Hay Bales for Wedding Seating: Yay or Nay?

What do you think about hay bales for wedding seating: yay or nay? Today, we want to hear what you think about this unique twist on traditional ceremony seating. But first, take a visual clue from these gorgeous images via Style Me Pretty (+ captures by Aaron Snow Photography) and then tell us what YOU think!

hay bales for wedding

photo credit: Aaron Snow Photography

hay bales for wedding
photo credit: Aaron Snow Photography


I think the hay bales add to this beautiful ceremony’s site and ethereal, rustic feel. However, my practical side wants to know… how comfortable are they? I can’t think that many hours sitting on hay could be that comfortable, but for a ceremony I think it works. My other concern is that straw tends to stick to everything… your guests’ pants, dresses, your best friend’s nylons… so, I recommend adding a bit of fabric to skirt the straw a bit like so:

hay bales for wedding

photo credit: Mary McHenry Photography

Problem solved! And, quite lovely, I think. :)

So, what do you think about hay bales: yay or nay?


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  • Holly Salyer

    I am also using straw instead of hay. Less messy :)

  • Holly Salyer

    I say yay! I am doing this for my wedding that is in a big renovated barn with an outside ceremony. I am spreading the bales out and placing wooden boards over them almost like a bench. Three bales under one board.

  • http://www.diyweddingsonline annette

    sorry nay itchy

  • Birmingham wedding photographers

    I think it’s neat but I wouldn’t want it for my wedding. I think it had better be a quick ceremony. I think for a lot of grandparents this would be VERY uncomfortable.

  • http://www.craftmysoul.blogspot.com Nicole G

    I ADORE the hay bails as ceremony seating. Makes for a comfortable atmosphere. I would opt for straw instead though because of allergies

  • http://www.kissmytulle.com Cris of Kiss My Tulle

    I attaended a wedding this weeekend with a cowboy theme and they used uncovered hay bales for seating. It actaully wasn’t that bad – it was a short ceremony so they didn’t get too uncomfortable and the heat made the entire area smell amazing.

  • http://www.sosnweddings.blogspot.com Jenny ~ Something Old, Something New

    I think it’s a cute idea for a rustic, outdoor wedding. I definitely agree though that you need to cover them with some sort of fabric to make them a bit more comfortable. Could be cute to add some small cushions to them as well.

  • Shaya

    I say yay if you cover them. If you don’t its just plain rude to ask your friends and family who probably dressed up for the occasion to sit on pokey dirty straw.

  • http://barefootcrafts.wordpress.com Heather

    I’ve been contemplating doing this for my outdoors Fall wedding. I want to collect a bunch of old quilts to cover them and I think I’ll use straw in lieu of hay to reduce any possible allergy drama!

  • http://ygfasings.blogspot.com/ Ashley Marie

    It is definitely a Nay for me. I love the look and ambiance it helps to create for these popular rustic/vintage/diy weddings, but for me it doesn’t work. I have several family members with Hay fever (clearly passed down through the generations).

    I can just see it now, the family members from 700+ miles away sitting on hay bales itching, scratching and coughing away, while my sister turns blue from anaphylactic shock. LOL That wedding would be memorable for all the wrong reasons!

  • http://www.twoweddingbelles.com Jessica@TWB

    I say it’s okay as long as you have a covering over the hay for comfort, mix in more traditional seating for those who want it, and are having a shorter ceremony (again for the comfort of your guests).

  • Kelsey

    Love the idea, but it’s not that practical. These days, everyone has SOME allergy, and hay fever is pretty common. I wanted to do this for my wedding but my grandparents have really bad allergies. We’re sticking to chairs…

  • Janna

    I say YAY! I’m planning to do this for my wedding with plain cotton linen to cover.