7 Wedding Favor Mistakes to Avoid

True or false: the best wedding favors are those that are planned in advance. True! Favors have become customary to give at weddings for good reason: guests celebrate + support you on the biggest day of your life. So, it’s only appropriate to give a token of your appreciation on the day of your wedding. But did you know that some couples make simple favor mistakes that can cause these charming gifts to be missed or left at tables altogether? Today, we’re sharing a few wedding favor mistakes to avoid to ensure your favors rock your wedding. Read on to find out what we’ve uncovered…

wedding favor mistakes

by poppy & pearl co.

Wedding Favor Mistakes

Avoid these common wedding favor mistakes:

Wedding Favor Mistakes #1: The Throwaway Favor

Favors can be pricey, particularly when you have a large guest list. However, don’t fall victim of buying a cheap favor for the sake of having something. A cheap favor that guests will never use, keep, or remember isn’t worth a penny. Instead, make something at home that’s inexpensive – yet heartfelt – like a batch of sugar cookies. Place one cookie in a brown paper bag and a decorative stamp. Easy? Yes. Better and cheaper than store-bought? You betcha.

Wedding Favor Mistakes #2: Lack of Meaning

Even the simplest favor can mean something. Use your wedding favor to tell guests something about your unique story. For instance, say you met at a coffee shop in college and bonded over your favorite mocha blend. A wedding favor you may wish to give would be a small favor bag filled with whole coffee beans. This favor is not simply a bag of coffee: it’s a sweet sentiment and ode to your story.

wedding coffee favors

by apropos roasters

Wedding Favor Mistakes #3: Poorly Packaged

The simplest favor can be wedding-ready in no time with proper packaging. Similarly, a more elaborate favor can lose its luster with poor wrapping or none altogether. If you’re giving a favor that’s store-bought, put your own personalized spin on it by adding a little handmade charm. Rip off that individual plastic wrapping, tear away the generic ‘thank you’ tag, and add your own ribbon, wedding tag, or label to make it your own. As an example, consider a handmade tag like these by Dondalee’s which can include a fun stamp that ties into your decor…

wedding favor tags
wedding favor tags

… or add a cute chalkboard label by Design Circus

wedding chalkboard labels

… or even a personalized stamp, like this one by Paper Sushi…”

personalized wedding stamp

by paper sushi

Wedding Favor Mistakes #4: The Complicated DIY Favor

Okay, Pinterest addicts: you, like me, ooh and aah over the clever DIY ideas and trendy gifts you’re determined to make as wedding favors, right? But, there truth is that unless one has a DIY-driven team of dedicated ribbon-tiers, pie-bakers, or blue mason jar acquirers crafting 100+ favors around the clock, you may want to keep the favor DIY to a minimum. Find one that is easy-to-complete well ahead of time, is affordable, the supplies are easy to acquire, and the project won’t drive you batty before the big day. Stress = no fun for anyone, especially the bride. I’ve heard horror stories of brides losing steam before the big day and stayed up tying bows or baking pies in jars right before the wedding because it sounded like a good idea at the time. Keep your sanity and select your DIY wisely./p>

Wedding Favor Mistakes #5: The Confusing Favor

This is one of my favorites because it can happen easily without you even realizing it… don’t make guests guess what the favor is. For instance, if giving a jar filled with cookie mix as a favor, include a label with the ingredients (particularly for allergies) along with the directions on how to make the cookies. Make sure the jar is well sealed and preserved and store in a cool, dry place until the wedding day. Similarly, if you’re giving a gift that’s edible, include a label and a utensil. You’d be surprised how many guests look at tiny treats with a puzzled look because they’re not sure what’s in it, they aren’t sure when to eat it (before? after? take to-go?), and they have no utensils to use. Make it simple for guests and spell it out.

wedding favor bag

by clementine weddings

Wedding Favor Mistakes #6: The Limited Supply Favor

Sometimes, a guest may show up unexpectedly, when he or she never sent in an RSVP. Or, Great Aunt Martha wants to take home an extra favor to show to her friends at Bingo. With your favors being pre-planned and totally kick-you-know-what, expect that a few guests may want to steal borrow a few extra favors just in case. So, have a few added into the rotation (and don’t forget about one for you and your groom – you’d be surprised how many couples skip themselves or forget to grab one as a keepsake).

wedding favor jam

by sweet caroline jams

Wedding Favor Mistakes #7: The Forgotten Favor

One awesome idea is to give away favors that can be used during your wedding by guests and taken home as a favor. One example is a mason jar drinking glass, which the guest can write his or her name on (with a simple tag + marker or chalkboard paint + chalk, pre-made) and use to fill up with drinks throughout the night. The caveat: make sure guests know to take them home as favors. Otherwise, you’ll have 100+ mason jars left over after the party to pack up and find a place to store AND guests will totally miss that you even offered a favor. One way to combat this is with a sign placed clearly at the drink table with instructions for guests.

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