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Wedding Illustrations You’ve Gotta See

Posted December 10, 2013 | 2 Comments

Hi, lovelies! Back in the day, newlyweds had wedding illustrations painted for them because film was not yet invented. Then, as photography became available, it wasn’t quite modernized yet… so couples had to stand still without smiling so their photograph would not be blurry. My, how far we’ve come: today, brides are hiding cameras in their wedding bouquets, couples are urging guests to turn off their camera phones, and guests are sneaking some secret photo booth shots with one of these. And, just as hipsters brought back these the minute MP3s became available, we’re seeing a resurgence of old-fashioned wedding ideas — like wedding illustrations, one of our favorite gift-giving ideas. Whether you’re looking to turn an illustration into an alternative guest book, as an art print for your home, or to commemorate your upcoming nuptials, this, ladies and gentlemen, is how it’s done. Wedding illustrations are handmade, personal, and completely unlike anyone else’s — the recipe for a perfect handcrafted wedding. In this post, you’ll find twenty-two of the loveliest watercolor paintings, drawings, sketches, cariacatures, animals, silhouettes, and more to commemorate your day. This isn’t your great-great-great-great-granddad’s wedding illustration… take a look…

Wedding Illustrations

This top one – by B is for Brown – is one of my favorites. It can be used as a save the date postcard.

Custom Wedding IllustrationsCustom Wedding Illustrationsbride and groom wedding illustrationsCustom Wedding Illustrations - caricature illustrated watercolors and moreCustom Wedding Illustrationshandmade wedding illustrations

wedding illustrations // shopping list

1 – b is for brown
2 – b is for brown
3 – betsy made shop
4 – bamee motions
5 – recipe4cute
6 – head hand & heart
7 – b is for brown
8 – tying the knots
9 – robin elizabeth art
10 – kate zaremba company
11 – &ink designs
12 – mary and maude studio
13 – bamee motions
14 – ANNA and MARIE art
15 – devin hunt illustration
16 – mrs. alana richardson
17 – tosya
18 – le papier studio
19 – ready go wedding co.
20 – matyldabiedron
21 – jolly edition
22 – happy little heart

Which ones are your favorite? Mine are… #1, #5, and #13, though I do wholly love them all. Share yours!

Happy Planning!


Tell us: what’s your favorite of these wedding illustrations? Would you want one as a gift?

  • Anna-Marie

    Thank you so much for the feature! What a brilliant collection of wedding art! I love it:)

    • desideewar

      Anna-Marie, I’ve always been a fan of your art!! Everything you do is soooo… creative!!!!!

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