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50 Best (+ Most Geeky) Star Wars Ideas for Weddings

The new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens opens nationwide tomorrow. If you haven’t heard about the movie or seen the crazy amount of merchandise, you’re probably living under a rock. ;) With the anticipation of the movie, the force has been strong around here at EB headquarters. So strong, in fact, that we wanted to do a HUGE Star Wars wedding themed post. In this Star Wars wedding guide, you’ll find everything from a charming wedding ring set to a light saber grand exit. We’ve tossed in details you won’t find anywhere else like Yoda soda, deathstar ice spheres, handmade R2D2 heels, Lego Stormtrooper boutonnieres, a groom’s cake he’ll absolutely love, and Real Wedding ideas from couples who are just as geeked out as you are. With over fifty geeky visuals, you’re bound to find something to love right here! Ready to get started? As Yoda might say, Plan a wedding, you will. Enjoy!

awesome star wars wedding photo with bride and groom and stormtroopers | Geeky Star Wars Ideas Weddings

Lace Tambourine for the Flower Girl

We love this lace tambourine! It is today’s #HANDMADEADAY find and we spotted it over at Alternative Journals, a shop where we always find something new to admire. Why have your flower girl toss petals when she can play one of these down the aisle? It’s way more fun (and there’s no cleanup required). Awesome! There’s a floral patterned one, too, below.

Lace Tambourine

This tambourine measures 6″ in size and features lace (or floral fabric).

lace tambourine for the flower girl

7 Stunning Bridal Hair Combs You’ll Love

Pssst. There’s a giveaway inside!

Happy Monday, love! What’s your favorite bridal hair accessory? A veil? A headband? Maybe a vintage-inspired bridal cap, or even a fascinator like this? Today we’re talking about one of my favorite hair accessories: the hair comb. Bridal hair combs are exceptionally versatile pieces which can be worn with any hairstyle. You can skip a veil altogether and wear a hair comb as a focal piece, slipped into a hair bun, top knot, or a hair down hairstyle. A bridal hair comb can also be attached to your veil and worn during the ceremony as a statement piece; afterward, wear just the comb during the reception.

Since we’re crazy about the bridal hair combs over at Lottie-Da Designs, we’re sharing seven of our favorites to inspire your search for the perfect comb. And, to make this Monday even sweeter, we’re giving one away to a lucky bride! So, go grab your favorite coffee mug, fill it up (make my coffee a double!) and get ready to be inspired… and, maybe even win one of these! Good luck!

P.S. Need a discount so you can get yours right away? No problem –> just enter Emmaline15 at checkout for 15% off any item for a limited time!

Bridal Hair Combs

These handpicked bridal hair combs have pearls, rhinestones, crystals, and more. Some are available in gold, while others are in silver; however, many are available in both options so be sure to ask if you have a preference. Read on to see the ones we’ve found and scroll to the bottom for the giveaway details.

1. Juliet Hair Comb

Bridal Hair Combs |

by lottie da designs

2. Zahra Hair Comb

Bridal Hair Combs |

by lottie da designs

3. Sasha Hair Comb

Bridal Hair Combs |

by lottie da designs

What to Wear Instead of Veil for Reception? – Ask EB

Hi, loves! Emma here and we are bringing you a new Ask Emmaline question today, one that we’ve received more than once — and for good reason! Brides who don’t want to wear a wedding veil (or simply something different for the reception) always want to see some veil alternatives. And they want to know if they have to even wear a veil at all. Remember, a bride doesn’t have to do anything. We are firm believers in “your wedding, your way” here at Emmaline Bride and when it comes down to it, you should do anything you want to do. At the end of the day, you can say you did it YOUR way, not anyone else’s. You only get one wedding day, so you might as well make it everything you’ve dreamed it would be. Here’s what Shannon wrote us:

“I can’t decide if I should wear a veil for the ceremony and reception. Do you have any ideas for what to wear instead of a veil at the reception?”

Great question, Shannon! When you’re deciding what to wear instead of a veil (even for just the reception), consider your hairstyle. Will you be wearing an updo? Will you wear your hair down? Will you pick this amazing Gibson Tuck, rock a top knot, or maybe some boho-inspired braids? Whatever you decide, do a trial run and wear a veil alternative with it so you know ahead of time how it will look all put together.

What to Wear Instead of Veil

Some of our favorite veil alternatives include hair pins, hair flowers, hair combs, fascinators, or headbands (you can find all of these in The Marketplace. And, these are just a few suggestions — there are a dozen more! Today we’re sharing a handful of favorite veil alternatives from Fancie Strands to inspire you. Which veil alternative is most similar to your style?

