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Eco-Friendly Bridal Necklace

Want an eco-friendly option for your bridal necklace? Look no further than the lovely Twice Creations which created lovely recycled jewelry you can feel good about wearing. This piece is hand sculpted and made from an upcycled milk jug. Like diamonds, plastic lasts forever – why not make something lovely from it? By Twice Creations.


Eco-Friendly Bridal Necklace

To buy yours (+ view more) visit their website.

Something Blue Necklace with Personalized Charm

Brides: need something to wear around your neck and something blue for your big day? We’ve found it! Today in The Daily Find, we’re featuring a something blue necklace with personalized charm by the lovely Figment and Rather.

something blue necklace with personalized charm #handmade #wedding

something blue necklace with custom letter charm

Something Blue Necklace with Personalized Charm

To order a necklace for yourself or your bridesmaids, visit Figment and Rather. They have PLENTY of eye candy in their shop! Enjoy!

Chalkboard Locket for Bridesmaids

Memorable bridesmaid gifts are not found in chain stores or mass supply warehouses… they’re handmade with two hands, love, and attention to detail. Today, we’re talking about bridesmaid gifts with one special gift idea in mind: the chalkboard locket. If you’re looking for a unique bridesmaid gift, you’ll love this idea! The chalkboard locket – an original, exclusive, patent-pending design by Zelma Rose – measures 1 and 1/2 inches across, features a convertible antique brass chain (it can be worn two ways: at 20″ or 40″ in a snap), and is embellished with gorgeous fabric. Once opened, the locket reveals a chalkboard onto which a message can be written; on the reverse side, a strong magnet can hold a small photo for your bridesmaid. This is one gift she’ll love to wear on the wedding day and beyond… and she’ll cherish it forever. Read on to find out more about this unique gift idea…

Chalkboard Locket

The chalkboard locket includes a sharpened piece of chalk (to write your message) and arrives with gift wrapping included. Prefer a silver chain? It’s also available – just ask!

chalkboard locket necklace in red with tiny bow

Pearl Bridal Necklace (+ Something Blue)

Happy Friday! Today in The Daily Find we’re featuring a simply gorgeous pearl bridal necklace with a hint of something blue. This necklace contains crystals, pearls, and a small blue satin bow on silver plated copper chain. Handmade with love by Featured Artisan, SenoritaJoya.

To view more jewelry and/or to order this necklace, visit SenoritaJoya.


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