5 Best Wedding Color Palette Resources

Mint? Peach? Ivory? Champagne? How do you choose a wedding color palette to suit your unique style? Today we’re showing you how to choose a wedding color palette with five of the best wedding color palette resources. Your wedding is all about color and it’s easier to find a perfect color palette than ever before! Read on to get inspired with the five best wedding color palette resources, find out how you can score FREE custom color swatches sent straight to your door, add a few new websites to your radar, and more! Enjoy!

5 best wedding color palette resources

Wedding Color Palette

We begin with our newest favorite wedding color palette resource: FREE custom color swatches from MagnetStreet!

1. Get FREE custom color swatches!

Our friends (+ some of the sweetest people ever) at MagnetStreet have been busy behind-the-scenes creating free wedding color palette samples for couples around the globe. You can visit their website and select a few of your favorite colors, fill out a quick form, and ta-da: FREE wedding color palette swatch cards will be delivered right to your door. Amazing, right? And that’s just the beginning. You can even have get a visual of how your custom wedding color palette will look on some of their best-selling items like wedding stationery, invitations, save the date magnets, favor boxes… even water bottle labels! Just ask for a sample when ordering your color palette swatches. It’s that easy. Get started with their sample request form here. Here’s an example of what you’ll receive in the mail…

How to Choose a Wedding Color Palette - free wedding color palette swatches

Don’t just take our word for it: go see for yourself! Grab free wedding color palette swatches here.

2. Make your own inspiration boards + pinboards on Pinterest for color inspiration.

Kick it old-school and make inspiration boards using photos ripped from magazine pages; glue into a notebook you can take with you (or glue to a large piece of cardboard). As you add more photos, you’ll see colors that repeat, which will clue you into your best-suited color palette. Prefer to utilize technology? Use your smart phone or computer to make virtual pinboards on Pinterest (follow us!) so you can take inspiration with you.

This is from our Pink board.

wedding color palette - pink

3. Browse wedding color palettes from Real Weddings.

Browse Real Weddings + get inspired by real color palettes from brides just like you. Another resource is to check out The Perfect Palette where our friend Chrissy Ott pulls the best wedding colors from Real Weddings and even lets you search by color. She contributed these wedding inspiration boards by color in the past and we’re still swooning over the choices, especially this purple-inspired palette.

wedding color palette

top row: purple heels, bridal style, invitation design, handcrafted silk clutch,
middle row: calligraphy, handmade earrings, chapel, ring, escort card display.
bottom row: pretty bouquet, bridal party, purple necktie, bridal party attire

Another great resource is Bridal Guide which offers wedding ideas by particular color.

4. Create a color palette FROM A PHOTO.

Have a photo and want a particular color from it? Now you can thanks to this Pictaculous, a color palette generator created from a photo.

To test it, we used this wedding photo (by Michelle Gardella) recently featured in this vintage Real Wedding.

vintage real wedding - photo: michelle gardella

photo: michelle gardella | see the real wedding here

… and here is the resulting palette:

wedding color palette - from photo

And, just for kicks, we created an ‘Emmaline Bride’ color palette using our banner…

emmaline bride banner - wedding color palette

… and the result was the following palette…

wedding color palette - emmaline bride color palette

Love it.

5. Think outside the wedding box!

You can find some amazing color scheme ideas from outside the wedding world, too! Check out home decorating ideas + color schemes from places like Better Homes and Gardens to inspire your reception space. Visit home supply stores and check out paint ships to find your perfect shade. Use nature as your guide: for spring or summer, borrow hues from favorite flowers. (You may also find your perfect wedding bouquet while doing so.) Fall brides: utilize natural colors found on leaves like rich golds, oranges, and reds. Winter: be on the lookout for an icy-cool palette, like white, silver, and light blue.

DISCUSS: What are your tips for picking a perfect wedding color palette? What will your color palette be? Share in the comments below!

Happy Planning!


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Thanks for sharing these tips! I order my color samples today! :)