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Do you need a bridesmaid gift they’ll use again? Bridesmaid clutches — like these with a chic sparkle clasp — are one idea! We love how the clutches from Ella Winston can be customized to coordinate with your decor. Plus, she offers free embroidery, free customization, and free wrapping, which makes your gift extra special. :) Take a look:

pretty bridesmaid clutches

by ella winston

You can see all of Ella’s many bridesmaid clutch options here.


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We all know the line that goes along with bridesmaid dresses:  “AND you can wear it again!!”  But the real nitty-gritty truth of the matter is: you will be hard-pressed to find a group of women who all love the same dress and look great in it.  Let’s face it ladies, we all have different bodies that come along with their own set of strengths and weaknesses.  We should dress them accordingly.

I like to think that bridesmaid style is a reflection of you, the bride.  If your petite college roommate is drowning in a satin gown and your busty bestie is overflowing out of the strapless top, it may be time to try some different options.

The newer trend of mismatched dresses for bridesmaids is great for so many reasons.  When all your best girls are fit and flattered in their dresses, it allows all the focus to be on you and your man on your wedding day.

It also allows your friends to choose their own budget.  Typical bridesmaid dresses are exorbitantly expensive, and usually poorly made with cheap fabrics.  These days there are so many avenues for finding amazing fashion at affordable prices.  From flash sale websites to online consignment shops, and even shopping on Instagram, your options are limitless.

Here I have put together an entire bridal party look, all dresses are (well) under $100:

mismatched bridesmaid dresses blue

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Seafoam green has never looked so beautiful! Check out this pair of amethyst seafoam green earrings spotted at Designs by Flory. We love ’em! Plus, earrings make a perfect gift for your bridesmaids, too!

seafoam green earrings

Seafoam Green Earrings

To check out this pair and others, visit Designs by Flory.

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Give ’em a gift they’ll love to reuse day after day! We love these cosmetic bags for bridesmaids by the lovely Allisa Jacobs, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace.

Cosmetic Bags for Bridesmaids (by Allisa Jacobs via - The Marketplace) #handmade #wedding #bridesmaids

Cosmetic Bags for Bridesmaids

To view the collection, visit Allisa Jacobs and tell her Emmaline Bride sent you!

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When vintage glamour and pops of color collide, the result is a beautiful collection of wedding cuff bracelets by Cloe Noel. Today we’re featuring three favorite wedding cuff bracelets by this fantastic artisan PLUS a special Emmaline Bride readers only discount! Read on for details…

wedding cuff bracelets

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Spotted: something blue earrings for the bride! These pretty aquamarine blue glass drop earrings are sparkly with a stunning glass stone. Gift to your bridesmaids or wear on your wedding day as your ‘something blue’.

something blue earrings

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Hello, brides! We love when artisans break the mold when it comes to traditional wedding ideas. Ceremony programs, for instance, can be skipped altogether or a little bit boring… or, you can choose to make it better. Personally, we prefer the latter and we’ve found one awesome way to do it! Today we’re showing you how to make your ceremony program pop with custom bridal party illustrations by the lovely Paper Maids. No boring ceremony programs here! Paper Maids uses custom bridal party illustrations to bring your entire crew to life, right down to the bridesmaid dress, groomsmen suit, hair color, skin color, facial features, and more. If I were a bridesmaid and the couple ordered one of these bridal party illustrations, you bet I’d be saving the program after the wedding… maybe even framing it! Read on to find out more…

  bridal party program illustration

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