Zach + Mary’s Citadel Engagement Shoot

There’s no better way to start the weekend than an engagement shoot. Zach and Mary’s Citadel engagement shoot started off with photos taken at South Carolina’s prestigious military college called The Citadel. Posing amidst the Citadel’s architectural beauty, Zach and Mary made looking good look all too easy. After taking photos at The Citadel, Zach and Mary took a stroll through downtown Charleston before setting sail on the water with the day’s sun setting behind tomorrow’s newest happy couple. Their engagement shoot was sublimely captured by Shelley Freckleton from Freckleton Photography.

If you’ve fallen in love with these engagement photos and want to see more from this Idaho wedding photographer, check out Shelley’s site Freckleton Photography. You can also catch Shelley’s listing in the Emmaline Bride Bridal Book.

All images courtesy of Freckleton Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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