7 Things You MUST Pack in your Wedding Bag

Hello, loves! You’ve heard of emergency wedding kits in the past, but carrying around all that extra “stuff” can weigh heavily on your wedding bag. And, most wedding bags or clutches can only carry so much! Today, we’re cutting down on the clutter and sharing the seven things you must pack in your wedding bag at the very least. These carefully selected items are what we feel will keep you happy, pain-free, and embarrassment-free, too. We could always add more to the list – like mascara, and eye makeup remover – but we’re focusing more on things you’ll want to keep on hand. What would you pack in your wedding bag if you only had room for seven things? Here’s what made our cut…


clutch by cloe noel

Before you know what you must pack in your wedding bag, you NEED a wedding bag. Here’s one we love by Cloe Noel:

cloe noel clutch purse

Love feathers? Here’s a new ostrich feather bridal clutch by ANGEE W.

What to Pack in your Wedding Bag

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What to Pack in your Wedding Bag

When you find the perfect wedding bag, be sure to fill it with these items. Here’s what to pack in your wedding bag:

1. Pocket Mirror

You won’t have to ask your MOH if you have something in your teeth, if your mascara is running, or your lipstick is smudged if you carry one of these. Pick one up at the dollar store or bring the one that’s already in your powder compact (free!). Want a pretty monogrammed one? We spotted this at Peachwik. So cute!


2. Floss

If you use your mirror and do have something in your teeth, you can at least fix the situation with some floss. If you already have a pack of floss or flossers at home, this one’s free. Just toss one or two in your wedding bag.


3. Bobby Pins

Bring a pack of bobby pins and your style will stay perfect all night. I love these in particular because they don’t slip. Worrying about your up-do falling out of place is a thing of the past!


4. Tissues (or Handkerchief)

Allergies? Tears of joy? Mascara before it runs? Cold? Prepare with a pack of travel tissues at a local dollar store – or just grab a few from home (free!) and fold them. You can also carry a handkerchief, like this one spotted at Duryea Place Designs.


5. Spot Remover

Spill wine on your dress? Coffee? Lipstick smudge? Mascara? Arm yourself with one of these and prevent that stain from sticking around.


6. Lipstick

You’ll kiss, sip, talk, and smile all night long. Keep those lips looking their best! Be sure to bring along your favorite lipstick. This one is called ‘Gentlemen Prefer Pink‘ by Revlon.


7. Aspirin (or Pain Medication of Your Choice)

Don’t let a headache ruin your day. Bring along aspirin or other preferred medication in a small pill box (this one tackles #1 and #7 at once) or one with a bridal flair, like this spotted at Kelly’s Magnets.


If you have extra room…

8. Foldable Flats

Flip flops won’t fit in a regular clutch, but these fold right up. At the end of the night, you can slip these on for the drive home to keep those feet happy. (Most of all, if your heels break or you get blisters, you’ll have a backup plan.) If you prefer, toss a pair of flip flops you already own in a tote bag hidden under the head table. The flip-flops shown in the photo are from Old Navy.


Happy Planning!


What will YOU pack in your wedding bag?

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Anna Gajdamowicz
Anna Gajdamowicz
September 11, 2014 1:15 pm

The one thing no one had at my wedding and I wish someone did was Visine! My eyes got a bit bloodshot from not being able to sleep the night before from excitement, crying, and my eye makeup

Emma | Emmaline Bride
June 23, 2013 9:54 pm

Yes! Good one, Hannah!

Emma | Emmaline Bride
June 23, 2013 9:54 pm

Great idea, Laura!

Melissa Lea
June 19, 2013 4:37 pm

I am getting married in March, and this is the perfect list! Thank you for sharing!

Emma | Emmaline Bride
June 19, 2013 5:04 pm


I’m glad you liked the list! I appreciate you stopping by. March is a beautiful time of year to tie the knot! Thanks for visiting Emmaline Bride.

June 19, 2013 11:17 am

Great must-haves! I love the foldable flats, and that pill box is perfect even if you don’t have a headache!

Emma | Emmaline Bride
June 19, 2013 5:04 pm

I love the foldable flats, too! Who doesn’t need a comfy pair of shoes to slip on after the wedding… and they fit in your bag! Genius. Thanks for stopping by!