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8 Unique Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Brides: Are you planning a beach themed wedding and tired of seeing the same beach wedding centerpieces time and time again? Are you looking for unique, creative beach wedding ideas but your search is coming up short? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re planning a beach wedding, rustic wedding, wedding in the woods, or otherwise (heck, even a state themed wedding), I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s all about knowing where to look. The most unique wedding details – like beach wedding centerpieces, for example, aren’t found in a magazine spread. They’re tucked away in little corners of the world in coastal beach houses, found on shelves in antique shops with creaky wood floors, picked up along the shoreline of the coast, and, most of all, they’re handmade with two hands and a whole lotta love. Today we’re featuring one such artisan, By The Seashore, a husband and wife team located near the beautiful beaches of North Carolina. (I can’t help but hear this song as I write this. I love NC.) One glimpse into Carol and Andrew’s shop makes one dream of relaxing on the beach, and what could be more relaxing than a beach wedding? So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired with eight unique ideas for beach wedding centerpieces. We think you’re going to love what we’ve found… and you’ve probably never seen anything like these before. Enjoy!

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - sea urchin air plant holder by By The Seashore

Beach Wedding Centerpieces

1. Sea Urchin Air Plant

To kick off the list, we’re featuring this gorgeous sea urchin air plant, one of my favorite beach wedding centerpieces to date. Air plants are easy to care for and only require a little water and indirect sunlight. When placed in a sea urchin holder in the center of a table, an air plant provides a chic, modern beach wedding look.

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - sea urchin air plant by By The Seashore

2. Sea Urchin Tree

This sea urchin tree is one of the most original wedding centerpieces I’ve ever seen. It can be placed on a mirrored base or tray of sand in the center of your tables. Planning a beach wedding around the holidays? This is another fun approach to a ‘tree’ that ties in your theme beautifully.

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - sea urchin tree by By The Seashore

3. Beach Glassware on a Vintage Tray

Barnacle bottles and scalloped bottles placed on a vintage tray is simple – yet chic – and can be reused later as home decor.

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10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - beach glass decor by By The Seashore10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - beach glass decor by By The Seashore

4. Sandy Snow Globes

These sandy snow globes feature white sand, a starfish, white coral, a sea biscuit, limpet shell, and more. One of my favorite parts of this centerpiece? It can be opened to add your own seashells or decorative touches, like a seashell from the shore at your wedding.

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - beach snow globe centerpiece idea by By The Seashore

4. Driftwood Votive Candle Holder

We’ve seen plenty of beach wedding centerpieces in the past, but none like this driftwood votive candle holder. This is such a fun idea and adds a romantic glow to your reception tables at night. Guests will be hoping to take one of these home – that’s for sure!

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - driftwood votive candle holder by By The Seashore

5. Limpet Shell Frame

Arrange seashells, starfish, and coral around this limpet shell frame, which can be used at your wedding to display a table number. If you’re buying one for each table, give them away to close friends and family members after the wedding; keep a frame for yourself and display a favorite beach wedding photo.

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - limpet shell and starfish frame by By The Seashore

6. Cast Iron Crawfish

Place this crawfish on a tray filled with white pebbles, as shown, for a low-profile – but completely memorable – beach centerpiece.

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - crawfish paperweight cast iron by By The Seashore

6. Seashell Air Plant Holder

This air plant is housed in a sea-inspired seashell in an inspiring shade of blue. Love.

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - conch shell by By The Seashore

7. Cast Iron Starfish

Place this cast iron starfish on a decorative tray with coral, as shown, for a totally memorable centerpiece you’ll definitely re-use as home decor.

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - cast iron starfish by By The Seashore

8. Sea Urchin Candle Holder

Similarly to the sea urchin tree we mentioned above, this sea urchin candle holder is a unique piece that serves two purposes: one, as decor, and two, as a vessel for candlelight in the evening.

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via - sea urchin candle holder by By The Seashore

To see more ideas for beach wedding centerpieces, beach wedding decor, find ring bearer shell ‘pillows’, and more creative finds, visit By The Seashore. You can also find By The Seashore in The Marketplace at Emmaline Bride.

Happy Planning!


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Very cute table decor ideas. Always looking for more interesting decorations for beach weddings.

May 2, 2013

Oh, do I love those sea urchin & airplant centerpieces – so sculptural!


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