Shot Glasses Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Will Love

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by my sister’s boutique

Hi, loves! Emma here. The other day I stumbled upon these bridesmaids shot glasses over at My Sister’s Boutique and had to share them with you. Seriously, I’ve never seen such adorably painted shot glasses before. These are hand-painted with amazing attention to detail. I looked further and found groomsmen shot glasses, too. Now your entire wedding party can open these as a wedding day gift and toast to your celebration! I’m crazy about this idea. We love these shot glasses so much, we’ve hand-picked them as today’s handmade-a-day wedding find. You have to take a look!

30+ Groom Duties That Will Really Help the Bride

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Dear Groom, Heyyyy handsome, it’s me, your Bride. I know I’ve been a little preoccupied lately, pouring over wedding books and Pinterest and reading endless wedding blogs for even *more* ideas. I’m just really excited to marry you. And I realized something: there are a ton of groom duties you could do that would *really* help me out. So, I’ve put them all into a list. Some of these are really simple, while others are a little more elaborate. You don’t have to do them all… but a few here and there would really make me feel less stressed. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this, and for helping me with these wedding plans. You’re awesome. But you already knew that. On to the list…

Oh and, you know, kiss me like this.

groom kissing bride

photo: bonnallie brodeur

24 Fun (& Easy!) Boho Bridal Shower Ideas

letters by MorrisHandmade

by morris handmade

Hi, loves! Emma here. Are you wondering what kind of bridal shower to host for your favorite bride-to-be? One of my favorite themes is a boho bridal shower, complete with a DIY flower crown making kit for guests! To inspire your own bridal shower or bachelorette party plans, we’ve gathered up some beautiful handmade finds including the flower crown kit, invitations, welcome signage, decorations, printable bridal shower games, favors, and more. If she’s a free-spirited boho-lovin’ bride, she will absolutely dig this party. Enjoy!

26 Things Guests Love at Weddings from A to Z

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This photo is amazing. Get everyone in there! ↓

awesome photo with all wedding guests via 26 Things Guests Love at Weddings from A to Z | ‎

photo: tessa barton

You may have read articles about what guests hate at weddings, but that’s such a negative spin, we say! The truth is guests won’t hate anything at your wedding, especially because they love you and want to share in your celebration. But there are some things that guests do hope to see at weddings — perhaps even make their experience more enjoyable — and we’re here to share them with you. To help you plan accordingly, we’ve identified the top twenty-six things guests love at weddings. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do every single thing on this list. By crossing off even a few of these things, your guests will have an awesome time. The fact that you’re reading this article shows how much thought you’ve put into your wedding day — and with your guests in mind! On to the list!

These Geo Candle Holders Are Amazing for Weddings

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geometric wedding candle holder

by waen

If you’re looking for the prettiest candle holders for your centerpieces, we’ve found them! These modern geometric candle holders by Waen are the hot new tabletop trend for wedding receptions. You can use them as part of your wedding decor, or even as an alternative ring pillow. I can’t wait to show you photos of these candle holders in action! Let’s just say I’m pretty obsessed with them at the moment. Take a look…

Star Wars Guest Book Poster — Handmade-a-Day

star wars guest book

by company 333 designs

My husband and two-year-old son are Star Wars obsessed, so I hear all about Obi-Wan Kenobi, BB-8, Stormtroopers, and Darth Vader on the regular. Now that I’ve become more acquainted with the series, I admittedly geek out a bit when I see Star Wars finds — weddings included! Remember when we talked about the Ultimate Star Wars Wedding Ideas? This guest book is the perfect addition to it! I’ve hand-picked it as today’s handmade-a-day find and it is beautifully designed by Company 333 Designs. If your groom is a fan of the galaxy, you could surprise him with this Star Wars guest book print and then frame it at home for his man cave. He’d love it, I’m sure. Take a look!

30 Beautiful Sage Green Wedding Ideas

We’re featuring sage wedding ideas today, one of our favorite colors for fall weddings! See what we’ve discovered below and be sure to subscribe for the latest!

sage bridesmiad dress by blushfashion

by blush

We’re gearing up for fall weddings around here and I absolutely love it. I love to see new wedding trends and the latest color palettes. Sage is one of my favorite accent colors for fall and winter weddings. Sage green is versatile: you can pair it with brown, silver, slate, or white, or choose to add a pop of color with bright or more muted pastel shades. To give you an idea, I’ve rounded up thirty sage wedding ideas including bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, boutonnieres, hair accessories, a garter, jewelry, wedding cake toppers, and more. Tell me: which of these finds is your favorite?