7 Wedding Favor Mistakes to Avoid

True or false: the best wedding favors are those that are planned in advance. True! Favors have become customary to give at weddings for good reason: guests celebrate + support you on the biggest day of your life. So, it’s only appropriate to give a token of your appreciation on the day of your wedding. But did you know that some couples make simple favor mistakes that can cause these charming gifts to be missed or left at tables altogether? Today, we’re sharing a few wedding favor mistakes to avoid to ensure your favors rock your wedding. Read on to find out what we’ve uncovered…

wedding favor mistakes

by poppy & pearl co.

Wedding Favor Mistakes

Avoid these common wedding favor mistakes:

Wedding Favor Mistakes #1: The Throwaway Favor

Favors can be pricey, particularly when you have a large guest list. However, don’t fall victim of buying a cheap favor for the sake of having something. A cheap favor that guests will never use, keep, or remember isn’t worth a penny. Instead, make something at home that’s inexpensive – yet heartfelt – like a batch of sugar cookies. Place one cookie in a brown paper bag and a decorative stamp. Easy? Yes. Better and cheaper than store-bought? You betcha.

Wedding Favor Mistakes #2: Lack of Meaning

Even the simplest favor can mean something. Use your wedding favor to tell guests something about your unique story. For instance, say you met at a coffee shop in college and bonded over your favorite mocha blend. A wedding favor you may wish to give would be a small favor bag filled with whole coffee beans. This favor is not simply a bag of coffee: it’s a sweet sentiment and ode to your story.

wedding coffee favors

by apropos roasters

Wedding Favor Mistakes #3: Poorly Packaged

The simplest favor can be wedding-ready in no time with proper packaging. Similarly, a more elaborate favor can lose its luster with poor wrapping or none altogether. If you’re giving a favor that’s store-bought, put your own personalized spin on it by adding a little handmade charm. Rip off that individual plastic wrapping, tear away the generic ‘thank you’ tag, and add your own ribbon, wedding tag, or label to make it your own. As an example, consider a handmade tag like these by Dondalee’s which can include a fun stamp that ties into your decor…

wedding favor tags
wedding favor tags

… or add a cute chalkboard label by Design Circus

wedding chalkboard labels

… or even a personalized stamp, like this one by Paper Sushi…”

personalized wedding stamp

by paper sushi

Wedding Favor Mistakes #4: The Complicated DIY Favor

Okay, Pinterest addicts: you, like me, ooh and aah over the clever DIY ideas and trendy gifts you’re determined to make as wedding favors, right? But, there truth is that unless one has a DIY-driven team of dedicated ribbon-tiers, pie-bakers, or blue mason jar acquirers crafting 100+ favors around the clock, you may want to keep the favor DIY to a minimum. Find one that is easy-to-complete well ahead of time, is affordable, the supplies are easy to acquire, and the project won’t drive you batty before the big day. Stress = no fun for anyone, especially the bride. I’ve heard horror stories of brides losing steam before the big day and stayed up tying bows or baking pies in jars right before the wedding because it sounded like a good idea at the time. Keep your sanity and select your DIY wisely./p>

Wedding Favor Mistakes #5: The Confusing Favor

This is one of my favorites because it can happen easily without you even realizing it… don’t make guests guess what the favor is. For instance, if giving a jar filled with cookie mix as a favor, include a label with the ingredients (particularly for allergies) along with the directions on how to make the cookies. Make sure the jar is well sealed and preserved and store in a cool, dry place until the wedding day. Similarly, if you’re giving a gift that’s edible, include a label and a utensil. You’d be surprised how many guests look at tiny treats with a puzzled look because they’re not sure what’s in it, they aren’t sure when to eat it (before? after? take to-go?), and they have no utensils to use. Make it simple for guests and spell it out.

wedding favor bag

by clementine weddings

Wedding Favor Mistakes #6: The Limited Supply Favor

Sometimes, a guest may show up unexpectedly, when he or she never sent in an RSVP. Or, Great Aunt Martha wants to take home an extra favor to show to her friends at Bingo. With your favors being pre-planned and totally kick-you-know-what, expect that a few guests may want to steal borrow a few extra favors just in case. So, have a few added into the rotation (and don’t forget about one for you and your groom – you’d be surprised how many couples skip themselves or forget to grab one as a keepsake).

wedding favor jam

by sweet caroline jams

Wedding Favor Mistakes #7: The Forgotten Favor

One awesome idea is to give away favors that can be used during your wedding by guests and taken home as a favor. One example is a mason jar drinking glass, which the guest can write his or her name on (with a simple tag + marker or chalkboard paint + chalk, pre-made) and use to fill up with drinks throughout the night. The caveat: make sure guests know to take them home as favors. Otherwise, you’ll have 100+ mason jars left over after the party to pack up and find a place to store AND guests will totally miss that you even offered a favor. One way to combat this is with a sign placed clearly at the drink table with instructions for guests.

