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DIY Window Pane Seating Chart

diy window pane seating chart

Hi, loves! Emma here. I love quirky, vintage, totally unique-inspired finds. And, when they’re related to weddings, I love ’em even more. I spotted this unique window pane seating chart that looked like a heck of a fun project to DIY. What do you think? It combines functionality (it serves as a seating chart for guests) with rustic charm (who doesn’t love a vintage window pane-turned-decor piece?) Plus, it looks easy enough to do. Take a peek…

21 Most Unique Boutonniere Ideas

spark plug boutonniere (by The Ritzy Rose) - 21 Unique Alternative Boutonniere Ideas

by the ritzy rose

The groom is unique: why should he wear the same old floral boutonniere? Today we’re inspiring you to get creative and think outside the traditional bout box. We’ve rounded up the most unique alternative boutonniere ideas from around the web and we’ve included a little something for everyone. There’s a spark plug boutonniere for the mechanic, a compass for the sailor, a guitar pick boutonniere for the music-lover – even hops for the home brewer! We’ve also incorporated favorite wedding theme ideas like a starfish boutonniere for the beach, a skeleton key for a vintage wedding, and a cotton boutonniere for rustic weddings. Read on to get inspired and see which alternative boutonniere ideas made the list! (P.S. And, we want to know… what’s the most unique boutonniere you’ve ever seen?)

50+ Greatest Star Wars Ideas for Weddings

awesome star wars wedding photo with bride and groom and stormtroopers | Geeky Star Wars Ideas Weddings

photo: cacá santoro via green wedding shoes

It’s May 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars Day! If you haven’t heard about this makeshift holiday, you’re probably living under a rock. ;) I kid. But to be honest, the force has been strong around here at EB headquarters… so strong that we’ve created a massive Star Wars wedding themed post to inspire you! In this Star Wars wedding guide, you’ll find everything from a charming wedding ring set to a light saber grand exit. We’ve tossed in details you won’t find anywhere else like Yoda soda, deathstar ice spheres, handmade R2D2 heels, Lego Stormtrooper boutonnieres, a groom’s cake he’ll absolutely love, and Real Wedding ideas from couples who are just as geeked out as you are. With over fifty geeky visuals, you’re bound to find something to love right here! Ready to get started? As Yoda might say, Plan a wedding, you will. Enjoy!

12 Most Creative Alternatives to Try for Weddings

donut stand weddings

garland by katz corner boutique

Happy Wednesday, loves! When you are knee-deep in planning your wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in cookie cutter ideas or traditional ways of doing everything. We encourage you to think outside the box when planning your big day; skip traditions you don’t like, participate in the ones you love, and start a few of your own! To kick start your creativity, we’ve gathered our favorite wedding alternatives to transform every detail of your big day. Read on to see which wedding alternatives made the cut…

Money-Saving Tip → Seating Charts for Weddings

seating plan instead of escort cards

by paper bound love

We love finding ways to save you time, money, and stress while planning your wedding. When Stacy wrote us asking about escort cards, we couldn’t wait to swoop in and give her this awesome card alternative (for couples who want something different). She writes,

“Hi Emmaline, I’m looking for escort cards but I’m already at the top of my budget. Are escort cards required? Should I make them myself?”

Find out our suggestion!

15 Top Picks for Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

alternative wedding gift ideas

A gift registry is a great way to shop for bridal shower gifts for a favorite couple. While the wedding registry is another place to shop for wedding gifts, sometimes you just want to think outside the registry for the actual wedding gift (if you’re not already giving cash, that is). To inspire your gift selection, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite alternative wedding gift ideas that might not be on the registry but are solid gift choices nonetheless. We’ve divided them into three categories to make it easy. Which of these gift picks is your favorite?

40 Alternative Wedding Bouquets (PHOTOS)

bride with bridesamaids holding alternative bouquets by valleyflowerdesign

bouquets by valley flower design

If a real flower bouquet isn’t your thing and you want something different, or you’re not crazy about the idea of paying for flowers that will wilt, then you’ll love what we have planned for you today! You don’t have to be a bride on a budget or planning a non-traditional wedding to crave the beauty and versatility of alternative wedding bouquets. After all, an alternative bouquet lasts forever, never wilts, and will look beautiful as decor on your desk for years to come. Today we’re sharing forty hand-picked flowers just for you including vibrant full-bloom peonies, vintage brooch bouquets, rich crepe paper flowers (they look so real!), paper flowers made from book pages, and more! Let the inspiration begin!

Lace Tambourine for the Flower Girl

We love this lace tambourine! It is today’s #HANDMADEADAY find and we spotted it over at Alternative Journals, a shop where we always find something new to admire. Why have your flower girl toss petals when she can play one of these down the aisle? It’s way more fun (and there’s no cleanup required). Awesome! There’s a floral patterned one, too, below.

Lace Tambourine

This tambourine measures 6″ in size and features lace (or floral fabric).

lace tambourine for the flower girl

7 Stunning Bridal Hair Combs You’ll Love

Pssst. There’s a giveaway inside!

Happy Monday, love! What’s your favorite bridal hair accessory? A veil? A headband? Maybe a vintage-inspired bridal cap, or even a fascinator like this? Today we’re talking about one of my favorite hair accessories: the hair comb. Bridal hair combs are exceptionally versatile pieces which can be worn with any hairstyle. You can skip a veil altogether and wear a hair comb as a focal piece, slipped into a hair bun, top knot, or a hair down hairstyle. A bridal hair comb can also be attached to your veil and worn during the ceremony as a statement piece; afterward, wear just the comb during the reception.

Since we’re crazy about the bridal hair combs over at Lottie-Da Designs, we’re sharing seven of our favorites to inspire your search for the perfect comb. And, to make this Monday even sweeter, we’re giving one away to a lucky bride! So, go grab your favorite coffee mug, fill it up (make my coffee a double!) and get ready to be inspired… and, maybe even win one of these! Good luck!

P.S. Need a discount so you can get yours right away? No problem –> just enter Emmaline15 at checkout for 15% off any item for a limited time!

Bridal Hair Combs

These handpicked bridal hair combs have pearls, rhinestones, crystals, and more. Some are available in gold, while others are in silver; however, many are available in both options so be sure to ask if you have a preference. Read on to see the ones we’ve found and scroll to the bottom for the giveaway details.

1. Juliet Hair Comb

Bridal Hair Combs |

by lottie da designs

2. Zahra Hair Comb

Bridal Hair Combs |

by lottie da designs

3. Sasha Hair Comb

Bridal Hair Combs |

by lottie da designs