How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards in 5 Easy Steps

After the cake is cut, the last song is played, and you’ve unstressed at the beach on your honeymoon, the first task you’ll want to tackle is writing your thank you cards. Wedding thank you card writing isn’t just a to-do on a list; it’s an artform. Make sure your notes leave a lasting impression on loved ones with these five tips for how to write wedding thank you cards:

how to write wedding thank you cards

How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards

1. Go handmade!

Don’t lose that sense of unique, individual charm you harnessed while planning your wedding. Handmade thank you cards can make a huge impression on guests by tying in your wedding theme (think: love birds, nautical wedding, or coffee-themed thank you cards) for guests to recall your special day. Here are a few of our favorites by the talented Dean Penn and Paper:

how to write wedding thank you cards

thank you cards by dean penn and paper

how to write wedding thank you cards

thank you cards by dean penn and paper

how to write wedding thank you cards

thank you cards by dean penn and paper

how to write wedding thank you cards

thank you cards by dean penn and paper

A custom stamp never hurt, either! We showed you these stamps yesterday that we think would tie in well with your thank you cards, too.

2. Hand-write each card.

You may not be a professional calligraphy artist, nor may your handwriting look the best, but that doesn’t matter to guests. What truly matters is you took time to handwrite each note. Worried about how long it will take? Put it in perspective by considering how each guest took time out of his or her day to attend your wedding (which involves plenty of extras like dry cleaning their suit or dress, makeup and hair styling, getting a hair cut, picking out a new pair of shoes, selecting and wrapping a gift… you get the idea). A little handwriting goes a long way! Buying a special pen to make your writing look even prettier is always a good idea, too. This is one of my favorites.

3. Include a personal, heartfelt message.

For a thank you card to have lots of meaning, make sure each card has a personal note. Instead of simply saying thank you for attending your wedding, tie in a memorable part of the evening. For example, “… Who knew you were such stars on the dance floor? We had so much fun dancing the night away with you two!” Or, you could thank your guest for the wedding gift, such as money, by being specific: “Thank you for the gift of money. We used it to scuba dive on our honeymoon cruise – can’t wait to show you photos!” If the gift was an item, be sure to mention it by name. For instance, “Thank you for the gift of crystal candle holders. They look beautiful on our dining room table.” Guests love to know their gift was well received, as well as enjoyed.

4. Proofread.

It goes without saying, but don’t forget to re-read, proofread, and check for spelling errors.

5. Send in a timely manner.

Work on just a few thank you cards at a time so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Give yourself plenty of time to finish and mail them – we recommend sending your wedding thank you cards no longer than 6 weeks after the wedding.

Happy Planning!


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Great post, my other tip would be write them in stages, I wrote over 100 in one go and it was hard going, I started running out of things to write and my handwriting got messier and messier as I went!


Hi Jenny,

Great point! I agree, my handwriting got messier as I went when I tried to write too many at once. Thanks for sharing the tip! It’s definitely a helpful one.



Thank you! Such a big help! I am always befuddled on what to write.