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  • Nina

    Emma, what size do you think is appropriate for wedding favors? I’m doing honey jars and trying to choose between 2 or 4 oz jars…

    • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

      Hi Nina! I recommend 4 oz jars for favors. They’ll last longer for guests, and it’s easier to find labels that will fit over the 4 oz jar size, since it’s pretty standard. Hope it helps! :)

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Hi Melissa! Great question. How about something along the lines of, “Please take a jar
    and make it your own
    Use it today & take it home”

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Hi Kate! Typically you should estimate about 85% of your guests are likely to attend (assuming there aren’t many who are out-of-town guests). With that being said, you would need about 98 terrarium favors. I would order 100 just to be safe. I hope it helps! Let me know if you have additional questions.

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Hi Jennifer! Yes, I would give one to each guest. This ensures your “plus ones” will each take home a favor. Great idea using coffee mugs!

  • Jodie Elesmore

    I’m giving away glass jars filled with pick and mix for my wedding! we both have a big sweet tooth and wanted to share something sweet on our wedding day!

  • GCA

    So I wrote on my favors, “Thank You for Attending Xxxx and Xxxx Wedding Jun 3rd 2014″ Please someone tell me if this sounds ok?!…. Even though we were married at the justice of the peace?!

    • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

      Yes, that sounds great! :)

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Hi Tonia! The string you’re probably looking for is jute twine. You can buy some here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005TLVNMY/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B005TLVNMY&linkCode=as2&tag=bb7287-20 You can also find it at your local hardware or craft store.

    Thanks for stopping by! Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Tiffani

    We’re doing artsy sliver bubble wands with bubbles in the centerpiece. My fiance’ and I love to blow bubbles in the summertime together.

  • Vic

    Honestly I never saw the point in wedding favors for the guests of the wedding. Now for the parents of the bride and groom and wedding party makes sense but for every Tom, Dick, and Mary that comes to celebrate your day is a waste of money to me. I know when me and my boyfriend get married its going to be a VERY financially tight wedding. I would rather spend money somewhere else in the wedding than on favors.

    • sheila

      I feel like i cant supply enough for my guests. I find it such an honor that my guest are finding the time to attend. this is just my way of saying “thank you”. my wedding is designed on Irish theme, so I bought organza bags & placed smaller sized seed packages of irish wilflowers, Shamrock & bells of Ireland. One in each gift bag. I also purchased online, key chains with a Celtic sign on the end & finally I found glass coasters & had them personalized with a Shamrock & the words live, love, laugh. I personally didn’t want to put myself & my newly husbands name & our wedding date. I wouldn’t want to place drink coasters in my house with another couples name on it. our wedding venue offers includes sundies with the meal, so I bought cake boxes & I did have that personalized with a claddah symbol in green and our names & wedding date on it. my guest can bring those home & have some wedding cake later when they get home. these ideas didn’t cost a lot of money & I hope it help shows my guest how honored I am to have them share our wedding day.

      • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

        Sheila, it sounds like you’ve made some awesome wedding favors for guests! It sounds like they’ll surely appreciate them. Great point on the coasters — I agree!

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Love it, Nicole! :)

  • Sydney Taylor

    I am giving out tree seedlings, they are very affordable, and guests can plant them and always remember out wedding.

    • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

      Sydney, That’s a great idea!

  • Marie Davis

    We did small bottles of local Maple Syrup (we’re in NH) with personalized thank you notes. People loved them, took extras, and have asked is we have any leftovers(!) and we were married 4 years ago :)

  • elizabeth

    I am giving away homemade mason jarred apple sauce. From an old family recipe

    • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

      Great idea, Elizabeth! Sounds delicious. What size jars?

