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Today’s #HANDMADEADAY handpicked find comes from the fun, cheerful shop known as Liddabits! If you’re planning a summer wedding, you’ll want to keep guests cool… and you’ll also want to share some details about your ceremony, right? Well, this dual-purpose program and fan will do the trick! The wedding program can be customized and designed to match your invitations or stand alone as a unique piece. Take a look:

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How to Make Your Ceremony Programs Pop

Hello, brides! We love when artisans break the mold when it comes to traditional wedding ideas. Ceremony programs, for instance, can be skipped altogether or a little bit boring… or, you can choose to make it better. Personally, we prefer the latter and we’ve found one awesome way to do it! Today we’re showing you how to make your ceremony program pop with custom bridal party illustrations by the lovely Paper Maids. No boring ceremony programs here! Paper Maids uses custom bridal party illustrations to bring your entire crew to life, right down to the bridesmaid dress, groomsmen suit, hair color, skin color, facial features, and more. If I were a bridesmaid and the couple ordered one of these bridal party illustrations, you bet I’d be saving the program after the wedding… maybe even framing it! Read on to find out more…

  bridal party program illustration