7 Wedding Veil Alternative Ideas

1. Rhinestone + Lace Hair Flower

rhinestone lace hair flower | via - What to Wear Instead of Veil

2. Hair Pins

Rhinestone Champagne Blush Wedding Hair Clips by Fanciestrands | via - What to Wear Instead of Veil

3. Ivory Chiffon Hair Flower

ivory chiffon hair flower | via - What to Wear Instead of Veil

4. Tulle Headband

tulle headband | via - What to Wear Instead of Veil

5. Pearl Hair Flower

hair flower with rose gold pearls | via - What to Wear Instead of Veil

6. Gold Sequin Hair Piece

gold sequin bridal hair piece | via - What to Wear Instead of Veil

7. Ivory Flower Fascinator

ivory flower fascinator | via - What to Wear Instead of Veil

8. Bridal Headpiece

bridal flower headpiece | via - What to Wear Instead of Veil

You can see these and more over at Fancie Strands.


“Alternative to Throwing Rice?” – Ask Emmaline (Giveaway!)

*Giveaway inside!

Searching for an alternative to throwing rice? We’ve found the perfect, number-one answer for you. Be sure to subscribe or you’ll miss out on future posts like this one!

Want to make a grand exit at your ceremony, but your venue doesn’t allow you to throw rice or confetti? You’re not alone. Many venues are saying no to messy or potentially hazardous ceremony tosses. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! See Jessica’s Ask Emmaline question about an alternative to throwing rice:

Hi Emmaline! I had my heart set on our guests tossing rice in the air as we exited the ceremony, but our venue forbids it. My mom suggested we do something different. Is there an alternative to throwing rice?

Jessica, throwing rice is so last year. ;) Kidding. But we have the perfect alternative to throwing rice: ribbon wands! We love these ribbon wands because they make NO MESS. Plus, your ribbon wands can include a bell so you hear wedding bells ringing as guests wave them in the air. Instead of a quick toss of rice with cleanup and hassle, these ribbon wands from Kate Kate NYC are customized in your colors. You can even reuse them as you make your reception grand entrance! Here, take a look at some of the colors available (there are TONS of color combinations):

Alternative to Throwing Rice: Ribbon Wands

navy and pink ribbon wands


We’ve teamed up with Kate Kate NYC to offer 100 ribbon wands to one lucky reader! This is a alternative to tossing rice and we love the pretty colors available.

o Enter between 3/17/15-3/23/15 (11:59pm EST)
o Prize: 100 Send Off Wedding Wands
o Winner has 72 hours to respond to winning email or new winner will be selected
o Free shipping included anywhere!
o No purchase necessary
o Winner has 1 year to claim prize
o Prize value: $100 | No cash value
o Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win
o Use entry form below to enter

♥ | ♥ | ♥

Good Luck!


P.S. If you love these FREE giveaways, please share below on Facebook to help spread the word!

Bridal Headband With Veil or Without? – Ask Emmaline

Wondering what to wear instead of a veil? A bridal headband is one lovely option! Read on to find out more + be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.

Are you considering a veil alternative for your big day? A bridal headband is one of our favorite choices, especially since it is extremely versatile. It can be worn with nearly any hairstyle and can be paired with a veil or without. You can even wear it with a veil for just the ceremony portion, and remove the veil for the reception. This question to our Ask Emmaline inbox couldn’t have come at a better time, since the lovely Blair Nadeau Millinery just released a beautiful new collection of bridal headbands, halo headbands, fascinators, and more for the discerning bride-to-be. Alicia asks,

I want to wear something other than a bridal veil, but I want it to be fancy enough. Also, am I supposed to wear a veil with a bridal crown or headband or is it better without?

Great question, Alicia! One of the wonderful things about a bridal headband or crown is that it can be worn with or without a veil. There’s no requirement — as the bride, you get to decide whether or not you wear a veil at all. It’s really up to your own personal preference. We think they look great with or without, and can really show off any hairstyle (whether up or down) nicely. To inspire you, here are a few handpicked (+ handmade!) bridal headbands we found that will fit the bill nicely. Some of these headbands can even be transitioned to a sash, which we love. Take a look…

Bridal Headband with Veil or Without

half crown gold

opal crystal headband

doris crystal headband with veil

antonia crystal lace bridal headband

carolyn lace headband

diana floral headband

amanda floral crown gatsby inspired

Aren’t they lovely? You can see even more from the collection here.

credits //

bridal headbands / crowns / any veils shown: blair nadeau millinery
photos: whitney heard photography


8 Alternative Wedding Veil Ideas from Tessa Kim

Your wedding is unlike anyone else’s, so why the pressure to wear a wedding veil like most brides do? Although a wedding veil is the traditional choice, it’s not the only choice for what you’ll wear in your hair. In fact, there are dozens of alternative wedding veil ideas that can be worn to accommodate any wedding theme, hairstyle, or personal preference. In this post, we’re sharing eight alternative wedding veil ideas from Tessa Kim‘s new collection for 2015. We’ve found eight totally unique alternative ideas that will inspire you to think outside the wedding veil. (P.S. If you love a wedding veil, but can’t decide between a veil or an alternative, do both: the bridal veil can be worn during the ceremony and the accessory piece can be worn for the reception. Boom. Solved.)

