7 Wedding Cake Mistakes to Avoid

Your wedding cake is a wedding detail that has its very own category — and for good reason! To be memorable, a wedding cake must be perfectly picked, delightfully designed, and transported with the utmost care. So, why do wedding cake fails happen time and time again? Today we’re sharing seven wedding cake mistakes to avoid to ensure your wedding cake goes off without a hitch. We want your delicious, almost-too-pretty-to-eat wedding cake to be just as amazing as you’ve always dreamed it would be. Read on to see how to ensure you wedding cake tastes good, looks good, and reaches your reception without fail… PLUS, find out what to do if something goes awry. Enjoy!

7 Wedding Cake Mistakes to Avoid via Emmaline Bride

But first, before we show you the mistakes to avoid, let’s check out some perfect wedding cake examples! These were spotted at My Sweet and Saucy, one of my favorite bakeries. Melody, shop owner and baker, is incredibly talented. Here are some a few examples, beautifully captured by Jen Huang.

wedding cake with hot pink flowers (cakes by My Sweet and Saucy; photos by Jen Huang)rustic wedding cake (cakes by My Sweet and Saucy; photos by Jen Huang)

Ah, so pretty. Now that you’ve seen some amazing examples, let’s find out how to avoid some common wedding cake mistakes.

Wedding Cake Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Cake Mistakes #1: Limiting yourself. Shop (+ sample!) around.

Want a cheap date night with your soon-to-be spouse? Go wedding cake tasting! Many bakeries offer free wedding cake samples (be sure to call ahead) to engaged couples. Wedding cake tastes differ from place to place, so be sure to try before you buy. A sample will also give you an idea of which type of wedding cake, flavor, and filling you like… and which ones you don’t.

Wedding Cake Mistakes #2: Assuming the cake is too expensive (or too complicated).

Love a wedding cake you saw in a magazine, on the blog, or on Pinterest, but it looks out of your price range? Don’t be so quick to dash your dream cake… just ask! A baker can give you a price estimate, let you know if the idea is feasible, or suggest ways to make it for less, if cost is the major deterrent. Make sure you find a baker you trust who has reputable work, a photo gallery of past designs, and a great review. Otherwise, your dream wedding cake (left) may look more like a wedding cake fail (right)…

wedding cake fail

images via cake wrecks

Nailed it.

Wedding Cake Mistakes #3: Assuming the baker is a mind reader.

Be specific! Bring a photo of the wedding cake to give to your baker. If you want a similar look with a few changes, be sure to write the ideas down on paper so the baker can have it on file. Since the baker has likely worked with many couples in the past, ask his or her advice or opinion on a particular design; he or she may have some great tips or ideas you haven’t thought of yet. And, while it’s unlikely your wedding cake will result in an epic fail like this one, it’s best to be thorough when you want something specific on your cake. ;) You’ll also want to avoid wedding cake mistakes on your bridal shower, like this epic fail. (Photo spotted here).

wedding cake fails

Wedding Cake Mistakes #4: Not ordering the cake YOU want.

Don’t be pressured to pick a wedding cake based on a traditional (or popular) flavor, color, trend, or style. Moreover, if you want a really simple cake, don’t be afraid to say so. Some of the prettiest cakes I’ve ever seen were the most simple – yet elegant – wedding cakes. And, finally, don’t pick a trending cake just because it’s popular: trends may change, but your photos? Those last forever.

Wedding Cake Mistakes #5: DIYing a wedding cake without a trial-run (or five).

Planning to make your own cake? It can be done! However, give yourself plenty of time and do a trial-run. Also, figure out where you’ll store the cake and how it will be delivered to your wedding.

Wedding Cake Mistakes #6: Not paying for delivery.

Throughout your wedding, there are lots of extra fees you’ll encounter. One of the fees you should never skimp on is the cake delivery charge. Transportation, delivery, and placement of a wedding cake is an art best left to the pros! Otherwise, you might end up with something like this:

wedding cake mistakes

If you’re DIYing your own cake and need it transported, here are some helpful tips on how to transport a wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Mistakes #7: Moving the cake once it is set.

Have your cake table ready before delivery. Once the cake is placed and set, it’s set. Don’t move it or you run the risk of one of these:


photo (left) source | photo (right) source

What to Do If Something Goes Awry

At the end of the day, remember… it’s just a cake. Albeit a very gorgeous, expensive cake… but it’s just flour, sugar, and icing. Your cake may not look how you’ve dreamed, it may topple over, or it may never arrive. (If this happens, ask someone to grab you a grocery store cake. Yeah, it’s not the same thing by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s still cake. Guests want cake; they could care less about the presentation.) What’s important? Marrying your best friend at the end of the day. The rest? Just details.

o Get Inspired! Check out these wedding cakes as seen in past blog posts. And, if you need wedding cake accessories, shop here. (You’ll find tons of adorable cake toppers, too!)

Happy Planning!


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