22 Cute “Be My Bridesmaid” Card Ideas

will you be my bridesmaid card

by cricket printing

Brides: are you recently engaged and selecting your wedding party soon? One of our favorite ways to ask your bridesmaids if they’ll stand up in your wedding is with be my bridesmaid cards. While a card or gift isn’t a requirement, it is a fun unexpected surprise they’ll love to receive in the mail (even as a follow-up after an initial phone call or by asking in person). Since every bride is different, we’ve rounded up twenty-two unique be my bridesmaid cards including some that are totally witty while others are sweet and sentimental. Read on to see which cards made the cut below!

Be My Bridesmaid Card Ideas

A be my bridesmaid card is simple: just find one you love, order it, add your own hand-written message inside, and send in the mail OR include it with a cute gift. Here are twenty-one cards we know you’ll love…

1. I’ll Jump for Joy

ill jump for joy bridesmaid card (be my bridesmaid card)


2. Be My Bridesmaid?

will you be my bridesmaid card

by cricket printing

3. Paper Doll Inspired

will you be my bridesmaid paper dolls (be my bridesmaid card)

the first snow

4. Be My Bridesmaid Libs

be my bridesmaid libs (be my bridesmaid card)

cami’s paperie

5. Personalized Bridesmaid Cards

personalized be my bridesmaid card

minty basil design

6. I’ve Got the Guy But I Need My Girls

ive got the guy but i need my girls (be my bridesmaid card)

ponto mountain paper

7. … if I promise to behave?

will you be my bridesmaid if i promise to behave (be my bridesmaid card)

the hipster housewife

8. Floral Design

floral design be my bridesmaid card

jolie jolie design

9. Bride + Bridesmaid Robes

bride bridesmaid robes cards (be my bridesmaid card)

april heather art

10. No Bows on the Butt

i promise there will be no bows on the butt bridesmaid card (be my bridesmaid card)

little lady company

11. Prettier In Mine

prettier in my dress bridesmaid card (be my bridesmaid card)


12. Doesn’t Pay Much

doesnt pay much bridesmaid card (be my bridesmaid card)

water street design

13. Anchor & Twine

anchor and twine (be my bridesmaid card)


14. Mason Jar Card

mason jar be my bridesmaid card


15. Wrapped in Fabric

wrapped in fabric be my bridesmaid card

state of muse

16. Champagne Card

all the champagne you can drink be my bridesmaid card

readymaker design

17. Art Deco Inspired

how could i say i do without you (be my bridesmaid card)

gogo snap

18. Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

be my bridesmaid card (be my bridesmaid card)


19. Silhouette

silhouette be my bridesmaid card

harken press

20. Black and White Calligraphy

black white calligraphy will you be my bridesmaid card


21. Keepsake Kit

keepsake be my bridesmaid card kitkeepsake will you be my bridesmaid card kit


22. Heart Card

will you be my bridesmaid folded card black with gold dotsheart be my bridesmaid card

hello love press

Which of these be my bridesmaid cards is your favorite?

Also, how many bridesmaids are you having in your wedding? Tell us with a comment below!


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