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Marry Me Tonight Cufflinks

We love these cufflinks! They read, “Marry Me Tonight 4:00″ and “Love You Forever” with the wedding date. What a great gift for the groom!

Dog Cake Toppers

Spotted: An adorable pair of dog cake toppers custom-created just for you! This particular pair of bulldogs was made for one couple, but you can request any breed. Each cake topper is made to order by the lovely The Republic of Cute. ♥ -E.

The Loveliest Pink Dress Sash

This dress sash features hand-cut, dyed, and pressed silk chiffon petal flowers with a glamorous rhinestone center. This pink dress sash is the perfect addition to any wedding dress! View this sash and more lovely items at Emici Bridal. ♥ -E.

Monogram Necklace

Spotted: The sweetest little monogram necklace necklace! This necklace is perfect for bridesmaids and is under $30! To see this monogram necklace and more from this lovely artisan, visit Just Jaynes, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace. ♥ -E.

Bee Themed Wedding Invitation

Just added: This bee themed wedding invitation is beautiful! By Lasso’d Moon. Vintage bee themed wedding invitation set features a sunny orange honeycomb pattern, a bee graphic, and a tulip. Check out more bee themed wedding stationery like programs, place cards, and more available at Lasso’d Moon, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace. ♥ -E.

Stylish Bridal Slippers

The bride ought to be comfortable on her wedding day. Take a cue from Good Little Things (appropriately named) and imagine walking down the aisle in total, blissful comfort with stylish bridal slippers! These chic slippers are handmade + customized with the embellishment of your choice. Ready to grab a pair? Visit Good Little Things… Read More »

Polka Dotted Ring Pillow

This adorable red polka dotted pillow is perfect for your boho wedding and is brimming with charm! It measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ and features a red crochet heart on top measuring 1.5″ x 1.5″. Ring pillow is delivered straight to your door gift wrapped. By Cherrytime, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace. ♥ -E.