30 Ideas That Will Make
Starry Night Weddings Your Favorite

paper moon prop by PaperMoonShoppeCo | via Starry Night Weddings http://emmalinebride.com/vintage/starry-night-weddings-ideas/

by paper moon shoppe co., photo: traveling tree photography

One of our favorite decor ideas for vintage or classic weddings is a starry night wedding theme. A “Starry Night” wedding revolves around star-themed finds, constellation inspired decorations, and a dark blue and white color palette with metallic silver or gold accents. We love starry night weddings because they’re utterly romantic and incredibly versatile. You can opt for a more vintage starry night wedding by holding the reception in a lavish ballroom with art deco accents. Or, modernize it with a unique venue like a rooftop night wedding reception, complete with dancing under the stars. To show you how beautiful this theme truly is, we’ve rounded up thirty of our favorite handmade finds for inspiration. Scroll down to begin!

Where to Buy Boho Dresses for Bridesmaids

Boho bridesmaids dresses await! Be sure to subscribe for the latest.

Boho Bridesmaids Dresses by Vintage Summer | via http://emmalinebride.com/bohemian/boho-bridesmaids-dresses/

by vintage summer

Hi, there. Happy Thursday! I like to visit fashion blogs and Pinterest boards, getting the scoop for the latest + greatest fashion trends. But it drives me nuts when I see a gorgeous outfit pieced together with one specific item I want and it doesn’t mention where to get it. And then I Google it and I can’t find the item, or I do but it is SOLD OUT. Bummer. I know it happens: I’ve seen some Real Weddings with amazing boho bridesmaids dresses but sometimes you can’t find the original designer or bridesmaids picked them out themselves it’s nearly impossible to contact them to find out where they were from. Articles can suggest similar pieces all they want, but are they ever really close enough? Never! At least I don’t think so.

You can imagine my excitement, then, when I found the perfect boho bridesmaids dresses that I knew you would love, along with a link to buy them + tons of color options + an affordable price. If you are looking for free-spirited, flowy boho bridesmaids dresses and you want to keep bridesmaids happy, you’ve come to the right place. These bohemian inspired bridesmaids dresses are reasonably priced (under $100!), are available in a few beautiful shades, and you can get this taken care of by this weekend. Ready to cross bridesmaids dresses off of your long to-do list? Let’s go!

First things first: these boho bridesmaids dresses are from Vintage Summer on Etsy. With awesome reviews and beautiful photos, I felt comfortable referring them to you. I always check reviews — you never know, and I’d hate to leave you astray with such an important decision! Take a look at the beautiful dresses we’ve found…

12 Easy Tips for the Best Beach Ceremony

Brides: be sure to include these beach ceremony tips at your wedding. Guests will be glad you did! And don’t forget to subscribe, too!

Beach Ceremony Tips - Bridesmaids Jumping in the Air (photo: my lens of love) | via 12 Best Beach Ceremony Tips - http://emmalinebride.com/ceremony/beach-ceremony-tips/

P.S. Don’t miss a photo like this with your bridesmaids! | photo: my lens of love via limn and lovely

Brides: are you making these beach ceremony mistakes? Avoid them with top beach ceremony tips from wedding shoes to keeping guests happy. PLUS, get inspired with handmade beach ceremony finds we know you’ll love. Enjoy!

Best Herkimer Diamond Engagement Ring on Etsy
(+ Under $100!)

Etsy herkimer diamond engagement ring by Gaia's Candy, photo by Derya Voelzke Fotografie | http://emmalinebride.com/jewelry/etsy-herkimer-diamond-engagement-ring

by gaia’s candy, photo by derya voelzke fotografie)

Are you looking for an Etsy herkimer diamond engagement ring for an upcoming proposal? Or are you a bride-to-be who wants to “propose” to your girls and ask them to Be My Bridesmaid for the big day? At this price, you can do both!

Emma here and herkimer diamond rings are my favorite handmade engagement rings right now. I also love the idea of a ring as a gift for the bride the morning of the wedding, or as a unique bridesmaid gift idea. But what makes a herkimer diamond so unique? Read on to find out!

Succulents in Mason Jars: Cute Favor Idea

Succulents in mason jars = the cutest favor idea for spring + summer weddings! Find out more… and subscribe for the latest!

Succulents in Mason Jars Favor Idea for Weddings

by stella designs shop

Fall and winter weddings are in full swing, which means spring and summer couples need to start thinking about picking out their wedding favors! For spring and summer weddings, we love these succulents in mason jars. They make cute, sustainable favors guests can display on a window sill and water or replant in his or her garden. Money well spent, we say! Many wedding favors are either enjoyed immediately or thrown away, which means money is tossed right along with it. Instead, choose something that is functional and it will be enjoyed by guests for years to come. Succulents are pretty hardy and require minimal care, which makes them a great choice for gardeners of all types — like me, who has more of a purple thumb than a green one. Ha, ha. I try, I swear! Check out these modern favors from Stella Designs Shop, today’s handmade-a-day find!

40+ Creative Wood Themed Wedding Ideas

Wood themed wedding ideas await! Check out what we’ve found for you… and make sure you’re on the list!

wood peg dolls by goosegrease | via Wood Themed Wedding Ideas: http://emmalinebride.com/themes/wood-themed-wedding-ideas/

by goose grease, photo by lindseying photography

Planning a rustic wood themed wedding? You’ve come to the right place for ideas + inspiration! So… the other day, Andrew & I were talking about our anniversary (8 years soon!) and for fun, we looked up what the ‘traditional’ anniversary gifts by year. For eight, which we celebrate this year, it is linen or lace. We thought back on past years and noticed that year five is wood, which was ironically perfect for us. In that year alone, we built a brand new wood fence in our backyard, bought a new wood dining bench that took forever to find, and we even had a huge tree branch fall into our backyard (which split my sweet little Intex pool in half, but that’s beside the point). Anyways, since I link everything to wedding planning in my mind, I thought, hmm, a wood themed wedding. That might be interesting for a rustic couple looking to tie in handmade wedding ideas, right? Amazingly, there are some really gorgeous wood themed wedding ideas out there… and today we’re sharing all of our favorites in one convenient spot! We present: the wood themed wedding! Enjoy!

Retro Record Invitations for Awesome Weddings

Cool record invitations for weddings! | By Ello There.

by ello there

Choosing your wedding invitations will play a large role in the overall look and feel of your wedding and its underlying theme. If you are looking for invitations that are fun, retro, colorful, and offer a musical inspired edge, you’ll love these record invitations for weddings. These invites are handmade by Ello There and customized for each couple. Whether you want to go full-on retro or bring in a floral inspired or bird themed design, you’ll find it all right here. Take a look at what we’ve discovered…