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Arabica, This is such a great idea! Cute nicknames, too. Thanks for sharing + happy planning!

  • http://emmalinebride.com/ Emma | Emmaline Bride

    Hi Nikki!

    I love the idea of rock candy as favors! I think it would be best to do separate escort cards, though, as then you don’t have to worry about people trading (which, you’re right, they probably will!) or eating them before dinner. You can put a sticker on the escort cards or some sort of embellishment to note the meal option. I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any additional questions!

  • Gina

    Our daughter and future husband have donated to Canadian Cancer Foundation, in memory of her grandmother and Alzheimer Foundation.
    They will post a sign mentioning in lieu of a favor. No fuss and great to donate for a cure!

  • Tori

    I’m giving away coffee beans in kraft bags as my wedding favor! My husband-to-be needs a cup (or carafe) everyday to get a start on his day :)

  • http://www.surlefeu.etsy.com Kristine

    My husband and I are major coffee fiends, so at our wedding we gave away little goodie bags filled with coffee from a local roaster and biscotti that my bridesmaids and I made! It was a small enough guest list that we could bake and bag the favors in one afternoon – I wouldn’t recommend the same thing for a larger wedding! Our guests loved them but we made the mistake of not putting them out as the guests were entering and we were left with some unclaimed bags at the end of the night! Whatever you give out, make sure the guests see them right away and know to grab them :)

  • Samantha

    Thanks for posting this. My fiancé have ordered beer coozies with our name/date on it and they are really cute. I was thinking about adding bags of coffee that we roasted ourselves, but upon further reflection it would just add stress, and we already have wedding favors. Sometimes Pinterest can cloud your judgement!

  • tara bakerlis

    i am getting married in august and was going to give tree seeded paper with printing on them but biodegradable paper but thought what if some people don’t have a back yard
    so i went for painted with my colors terracota pots with basil herb ball and peat disc with organza bag and homemade label i love how they are turning out and not pricey

  • Tiffany

    We’re giving away tea that we’re blending ourselves. We’re having a very herb- and floral-inspired wedding. :)

  • Selina

    Hi I have white favour bags with butterfly print and have ordered 2 x personalised chocs with wedding details and z thank you for coming, also 2 Tibetan silver heart charms tied with a bit of ribbon ( trying to think of a saying to attach to hearts about two hearts becoming one) on the outside of favour bag I also have a silver butterfly charm which is to represent the 2 hearts becoming one in some sense. Was thinking then the charms can be used on necklaces or bracelets etc then after wedding ?

    Ideas very much welcomed
    Thank u

  • Christine

    Hi there,
    I need some advice. I have purchased little elephant place card holders for my guests as favours, but I have no idea how to tell my guests that they can take them home.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    • http://EmmalineBride.com Emma@EmmalineBride

      Hi Christine!

      Great question. You could do a few things: if you’re having a thank you tag with the favor, you could include a line that says, ‘please take home’ or something similar. If you’re having ‘thank you’ cards placed at guests’ seats (a card that says thank you for coming to the wedding and sharing the day with us), you could include a line that says, “Please enjoy the elephant place cards holders, yours to take home with you.’ I’ve also been to weddings where the DJ casually made an announcement mid-reception about the favors and let guests know to take them home. Or, you could have a close family member help you spread the word by casually letting guests know as they go table to table to chat.

      I hope it helps!


  • Barb

    Friends of mine just got married at Christmas. Their favors were clear and blue glass round ornaments with their info written on in silver sharpie.

    Love the Chapstick idea. Great for any outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Cait

    We’re giving out mixed CD’s of love songs that we like. I’m doing the mixing and he’s designing cardboard sleeves to hold them.

    • http://EmmalineBride.com Emma@EmmalineBride

      Great idea, Cait! I’m sure your guests will love them.


  • Maria

    Does anyone have thoughts on small 2″ x 2″ lavender sachet pillows stamped with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date on them or does this fall under the “smells funny” list?

    • http://EmmalineBride.com Emma@EmmalineBride


      I think that’s a great idea! :)


  • Amanda

    I’m giving away real sand dollars that we found off the beach where we’re getting married. I’m using glitter Sharpie permanent markers to colorfully write our names, date, wedding location and doodle on the sand dollars.

  • http://www.nancy.cc/ Nancy

    I’ve flown in to many weddings, and I had dozens of people fly in for mine, so here’s one more favor mistake I’d throw in:

    The Favor that Won’t Travel Well

    Think about a stuffed suitcase.

