Las Vegas Country Club Wedding: Danielle + Sean

You won’t want to miss Danielle and Sean’s Las Vegas Country Club wedding! Their wedding was this past May in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were lots of details like Danielle’s gorgeous dress, bouquet picture charms, custom labeled wine bottles, and personalized cake topper. The team of photographers from Imagine Studios captured all of the emotions and documented every aspect of the wedding day to the T! See the photos and relive Danielle and Sean saying “I Do” after the jump…

Imagine Studios - Las Vegas Country Club Wedding

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7 Wedding Workout Tips You’re Missing

Wedding workout tips are one of the most sought-after topics on the web, and for good reason. Has there ever been a more perfect reason to get in shape than right now as you plan your wedding? When I (Emma here!) am not blogging about weddings or babies, I am workin’ on my fitness (+ eight million other things). I workout to get those endorphins pumping and feel stress-free. Fitness is so much more than being a particular weight, or looking a certain way, or fitting into a particular size. Fitness is about being healthy and feeling good about yourself. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin. Being happy. Finding your bliss. And, when it comes to a wedding workout, it means releasing those awesome feel-good endorphins to curb your wedding stress. I read a quote recently on Pinterest that said something along the lines of, “Life’s too short to be at a constant battle with yourself.” It’s true! If you’ve ever wanted to start fresh and get in shape, now’s the time: today we’re sharing a new Emmaline Bride club you’ll want to join along with motivation and wedding workout tips you’re missing. You’ll find out how to pinpoint why you want to get in shape, along with finding out the best way to stay motivated. It’s time to get energized for the big day (and feel amazing when you walk down the aisle). Ready to get started? Read on to see which wedding workout tips made the list… and, you’ll want to be a part of our brand new fitness crew! Find out more…

Wedding workout tips | Get a cute sweating for the wedding tank top to motivate you.

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Wedding Hairstyles: Day 21 – Easy 5 Minute Fishtail Updo (+ How-To Video)

Hi, loves! Happy Monday! We’re kicking off the brand new week with a beautiful hairstyle pick and a how-to video tutorial! This easy five minute fishtail updo is a beautiful look for your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, or even as an updo for trying on dresses. I know a five minute fishtail updo is a tall order but Hair and Makeup by Steph makes it look oh-so-possible! We’ve included the how-to video with this post so you can see how it’s done. Take a peek!

Easy 5 Minute Fishtail Updo

This hairstyle is perfect for the bride or her bridesmaids! Check out the Easy 5 Minute Fishtail Updo + How-To Video by Hair and Makeup By Steph

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