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5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings

Posted August 14, 2013 | 1 Comment

Social media has changed the way guests celebrate at a wedding. Instagram this. “Like” this. Hashtag that. Disposable cameras are forever replaced by camera phones, which means everyone can share photos instantly online. Whether you love social media or loathe it, there’s one thing that’s certain: you can’t run from it. Read on for five ways to embrace social media at weddings…

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - chalkboard by rosie and cozy

by rosie and cozy

Social Media at Weddings

1. Make Your Own Hashtag.

A hashtag on Twitter is a way to create a ‘category’ thread people can follow. For instance, you can create a hashtag for your wedding using your initials, names, or anything you’d like. The trick to a great hashtag is to make one that’s truly unique. If you pick something that’s too generic — like #JustMarried – you’ll have thousands of other messages to sort through on your feed. Make it something like, #EMMAandANDREWTietheKnot. You don’t have to set anything up — just pick the hashtag. Guests can then use the tag in their tweets by including #yourhashtag at the end of their message.

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - hashtag chalkboard by grace graffiti

by grace graffiti

2. Encourage guests to take photos.

Guests won’t want to share photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter unless you give them the go-ahead. Make it clear with signs or a chalkboard at your reception.

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - instagram sign by nostalgic imprints5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - social media sign by nostalgic imprints

by nostalgic imprints

3. Have Guests Upload Their Photos

Make it easy for guests to share their photos! Use an online program like iRave, a photo sharing website that assigns an email address for guests to send photos to. You get to manage who can view the photos — even approve photos before they go live.

4. Use social media props for your photo booth.

Check out these Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest inspired photo prop flags by Betawife. They’ll definitely get guests in the social media mood.

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - photo props by betawife

5. Print your Instagram photos after the wedding.

Use Printstagr.am (or other printing source) to print your photos. Turn them into stickers and use them as seals on your thank you cards.

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - instagram stickers for thank you card seals! love this.

And print photos to place in an Instagram photo album. This one is by Foxgram.

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - instagram photo album by foxgram


Social media at weddings is best utilized by guests, not the bride and groom. Enjoy your day — let your guests snap photos and make sure you’re in plenty of ‘em! And, guests, please be mindful of the professional photographers and videographers at the wedding. Give them space and stay clear of their shots. And, don’t share EVERY detail instantly on Facebook or Twitter. Uninvited guests don’t need a play-by-play, and you want to keep an element of mystery. Also, never post any photos of the bride before the wedding (in case the groom might see!)

Fun Social Media Finds

Don’t stop there! Here are a few other social media finds we spotted on the web.

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - twitter necklace by spiffing jewelry

by spiffing jewelry

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - facebook married print by blushface

by blushface

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - #justmarried print by everything hashtag

by everything hashtag

5 Ways to Embrace Social Media at Weddings - just married facebook like tshirt by regal rhinestones

by regal rhinestones

Happy Planning!


Now it’s your turn: what do you think of social media at weddings?

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