    If the favor is too big, if it could spill, if it could make your clothes smell funny, if it could break, if it’s *alive* (e.g., a plant, a fish)…I wouldn’t put it in my suitcase. And I doubt anyone else would, either.

    So, if you have a lot of out-of-towners flying in, make sure that your favor will survive in a stuffed suitcase (that’s sure to get thrown around a bit by baggage handlers).

  • Samara

    I recently got married and my grandmother and I made raspberry jam. We put them into individual small jars and covered them with printed fabric and twine. Also, instead of having place cards, we attached a name tag to each jar, so doubled as a favor and place card. They were a hit – we even had someone eating bread with jam for appetizer!

  • Sami

    Im having a December wedding with a Christmas feel. I am tossing around the idea to give sprigs of mistletoe as favors. I still havent decided though.

  • Elizabeth

    I LOVE the idea of making a donation in lieu of favors!! I am a childhood cancer survivor, and a huge supporter of Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang Camp…I think it would be such a lovely gesture to make a donation to them! Definitely going on my idea list!

  • Steph

    We are both electrical engineers, so our wedding theme is geek chic. There are cute custom Mr. And Mrs. robots and circuits and “<3" on everything. Our favors are pillow boxes of legos in the wedding colors tied up with ribbon and a custom stamp. The guests are going to have so much fun!

  • http://www.actualdayphotographer.com Juha Sompinmäki

    It’s a good point made here that favours dont need to be expensive or complicated. It’s the thought that accounts and please give something that is actually somehow useful, not something that will he thrown away.

  • Sarah

    I love the mason jar idea and would love to get them personalized with our wedding date or something to that effect.
    I love the clear ones with a handle but am having trouble finding a place that I can purchase them in bulk at a reasonable price…any suggestions? BTW I already checked etsy :( no luck! Also any ideas for a cute little sign for the mason jars to let everyone know they are theirs to take home at the end of the night?

    • http://EmmalineBride.com Emma@EmmalineBride

      Hi Sarah!

      Thanks for your message! You can buy mason jars in bulk on Amazon… and, for some other tips (including a sign and decorative touches), see 7 Mason Jar Mistakes to Avoid. :) Happy Planning!


  • Corina

    I realized after posting this that it sounded like my mom and mother in law to be did all the work, and I just wanted to say that I did not make them do all the work. I very much helped and made a lot of sauce :)

  • Corina

    I am getting married next summer at my fiance’s family property and the ceremony will be in an apple orchard. So because all the apples were ready for picking this fall, my mom and mother in law to be made and canned apple sauce made from the trees we are getting married under :) Also my fiance and I both love home made apple sauce!

  • Jenni

    These are great! We are getting married at a local beach, and our wedding is small so we are filling clear ornaments with the sand from that beach and putting a tag with the wedding date on it!

  • http://photosbyshana.com Cyndi

    I’m giving away seed packets as favors. With herb seeds so my guests can have an indoor herb garden. You can see them here http://bentleyseeds.com/custom-packets-1/custom-wedding-card-seed-packets.html

  • Anne

    We’re giving away jars of homemade blackberry jam. My future husband and I picked all the blackberries together in a nearby park and then I cooked up the jam. Because the fruit was free, it worked out to about $0.50 per jar of jam. A bit of extra work, but because we were able to do it almost a year in advance (because it keeps wonderfully) it was super convenient and will help keep stress down when the wedding gets closer.

  • http://Www.alexiandcorinne.ourwedding.com Corinne

    We are a same sex couple that met at college an one time during a dance we announced our relationship with a personal song and dance to “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it”. Our wedding favor is cherry Chapstick in IDE to the line in the song that says “the taste of her cherry Chapstick” ;)

    • http://emmalinebride.com Emma@EmmalineBride

      Hi Corinne,

      What a fun idea! I love how it ties into your first song – and who doesn’t love Chapstick? :) Thanks for sharing!

      Emmaline Bride

  • Brittany

    My fiancé and I opted for no favors. Instead, we are donating to a cause. 2 years ago, I donated 65% of my liver to my amazing mother. Obviously this is something near and dear to my heart. We are going to have tags made by my graphic designer bridesmaid that read, “in lieu of favors, a donation has been made in your honor to the American Liver Foundation.” We’ll put it in front of everyone’s place setting.

