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Suzanne is a hard working, stay at home mother of three. She has swimming competitions, basketball games and gymnastics practice to fill her calendar while penciling in time to spend with her husband of over 7 years. The creation of Serendipity Bridal was true to its name. She was not exactly looking to start a business. It was a few months after having her second child, that it came to be. She had just brought her 2-month-old son home from being hospitalized for a week in the hospital with RSV. She was expected to go back to work the next day and did not want to leave her weak, fragile little boy. In that moment she decided that she would have to find another way to make money. She began searching online ‘want ads’ when she came across a very nervous bride-to-be that wanted someone to design a truly unique wedding décor package. It was in that moment of serendipity that Serendipity Bridal was born. Serendipity Bridal started off just offering feather fans as unique pieces for weddings, however, that grew quickly into offering bouquet options, and has flourished to offering a unique line of hair pieces, veils and jewelry designs. Serendipity Bridal has allowed her to raise a family and make lasting connections with brides-to-be all over the world. "When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. I truly love what I do!" ~ Suzanne

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