These Custom Tea Bags Make Cute Favors

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by tea heritage
by tea heritage

Good morning, loves! Emma here. I know I talk about coffee a lot, especially on our Twitter feed, because I adore it so. My sister even surprised me with a “But First, Coffee” tee shirt for my birthday because she knows the obsession is real. Even here, I’ve managed to squeak in a little coffee here and there from these DIY coffee favors, these adorb mugs, any of these, and even a coffee themed wedding. But tea is pretty darn good, too, and I know a handful of friends who are loyal drinkers who won’t sip an ounce of coffee. (Absurd, I say, but to each their own!) So, when I noticed how Tea Heritage is going out of its way to make tea cuter than ever to drink, I couldn’t resist spreading the word. These custom tea bags would make incredible bridal shower favors (for a tea themed shower or otherwise); likewise, they would make a fab wedding favor for your guests. Read on to see what makes them so cute!

When to Order Invitations for Weddings? – Ask Emmaline

watercolor wedding invitations

by splash of silver

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! Today we’re featuring the latest Ask Emmaline question. When is too late to order your wedding invitations? Sasha wrote to us admittedly a little nervous about her looming wedding date and her lack of wedding invites at the ready. Is she ordering invitations too late? She writes,

“Dear Emmaline, I’m freaking out. My wedding date is November 12th and I have not ordered my wedding invitations yet. I was talking to my best friend who got married last year and she told me I need to hurry because most invitation designers are all booked up way in advance. She also said I’m way behind. Am I ordering my invitations too late?”

Heart and Initials Cake Topper — Handmade-a-Day

heart and initials cake topper |

by light & paper

Have you ever seen a cake topper quite like this? When we spotted this sweet heart and initials cake topper at Light & Paper, we were impressed by the laser cut style. If you’re going for a simple or minimalist design atop your cake, this topper is a beautiful fit. I love how it is crafted from birch for a nature-inspired and rustic feel. It is today’s hand-picked handmade-a-day wedding find!

Fun Idea: Wedding Mad Libs

We’re sharing wedding mad libs today at Emmaline Bride! This fun idea will entertain guests of all ages. Read on for more — and don’t forget to subscribe!

wedding mad libs big hearts

by cami’s paperie

If your guests are a fun group of partygoers (like ours were), they will certainly appreciate this interactive idea! We spotted these wedding advice mad libs over at Cami’s Paperie and love the creativity behind it. Instead of a traditional guest book, guests fill out a wedding mad libs card — WITHOUT PEEKING! The result reads as a hilarious and memorable bit of advice they’ve created based on filling in a few easy verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and nouns, where indicated. After the wedding, simply hole-punch the sides and arrange in a binder or place in a scrapbook to re-read for years to come. Check them out!

“Easy Alternative to Throwing Rice?” – Ask Emmaline

Searching for an alternative to throwing rice? We’ve found the perfect, number-one answer for you. Be sure to subscribe or you’ll miss out on future posts like this one!

lace hooray ribbon wands

by the blush market

Want to make a grand exit at your ceremony, but your venue doesn’t allow you to throw rice or confetti? You’re not alone. Many venues are saying no to messy or potentially hazardous ceremony tosses. (Mine wouldn’t allow us to, either!) But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. See Jessica’s Ask Emmaline question about an alternative to throwing rice:

Hi Emmaline! I had my heart set on our guests tossing rice in the air as we exited the ceremony, but our venue forbids it. My mom suggested we do something different. Is there an alternative to throwing rice?

8 Gold Bridal Party Gifts That Really Pop

thank you for helping us tie the knot bracelet

by mod party

Hello, loves! Happy Monday! We’re kicking off a brand new week of wedding inspiration with a fun round-up for brides (and their bridesmaids) who love metallic gold. With fall and winter weddings on the horizon, we’ll be seeing a huge boom of gold color palettes, invitations, decorations, and gifts to come. The other day, I found these lovely gold metallic offerings over at Mod Party and couldn’t wait to share them with you. These gifts are not only fun and practical… they’re totally affordable, too! You’re sure to find something your bridesmaids will love right here. Enjoy!

Latitude Longitude Wedding Rings — Handmade-a-Day

latitude longitude wedding ring custom handmade wedding bands for brides and grooms

by torchfire studio

We love customizable jewelry, especially for wedding bands! That’s why we know you’ll love today’s handmade-a-day pick! It is a pair of latitude longitude wedding rings crafted by Torchfire Studio. Cara says, “You can wear a sweet reminder of where the heart is! A handmade sterling silver ring is stamped with the geographical coordinates of a special place: home, where you met a loved one, where you married, or any other location that holds special memories.” We love meaningful jewelry like this.

75+ Most Creative Wedding Table Names

We’re talking wedding table names today! Find out how you can put a creative spin on your reception decor. Want content to your inbox? Subscribe now!

favorite cafe table names by papercharmstore

by paper charm store

Happy Friday, lovelies! We get it, wedding table numbers might not be your thing. You crave different. You want something unique. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Wedding table names are more interactive; guests will spark conversation immediately upon entering your reception. In this post, you’ll find the ultimate list of wedding table names so you can incorporate your own personal, heartfelt touches into your handcrafted wedding. Check out the list and tell us: which table names are your favorite? Which ones would you absolutely never pick? What would YOU add? Enjoy!