7 Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas

Do you prefer unique (non-traditional) wedding finds? If so, you’ll love today’s feature! We’ve been oohing + aahing over the beautiful new ring collection at Locusart Jewellery Designs and we’re sharing our favorites with you! Instead of a traditional gold wedding band, what if you picked something different? Something uniquely you? We’ve found seven alternative wedding ring ideas to inspire you including a braided wedding band, a stash band (which includes three bands forged into one), a crown-style band, branch, and more! Which wedding ring style is your favorite?

7 Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas

1. Braided Infinity Wedding Band

Up first, take a peek at my personal favorite: the braided infinity wedding band. This band represents the texture and uniqueness woven into one’s life.

braided infinity wedding band via 7 Alternative Wedding Ring Ideas

Discussion: Are Wedding Favors Necessary?

We received an Ask Emmaline question from Melanie, a bride-to-be who is confused about wedding favors. Melanie asks, “My fiance and I are planning our wedding and we’re trying to pick wedding favors, but we’re on a tight budget. Are wedding favors necessary? Do you think we really need them?” Great question! After all, who wants to spend their wedding budget on an item guests may never use or appreciate? So, today we’re posing the question: are wedding favors necessary? Do you really need to give wedding favors to guests? We’ll tell you what we think and provide a few pointers. And… we want to hear from YOU! What do you think about wedding favors? Do you think they’re necessary? Read on to get the full scoop and join the discussion! (P.S. We know you love Facebook, so now you can comment on our site using Facebook! So. much. easier.)

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