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Sunglasses Favors: Easy (& Affordable!) to Make for Weddings

Are you looking for a favor guests will actually use (and one they don’t always see)? We’ve found just the thing, especially for spring and summer weddings! These fun sunglasses favors — paired with these personalized tags from Tickled Pink Paper & Ink — can be used during your outdoor ceremony so guests aren’t squinting in the sun, worn in your photo booth as props, and worn after the wedding all season long. We’ve tracked down the perfect bulk sunglasses here (even the reviews are awesome). We love the even more because you can pick from hot pink, green, blue, orange, yellow, or classic white or black.

Sunglasses Favors

All you need to do is get a personalized stamp (go here), tags of your choice, twine or string, and sunglasses (you can find them here).

sunglasses favors

by tickled pink paper and ink

How to Plan the Perfect Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party

Happy Monday! Emma here and we are so excited to be kicking off a brand new month at Emmaline Bride! Can you believe it’s already November?! This month, we’ll be bringing you some pretty exciting stuff, so be sure you’re on the list so you don’t miss it! First up, we’re talking about how to plan a wine bachelorette party complete with wine tastings, cheese samplings, and a girls weekend bash so epic your girls won’t stop talking about it for days. How do you get started? Read on to find out more!

how to plan a wine bachelorette party via emmalinebride

13 Easy Tips to Plan a Fun Bachelorette Spa Party

Brides: click here to share this link with your Maid of Honor!

Hello, lovelies! We’re kicking off this beautiful morning with bachelorette party inspiration. The ultimate bachelorette party doesn’t have to include bar hopping, clubbing, or hitting up the town. Some of the best bachelorette parties are low-key, partying at home with the bride-to-be and relaxing while you watch favorite movies, dish over delish drinks and appetizers, and pamper yourself with some at-home spa treatments. Here are thirteen fun ideas on how to throw a spa themed bachelorette party at home!

Bachelorette Spa Party

A bachelorette spa party is themed around pampering and relaxing. The idea is to incorporate a few at-home spa treatments (such as a face mask, foot scrub, manicure, pedicure, etc.) You can also choose to do nail applications, like these, which are easy and less messy than polish (and last significantly longer, too). Rent some movies, put on some music, order pizza, serve up delicious drinks and desserts, and just kick back and enjoy some laughs with your best friends. If your budget allows, have a makeup artist come in for a tutorial to teach everyone some fun new makeup trends or tricks. Alternatively, you can also hire a manicurist to come and pamper everyone with manis and pedis.

As with any party, it all begins with a guest list.

1. Make a guest list.

How many people are on your list? A bachelorette spa party might work best with a smaller group. Consider bridesmaids, moms, maid of honor, and a few additional guests.

2. Pick a location.

A house party or hotel suite work extremely well. You’ll want bathroom and sink access for spa treatments, along with enough room for everyone to relax, watch movies, eat/drink, and socialize.

3. Select a date.

Plan the bachelorette party just a week or two before the big day.

4. Pick out cute invitations.

spa bachelorette party invites

by bonjour berry

5. Plan to surprise guests at the door with these.

Oh, my… hot pink, monogrammed, and oh-so-fuzzy. Love the bride’s pair, too! By Cross and Crown.

fuzzy spa bachelorette slippers | bachelorette spa party

by cross and crown

DIY Bridesmaid Beach Bag

Planning a beach bachelorette party? Here’s the perfect gift idea! Be sure you’re signed up for updates so you stay in the loop.

Spring and summer are right around the corner, which means lazy days on the beach are finally on the way! If you’re planning a bachelorette bash at the beach, you’ll love this DIY bridesmaid beach bag gift idea. We’ve pieced together our favorite essentials for your girls including an essential tote bag, sunnies, flip flops, an adorable sun hat, beauty products, and more. Enjoy!

DIY Bridesmaid Beach Bag

DIY Bridesmaid Beach Bag | via

What’s in the Bag

Tote Bag

We love this new canvas tote with aqua stripes. It has enough room for her swimsuit, towel, change of clothes, and everything you see here. By Thirty One Gifts, where you can get it embroidered, too.

LOVE Bracelet

This gold jewelry piece is simple and oh-so-sweet. It’s the perfect everyday bracelet she can wear to the beach — and beyond. By Ava Hope Designs.

Embroidered Towels

She can lay out in style on her own personalized beach towel. These are by Memento.

Bridesmaid Sunglasses

These fun bridesmaid sunglasses can be worn on the beach + at the wedding! Spotted here.

Flip Flops

These aren’t just ANY old flip flops. They have custom sayings that leave your mark in the sand! Our fave for this bag? “Follow me, bring wine”. There are more available, too! By Sand Imprint Sandals.

Floppy Sun Hat

I’m ordering this one stat. If you need a floppy hat (I mean, really, who doesn’t?) then this is one that’s inexpensive AND adorable. Spotted here.

Beauty Products

Fill a wristlet (we spotted the one shown from Thirty One Gifts) with some favorite beauty products, like nail polish, a stick of sunblock, waterproof mascara (this one is from Pürminerals), and her all-in-one makeup solution in a compact form (also from Pü The lip balm is ultra-nourishing and essential because, hot pink. From Maybelline.

