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Return Address Stamp: Save Time!

So, this weekend I started looking for holiday photo cards and spent way too much time uploading a design and trying to find the perfect one. Does that ever happen to you? Then you look at the clock and wonder how you spent so much time on a project that isn’t even finished yet, especially because once they arrive you still have to address them, add postage, and double-check your list? I know. The holidays bring out the organize nerd in me and, I sort of love it. I also love it when I come across handmade goodies that save time, money, and energy, like this return address stamp from The Chatty Press. If you’re getting married and sending out invitations soon, this return address stamp will be a total lifesaver. You need to put the return address on your invitation, reply card, and save the date, so imagine how much extra addressing time you’ll save. Sending holiday cards? It works for those, too! Oh, and did I mention the hundreds of letters you’ll write to people that can be stamped with this lovely little personalized charmer? I know. I want one, too. I can’t win one, but you can. Find out how below… ;)

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Top 12 Wedding Calligraphy Ideas

Hello, loves! Today we’re talking about wedding calligraphy – the fanciful art of writing – which can be applied across your entire wedding spectrum. Hiring a wedding calligrapher may sound like a luxury request, but it can be affordable AND make a world of a difference in the overall look and quality of your wedding. I am a self-proclaimed handwriting nerd, which all began when my mom saw my hurried handwriting in 3rd grade, sat me down at her desk, and taught me to write more legibly. Ever since, I’ve developed a knack for pretty writing, calligraphy, and design, realizing that taking a little extra time and patience really does go a long way. If you need someone to give you a helping hand and turn your wedding stationery into works of art, we’re here to help! We’ve located the top twelve wedding calligraphy ideas by handmade artisans who are skilled in the craft and ready to create a personalized suite for your big day. Read on to be inspired…

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