    Not everyone needs a tiny picture frame or mason jar to remember my wedding. I’m hoping the sentiment is enough!

    • http://emmalinebride.com Emma@EmmalineBride


      What an amazing story. I think guests will really appreciate the sentiment! All the best to your mother!

      Emmaline Bride

  • Jennifer

    We’re making coasters out of some cedar branches from his parents’ house! We’re having a rustic themed wedding, so it ties into the theme. We’re also using mason jars as cups, so we’re debating using those as favors as well. We’re going to attach a tag that has been stamped with a thank you stamp and tie it with twine around the coaster. :)

    • http://emmalinebride.com Emma@EmmalineBride

      Hi Jennifer,

      Cute idea! Send photos when you’re done, would love to see!

      Emmaline Bride

  • http://christinaflemingphotography.com Christina

    We are having a candy bar as our favours. It;s not really sentimental for us except that I love candy! And our wedding is close to Halloween so it’s kind of like trick-or-treating.

    • http://emmalinebride.com Emma@EmmalineBride

      What a great idea, Christina! I love fall weddings… they’re my favorite!


  • Kelly

    We are doing more of a vintage/homemade theme wedding, and we made jam and canned it for our wedding coming up in a month. The jars have tags on them with our names and date, a little strawberry and they say, “jam packed with love”

  • Samantha

    I am having an Asian themed wedding, and I am between about three things…fans, fortune cookies, or paper fortune cookies (out of origami paper with little homemade fortunes inside). Also looking at leaving origami cranes on the tables.

  • Crysten


    Etsy became my best friend when it came to wedding favors. I have 600 guest so budget friendly is the way to go. Glassine bags (2oz)quantity- 1000 for $28 and we had a stamp made on etsy that said “love is nuts” $34 and filled the bags up with peanuts 30lb for $90. Hole punched them and laid them on the tables. 600 for less then $150!!!

    • Janine

      I love this! Great idea

  • erica

    What are some budget friendly favors I could do for 300+ guests…that don’t look cheap? Is this even possible? LOL

    • http://emmalinebride.com Emma@EmmalineBride

      Hi Erica,

      Hmmm. Let me think about that one… what’s your budget per favor?


  • Alex

    We are giving small tins of homemade sea glass candy (basically just irregularly-shaped hard candy dusted with frosting sugar to make it look like sea glass) in our wedding colors: blue (berry) and green (watermelon)!

  • Kim

    I am going to make small bird feeders. We are getting married outside and going to line path to the wedding site with bird seed.

  • http://www.discoutmugs.com Kristen

    We gave away shot glasses that said “I went to Kristen & Chad’s Wedding, and all I got was this lousy shot glass! March 28, 2008″

    They went over really well, and everyone keeps the shot glasses. The are easy to store, and people use them!

    We had a wedding on a yacht, and the glasses were about $.75/glass. They have a bunch of different colors too.

  • Jordan

    I’m a bride-to-be and I LOVE the pie in a jar idea. I would really love to do that for my guests because my fiancé and I are known for our cooking abilities and it’s something we love to do together. I would appreciate any advice you can offer. Our wedding is pretty far off so I would have plenty of time to plan. I’ve heard that they can be frozen. I would rather have them be freshly baked at least the day before. Could I make them, freeze them and then bake them the day or two days before?

  • http://www.chocolatatoi.com Tola

    I had sugared almonds for my wedding and am so in favour of edible favours especially if they’re customised. Of course, I’m a little biased because I make personalised chocolate but I do love all the ideas I’ve read above especially Raspberry Jam. Tip: sheck out Martha Stewart for free customisable favour tags.

  • http://cjandhelena.com lana

    for our wedding favors, we chose to give flip-flops to the ladies as (dancin’ shoes) and cigars for the guys! both were a huge hit!!

  • miepanda

    I am giving away Homemade Raspberry Jam as a favor. Not only did we can them ourselves, but the berries came from our yard and my in-law’s yard next door. Yes, we live next door to them. :)

  • Emma

    We’re making homemade beer for our favors. We’ve been brewing for a few years now and it’s probably the easiest, stress-free thing we could do. I’m going to design and print the labels myself (I’m an artist).

