This Mason Jar Jewelry is Cute for Rustic Weddings

Mason jars are a staple for rustic weddings, and although they’ve been trending for a long time, we still see those darling jars everywhere we look. When we spotted these mason jar jewelry pieces over at Ellen B Keepsakes, we were inspired by Tracy’s lovely creations! These pieces would make cute gift ideas for the bride and bridesmaids who loves all things rustic or country. Today we’re sharing two mason jar bracelets and a necklace from Ellen B Keepsakes, a petite pair of earrings we spotted at Obsessories, and a darling mason jar jewelry dish by Zinnia Designs. Enjoy all the mason jar lovin’ below!

Mason Jar Jewelry

1. Mason Jar Bracelet with Initials

This first find is our #HANDMADEADAY pick!

mason jar jewelry: bracelet with wedding date

by ellen b keepsakes

Maid of Honor: 15+ Duties You Absolutely Need to Do (Please!)

Brides: this post is for your Maid of Honor! Share this post so she knows what is expected in her role!

Hey, beautiful Maid of Honor! This is your BFF (The Bride) and I wanted to let you know something: you’re really awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I chose you as my leading lady on my wedding day. And with that comes a few duties, but I have total confidence you’ll be great at it. Here’s the low-down on the Maid of Honor duties I’d really, really appreciate if you could tackle for me.

The Bride and Her Bridesmaids | Photo: Erich McVey

photo: erich mcvey

Maid of Honor Duties

Dear Maid of Honor,

10 Cute Bridal Shower Recipe Cards and Boxes

rustic recipe book

by down in the boondocks

If you or someone you know is planning a bridal shower with a kitchen theme, don’t miss this round-up! One of our favorite details for this theme is to include a recipe card for building the couple’s recipe collection.

How it works: Include a recipe card when you send bridal shower invitations. Each recipient fills out the card, bring it to the shower, and adds it to a book or box set aside on a table at the shower.

This is a fun way to give the newlyweds a stack of delicious recipes to try! To inspire you, we’ve rounded up our favorite bridal shower recipe cards and boxes to share today. Plus, check out the bottom of this post which describes a really fun digital alternative. And then tell us: which of these is your favorite?

Win a Bottle Opener Made from a Real Baseball Bat (Giveaway!)

It’s Monday… what makes every Monday so much better? Coffee and a brand new giveaway! We’ll leave the coffee up to you, but you’ll definitely want to get in on this awesome baseball bat bottle opener giveaway from Baseball Bat Stool Co! This handmade, one-of-a-kind bottle opener is made from the handle of a real maple baseball bat. No two openers are the same! The bats are sent to The Baseball Bat Stool Co. in rough condition and they cut, shape, and keep sanding until they’re “as smooth as the day they were first made”. Find out more about this wonderful opener, see some photos, and enter for a chance to win our newest wedding giveaway, which makes a great gift for the Groom, Best Man, Groomsman, or Father (of the Bride or Groom). Enjoy!

Baseball Bat Bottle Opener

Here’s what this beautifully crafted bottle opener looks like:

Bottle Opener Made from a Real Baseball Bat

by baseball bat stool co.

7 Fun Ways to Use Giant Letter Balloons at Weddings

xo balloons held by bride and groom | by oh shiny paper co | photo: megan welker | 7 Fun Ways to Use Giant Letter Balloons at Weddings

balloons: oh shiny paper co, photo: megan welker

It’s Sunday, I’m sipping on coffee and loungin’ in polka dot leggings, and I’m feeling extra festive today. Why not talk about gold balloons? Giant letter balloons are about as festive as you can get, especially since they make a huge statement and can be personalized in your names or favorite phrases. I’ve been seeing them floating around everywhere from ceremonies and receptions to bachelorette bashes and bridal showers. Today we’re sharing seven super fun and easy ways to use giant letter balloons at weddings that will wow your guests. As a tip, less is more: you needn’t flood your space with balloons. Just a few will do! ;) Enjoy!

These Bridesmaid Sweatpants Make an Awesome Gift for Weddings

Bridesmaid Sweatpants

by sister9designs

When it comes to getting ready for your wedding, what will you wear? If you want your bridesmaids to be just as cute and cozy as you, these name sweatpants are the answer! While we adore these shirts and these incredibly soft robes, sweatpants are a favorite new idea for getting ready. And it’s easy to see why! Sweatpants are cozy. Comfy. Lounge-ready. Spa-ready. You can customize the letter color, so you can easily coordinate with your wedding or her favorite shade. Plus, since these sweatpants are personalized with their names instead of “Bridesmaid”, they are more versatile. Your girls will love to wear their sweatpants while getting ready before the wedding, and again before date night, en route to yoga, while unwinding with a glass of wine, or just to lounge around at home on a lazy Sunday morning.

These Beautiful Dress Sashes Are Truly Unique for Weddings

As the bride, you want something unique and different for your wedding. That’s why wearing a wedding dress is such a big deal for the bride, particularly the color white: you stand out in the crowd, you get to wear the prettiest dress, and it’s made just for you to fit like a glove. So, when we saw these handcrafted wedding dress sashes over at The Storied Sash and saw how completely unique they were, we knew you would be as crazy over them as we are! Find out what makes these sashes completely one-of-a-kind, unlike anything we’ve seen yet for weddings!

blue silver brooch sash

Giveaway: Win a Ring Dish for Your Wedding!

Happy Friday! What’s one gift that every bride-to-be could really use, but probably doesn’t have? A ring dish! You can use a ring dish for your ceremony as a ring pillow alternative if you’d like, and then use it afterward to hold your ring when cleaning, painting, or washing your hands. We recently talked about why a ring dish is awesome and now we’ve teamed up with Elycia Camille to give one away to a lucky reader! Will it be you? Read on for the details!

Ring Dish by Elycia Camille | ring dish wedding |

by elycia camille