Alternative Wedding Veil Ideas

The most important thing to remember when selecting your wedding veil (or alternative) is to pick one that best suits your style. If it feels comfortable and flatters you, it’s the one. If not, move along: you’ll find the perfect choice for you eventually (just like your wedding dress!) Here are a handful of alternative wedding veil ideas below to inspire you.

#1 Wedding Headband

wedding headband | 8 Alternative Wedding Veil Ideas from Tessa Kim

#2 Wedding Hair Clip

gorgeous hair clip for bridal veil alternative | 8 Alternative Wedding Veil Ideas from Tessa Kim

#3 Bridal Cap

bridal cap | 8 Alternative Wedding Veil Ideas from Tessa Kim

#4 Bridal Headband

wedding headband | 8 Alternative Wedding Veil Ideas from Tessa Kim

#5 Bridal Hair Clip

beautiful bridal hair clip | 8 Alternative Wedding Veil Ideas from Tessa Kim

#6 Wedding Hair Crown

wedding hair crown | 8 Alternative Wedding Veil Ideas from Tessa Kim

#7 Headband

wedding headband | 8 Alternative Wedding Veil Ideas from Tessa Kim

#8 Wedding Headwrap

bridal cap hair wrap | 8 Alternative Wedding Veil Ideas from Tessa Kim

You won’t believe the others! See more right here.

credits //

Photography: Deyla Huss

Location: Villa Catalana Cellars

Makeup/hair: Jennifer from Face Body Beauty

Styling: Petalos Design

Dresses: Elizabeth Dye

Rentals: Something Borrowed PDX

Isn’t this collection gorgeous? You can see more at Tessa Kim, Featured Artist in the Handmade Wedding Shop.

♥ Tell Us:

Which of these alternative wedding veil ideas is your favorite? Why?

Best Alternative to Sparklers for Wedding Grand Exit

Do you need an alternative to sparklers for your wedding’s grand exit? Does your venue prohibit the use of sparklers but you still want to do something fun + interesting for your wedding photos? You’ve come to the right place! Find out why this confetti is the best alternative to sparklers for weddings. It’s not just any confetti… we’ve found a specific type of confetti you will want to use. Find out what it is and find out where you can find some of your very own…

Best Alternative to Sparklers

Confetti, Flutter Fetti // Alternative to Sparklers for Wedding Grand Exits

photo: stacy cross

Confetti for Wedding Grand Exit

When we featured a wedding sparkler send off in our Photo of the Day yesterday, we received a question from bride-to-be, Casey, on the Emmaline Bride Facebook page. She loves wedding sparklers for wedding grand exits, but her venue prohibits them. She asked us, “Do you have any ideas on how to do an Eco friendly send off? I love the sparklers but our outdoor venue does not allow them. Nor can we through anything not biodegradable.” Here’s the perfect solution!

Introducing Flutter Fetti, the most amazing alternative to sparklers we’ve seen yet! What makes this confetti better than the others?

o It’s biodegradable, so your outdoor venues won’t mind your hundred-plus guests tossing thousands of paper strips in the air.

o It is available in all-white or colorful options, so you can pick the one that suits your style best.

o It is extra lightweight, which means it will stay in the air longer so your photographer can capture that perfect moment!

o No risk of fire hazard. Score.

Here are a few Real Wedding examples of the white confetti:

Confetti, Flutter Fetti // Alternative to Sparklers for Wedding Grand Exits

photo: daniel taylor

Confetti, Flutter Fetti // Alternative to Sparklers for Wedding Grand Exits

photo: jonathan ivy

Colorful confetti is another fantastic option!

Confetti, Flutter Fetti // Alternative to Sparklers for Wedding Grand Exits

photo: fred marcus

You can find it in specific colors, too, like blue, purple, or orange — just to name a few — to coordinate with your decor.


Happy Planning!


30 Wedding Cakes: #2 – Wedding Cake + Lemons

This wedding cake pick is a buttercream four-tiered beauty with an unexpected garnish: lemons! For a garden themed wedding, this wedding cake with lemons is the ultimate choice. When life gives you lemons… put them on cake? YES.

Wedding Cake Cascading with Lemons

Wedding Cake Cascading Lemons via 30 Wedding Cakes via

This looks more like faux lemons (obviously due to their weight), but still. Lemons. Love it. You can find some faux lemons at Hobby Lobby or any craft store. I’d imagine they even have the kind that are shown above, with the green leaves (a must). Spotted via Style Me Pretty, photo: Janae Shield.


You can follow this fun 30 Wedding Cakes series here!

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