the wedding today. What began as a hobby over 30 years ago has become my main focus today. Quilling gives me the opportunity to combine my love of nature with my love of art, and the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, in addition to a few other shows, gives me a wonderful outlet for my work and the motivation to pursue new ideas. My original technique of overlaying a simple cut out over the quill work has allowed me to incorporate the traditional craft of quilling into my ducks, birds, wild flowers, and other wildlife. The cut out is the design and the quill work is the detail for the feathers in the ducks and birds, the veins in the flowers and leaves, the scales on the fish, and the fur in the moose and polar bear. This technique has taught me to "see again" as the shading requires sometimes tedious time and patience to get it right. And if you don't see it, you can't recreate it. I feel that my quill work and cut out technique has caused my quilling to change from craft to art. Oftentimes, the quillwork defies recognition. I have now added paper sculpture and paper cut work to my pieces. I am also working on scenes and large pieces -- The time for production has passed and it is now time to be much more creative. I want to create pieces that will make you stop and rest awhile, pieces that you will really want to be a Part of Your Life. Just a little note here......I do everything from the initial design, the cut out with an exacto knife, the quilling, cutting the mats and the glass, and mounting in the frame. Just me. And that doesn't count the shows, ordering supplies, and everything else involved in producing and selling my art. And my website. I sell only retail, as I am working by myself and cannot produce large numbers of work. In 2010 I decided to reduce my number of shows in order to set priorities in My Life -- they say to reduce the stress!! I have tried to choose carefully so that all my friends have the opportunity to attend at least one show in their area. And I have added quite a few studios to different sites on the web. This year, 2013, I have added a new line of folk art designs. These design are all one of a kind -- what this means is that my cut out may be the same, but the coloring and quilling will all be different. My new designs include whimsical roosters, horses, dogs, cats and birds.