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Nautical Wedding Clutch

If you’re planning a nautical wedding, don’t forget to tie in your theme through accessories. Thanks to Toriska, one of our favorite accessories (the clutch purse) can now effortlessly tie into your nautical wedding theme. This nautical wedding clutch features a navy blue and white striped fabric with a bow on the front flap. The inside of the clutch is lined with blue cotton and the entire purse is fully interfaced with several layers. If you prefer red and white, a nautical wedding clutch is also available in those colors – just ask!

nautical wedding clutch

Polaroid Wedding Invitation

Hello, lovelies! If I had to pick one vintage find that reclaimed itself to still be popular today, I’d say it’s the Polaroid. We now have digital cameras built into our cell phones and yet people still crave the instant in-your-hands product known as Polaroid film. Today, we’re highlighting a sweet wedding invitation that dares to be both modern and vintage: the polaroid wedding invitation. By Wide Eyes Design.

vintage polaroid wedding invitation

Wedding Buttons to Wow Your Guests

If you’re looking for a new wedding trend worth obsessing over, we’ve found it: wedding buttons! These cute little pin backs will get guests in the celebrating mood and provide plenty of fanciful flair for your big day. Pin ‘em to matching invitations by the lovely 26 Sorts for a complete invitation package that will wow your guests. These aren’t your average wedding buttons: these carefully crafted buttons are whimsical, stylish, and tie into your wedding theme for complete cohesion. Read on for more…

wedding buttons

Elizabeth and Darcy Wedding Invitation

Ah, love. Sweet, literary love. We are avid fans of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and adore this Elizabeth and Darcy wedding invitation suite by Borrowed & Blue. If you’re planning a book themed wedding or one filled to the brim with romance, silhouettes, and love, this is the wedding invitation for you. It looks like it could have come straight from Pemberley.

“In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed.
You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”
-Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

elizabeth and darcy wedding invitation

How to Make Your Ceremony Programs Pop

Hello, brides! We love when artisans break the mold when it comes to traditional wedding ideas. Ceremony programs, for instance, can be skipped altogether or a little bit boring… or, you can choose to make it better. Personally, we prefer the latter and we’ve found one awesome way to do it! Today we’re showing you how to make your ceremony program pop with custom bridal party illustrations by the lovely Paper Maids. No boring ceremony programs here! Paper Maids uses custom bridal party illustrations to bring your entire crew to life, right down to the bridesmaid dress, groomsmen suit, hair color, skin color, facial features, and more. If I were a bridesmaid and the couple ordered one of these bridal party illustrations, you bet I’d be saving the program after the wedding… maybe even framing it! Read on to find out more…

  bridal party program illustration