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What Are Cake Charms? – Ask Emmaline

Have you ever heard of cake charms? What are cake charms? Are cake pulls the same thing? If you’ve ever wondered about this unique tradition, you’re in luck! Today we’re sharing a collection of handmade cake charms by the always lovely Weddings, Etc. and explaining more about this fun wedding day (or bridal shower) tradition! Read on to find out more…

What Are Cake Charms? (Cake Charm by Weddings, Etc. via #handmade #wedding

What Are Cake Charms?

First things first: what are cake charms? Cake charms (also known as cake pulls) are sterling silver charms attached to ribbon. Each cake charm represents a different “fortune” and are placed in the bottom layer of the cake (by your baker). Before the cake is cut, your bridesmaids take turns pulling a charm from the cake to tell their “fortune”. Each charm symbolizes a different fortune (such as a ring, which symbolizes the next to marry, or a carriage which represents the next to have a baby). Other cake charms – a shamrock, which represents good luck, a dollar sign, which represents success, or an airplane, which represents travel – are also a part of the tradition. Cake charms can be pulled at your wedding or bridal shower from a smaller, separate cake. After the wedding (or bridal shower), the charm makes a great gift and can be added to a standard charm bracelet.

What Are Cake Charms? (Cake Charm by Weddings, Etc. via #handmade #weddingWhat Are Cake Charms? (Cake Charm by Weddings, Etc. via #handmade #weddingWhat Are Cake Charms? (Cake Charm by Weddings, Etc. via #handmade #weddingWhat Are Cake Charms? (Cake Charm by Weddings, Etc. via #handmade #wedding

For this separate cake, add a cake topper like this one that reads, “I Love My Bridesmaids”.

I Love My Bridesmaids Cake Topper (by Weddings, Etc. via #handmade #wedding

To find out more about the cake charms, to see the different charm options (+ fortunes), or to check out the cake topper, visit Weddings Etc., Featured Artisan in The Marketplace at Emmaline Bride.

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This is such a fun wedding tradition…I love it!


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