  • Cindy

    We have not decided on one yet, but a few ideas I had were tea bags filled with loose tea from a local company, or just getting empty bags with tags on them for people to make their own favors from the candy buffet. I really dig the heart shaped bird seed feeders though!

  • http://twitter.com/covesa/status/215171675006840834/ Covesa (@covesa)

    “@LWPI: Deciding on #wedding #favors can be a tough part of the planning, here are 7 mistakes to avoid! http://t.co/swBWiuzL” #7 is my fave!

  • http://www.idodailydeal.com/blog Julie in Houston

    We still haven’t decided on favors but I was thinking a small packet of spicy bbq rub like the other commenter mentioned would be great. We’re doing an old dance hall BBQ wedding. Just need a cute tag for the baggies.

  • Tracey

    We’re making little heart-shaped bird seed feeders! Like these: http://media-cache-ec8.pinterest.com/upload/161074124142540977_uJvSeVWR_f.jpg !! We are getting married outside, with the reception in a very beautiful and rustic stone + wood room with open wood beams in the ceiling. So gorgeous.. I can’t wait! We figured the bird seed feeders were a gift that gives people the enjoyment of bringing little birdies to their yard! And it doesn’t end up in a junk drawer for years… the birdies eat it and then it’s gone!

  • Emma

    We’re giving away handmade masks, since our wedding is a Halloween masquerade. :)

  • http://twitter.com/LovelyGirlsDE/status/214778720148402178/ LovelyGirls Events (@LovelyGirlsDE)

    we are not normally a fan of wedding favors, but these great ideas kick some big behind! http://t.co/OJipWNPh

  • http://twitter.com/RodneyBailey_/status/214378117387657219/ (@RodneyBailey_) (@RodneyBailey_)

    Like this article! :) Wedding Favor Mistakes to Avoid – http://t.co/Ys9SRCsa

  • http://twitter.com/LightfulPhoto/status/214351157458501632/ Jennifer Wojtusiak (@LightfulPhoto)

    @cloudnove great read on wedding favors RT @Amanda8889: great read…. http://t.co/q8bo9fNq

  • http://twitter.com/Amanda8889/status/214331946090758144/ (@Amanda8889) (@Amanda8889)

    great read…. http://t.co/6Y3EaRjc

  • http://www.theweddinginvitationboutique.co.uk Sarah

    Great list ;) I wonder how many brides try to bake cookies and do it too soon and they are a bit chewy by the time they hand them out?! It’s such a difficult thing to time with perishables.

  • http://www.littlelovenotes.co.uk Nikki

    Great post! We’re giving miniature bottles of raspberry vodka (with a DIY tag around the bottle neck) as favours. We met in a pub, and our first date was in a pub, so I guess it’s a little reference to that – but really we just knew it was something all the guests would drink and appreciate! (Don’t worry, the kids will get a little bag of sweets – no alcohol for kiddies!)

  • http://twitter.com/jensdreamdecor/status/213701381033443329/ jensdreamdecor (@jensdreamdecor)

    Wedding Favor Mistakes to Avoid | Emmaline Bride™ http://t.co/d2c9aIDh via @EmmalineBride

  • EmmalineBride


    What a great idea! I’m sure guests will appreciate the special bbq rub your fiance has made for the day. What a fun way to tie in your BBQ theme!


  • http://www.marcielynnphotography.com Marcie Lynn

    We are having a BBQ style wedding and we are giving away a BBQ rub in a small but cute jar with burlap and twine wrapped around the lid and a DIY label. My Fiance’ made the rub himself since he is on a competition BBQ team. :D

    Thanks for the great post!

  • Jess

    I’m giving candy bar favors wrapped with a label that has our photograph. The wedding is indoors so the chocolate won’t melt.

  • http://twitter.com/dandyLionevents/status/213675153719181314/ lindsey (@dandyLionevents)

    great roundup! agree with all of these. RT @EmmalineBride: 7 Favor Mistakes to Avoid http://t.co/8RwSYwOr

  • Stephanie

    I’m giving away honey jars as my wedding favor! They’re from a local shop in town, so I’m also following the ‘buy local’ idea. Thanks for a great post!

  • http://twitter.com/yorkbride/status/213674363147403264/ Claire Streeton (@yorkbride)

    Favours can be the perfect finishing touch to your tables, it shows you have thought about your guests and with… http://t.co/9Y5509LW