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Pebble Tie Tacks

We are pleased to announce the addition of our newest Featured Artisan, the lovely Emily of Locusart Jewellery. This shop has incredible nature-inspired finds – handmade wedding rings, rings for everyday, and more – including one truly amazing gift for the groom. Introducing pebble tie tacks, an original, unique gift idea for the groom and groomsmen that can be re-used and enjoyed for years! Instead of a gift he’ll never use again, consider this nature-inspired design unlike anything bought in store. Part of the new 2012 “Cove Collection”, these ocean-inspired stones are cast from a real local stone with a textural surface to resemble one by Mother Nature created herself. There are four pebble tie tack styles to choose from in a variety of sizes. Read on to see why we love ’em so…

pebble tie tacks