Liriodendron Mansion Wedding: Keira + Jonathan

Check out this beautiful Liriodendron Mansion wedding! Keira and Jonathan just married this past April and had their wedding at one of Maryland’s most historic homes, the Liriodenron Mansion. The mansion’s terraced lawns and elegant dining rooms made for a romantic wedding. Keira and Jonathan’s intimate ceremony on the mansion’s back lawn was a perfect setting for friends and family to watch them walk down the aisle. Working with the couple to photograph their wedding was Baltimore wedding photographer, Dennis, from Dennis Drenner Photographs. Find out more after the click…

keira-and-jonathan-walk-down-the-aisle-together - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

Their photographer Dennis tells us, “Keira and Jonathan’s wedding was held at the historic Liriodendron Mansion, the beautiful former vacation home of a prominent Baltimore surgeon, Dr. Howard Kelly – founder of the world-famous John’s Hopkins Hospital. In addition to being a beautiful location, this choice of venue seems suitable as the groom, Jonathan, is himself a surgeon.”

bride gets makeup done - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

keira-gets-ready-before-her-wedding-at-liriodendron - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

groom checks himself in mirror - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

bride with her grandmother - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

bride-meditates-before-wedding - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

bridal-portrait-at-liriodendron - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

outdoor wedding setup at liriodendron - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

guest takes photo of bridesmaid - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

flower-girl-at-liriodendron-wedding - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

Dennis Drenner Photographs - Baltimore Wedding Photographer

bride-holds-back-emotions - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

Dennis Drenner Photographs - Baltimore Wedding Photographer

“The entire event was held at the mansion and on the grounds. The intimate ceremony was held on the back lawn of the mansion on a warm April afternoon, officiated by a good friend of the couple. Afterwards cocktails were held on a side porch while the family and couple took some quick family portraits. The reception and dancing were held inside in elegant dining rooms built in 1898. Keira, the beautiful bride, set the mood for the event with her big smile and giant laugh.”

wedding-guest-takes-photo-with-iphone - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

bride-and-groom-portrait-under-veil - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

wedding-portraits-at-liriodendron - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

liriodendron wedding details - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

wedding ring close detail - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

cocktail-hour-portrait - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

bride-laughs-with-guests - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding

Dennis Drenner Photographs - Baltimore wedding photographer

Dennis Drenner Photographs - Baltimore wedding photographer

bride-with-her-dad-after-dance - Liriodendron Mansion Wedding





wedding speech reaction


shadows on bride


Dennis Drenner Photograph - Balitmore Wedding Photographer

Dennis Drenner Photograph - Balitmore Wedding Photographer


Dennis Drenner Photographs - Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Wedding Vendors:
DJ – DJ Eddie
Photographer – Dennis Drenner Photographs

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