Book to Read

And, last but not least, throw in a book she can read on the beach. I recommend Yes Please, but that’s because Amy Poehler is my spirit animal. Yours might be Tina Fey, in which case this would be an awesome choice. Or Mindy Kaling’s book which was so funny I laughed out loud (and I was sort of bummed when I finished reading it). Another favorite? This book by Ellen Degeneres. Pick any book she’d like (but we recommend something funny and entertaining). I mean, a dramatic book is just a little too serious for a relaxing bach weekend, ya know?

♥ | ♥ | ♥

She’ll L O V E this gift. Promise. I know I would!


What’s your favorite find above?

PIN IT: DIY Bridesmaid Beach Bag

DIY Bridesmaid Beach Bag | via

This post is sponsored by Thirty One Gifts and PurMinerals.

Stylish Bachelorette Sash Ideas? – Ask Emmaline

Need stylish bachelorette sash ideas? We’ve found fourteen of ’em! Get inspired below + be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.

If you’re planning a gigantic bachelorette party bash + need a sash, you’ve come to the right place! We received this Ask Emmaline question from Morgan, who wanted some bridal shower and bachelorette sash ideas for a friend. She also was curious where you could find a sash with ‘Mrs’ and the bride’s new last name. So, we did some digging and boy oh boy did we find a plethora of gorgeous ones! We spotted these bachelorette sash ideas over at Le Petit Mariage and they boast pretty typography, silky satin fabric (or luxurious velvet), and the prettiest color combinations. Which one is your favorite? P.S. Don’t miss the tee shirts we found, too!

Stylish Bachelorette Sash Ideas

Here’s an assortment of different colors and type styles we spotted.

bachelorette party sashes script | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

As you can see, this style of script seem to be the most popular. They’re our favorite, too!

bride to be gold on hot pink sash | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

So pretty! I especially like this mint sash with black type.

bride to be black on mint sash | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

black bride to be sash with gold | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

bride to be sash hot pink on white | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

bride to be sash silver with black text | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

bride to be sash white with gold | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

What does Iggy say again? Oh that’s right, I’m so fancy, especially in this velvet sash.

velvet bachelorette sash | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

This aqua and white combination is perfect for a beach wedding.

bachelorette sash with aqua writing | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

We even spotted a western themed sash for the wild wild bride. Perfect for your country wedding!

wild wild bride sash | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

Which sash is your favorite? You can see them all right here!


And… we thought these tees went with the sashes perfectly. By Deighan Design.

maid of honor tee | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

And this wifey tee, for your honeymoon + beyond! BRB, going to add to my wish list.

wifey tee shirt | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via


21 Beautiful Temporary Tattoos for Weddings

Hi, loves! Emma here. Have you ever wanted to get inked but don’t want to commit to a design on your skin forever? I get it. I feel exactly the same way! That’s why I love temporary tattoos. For your wedding, temporary wedding tattoos are a fun idea for favors, or as a party favor for your bachelorette party. Today we’re sharing twenty-one amazingly stylish wedding tattoos you won’t mind wearing every day… and when you change your mind, just change the design! Check them out below (all from Etsy!) and tell us which one you love best. I want them all

Temporary Wedding Tattoos

1. Cartoon Bride + Groom

temporary wedding tattoos bride and groom


2. x o

x o temporary wedding tattoos


3. Love

love temporary wedding tattoos ring finger

symbolic imports

And this one, too!

tiny love temporary wedding tattoos


4. Heart

heart temporary tattoos


5. Script-y Love

love arm temporary wedding tattoos

type and title

6. Your Names

custom names temporary wedding tattoos


7. Butterfly

butterfly temporary wedding tattoos


8. Bold Heart

heart temporary wedding tattoos


9. #PartyofTwo

jones party of two temporary wedding tattoos


10. Diamond

diamond temporary tattoos wedding


11. Team Bride

team bride temporary wedding tattoos

teal ash

12. Ampersand

ampersand temporary wedding tattoos

tea lash

13. Cross

cross temporary wedding tattoos


14. Soulmate

soulmate temporary wedding tattoos

15. Bachelorette Party Assortment

Get everyone tatted up for your night on the town!

bachelorette party temporary wedding tattoos


16. Silhouettes + Arrows

arrow and silhouettes temporary wedding tattoos

kristen mcgillivray

17. Itty Bitty Cross

itty bitty cross temporary wedding tattoos


18. Ring

ring tattoo

daydream prints

19. Finger Ring

finger ring temporary wedding tattoos


20. Diamonds for the Girls

diamond temporary tattoos weddings

kristen mcgillivray

21. Mr + Mrs

mr mrs temporary wedding tattoos

kristen mcgillivray

So, lovelies… which of these temporary wedding tattoos is your fave? Does it make you want to get inked, if even just for the day? I want ALL OF THESE. I’d have to say that #1 is still my favorite, though. Share yours below!


50 Alternative (+ Fun!) Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bar hopping and dancing at the club not your thing? No problem! We’ve rounded up the ultimate list including 50 alternative (+ fun!) bachelorette party ideas. And, this list proves that you don’t always have to pick between drinking, bar hopping, or clubbing. :) These handpicked party ideas are bound to be fun; plus, you can mix + match (choose two activities or pair something with a chic dinner out). For super awesome deals, be sure to check out this where you can find ideas for almost anything in your town.

Let’s get the party started!

bachelorette party ideas

Bachelorette Party Ideas: The Ultimate List

Here are fifty of the most amazing (+ fun) bachelorette party ideas. See? This list proves that you don’t always have to pick between bar hopping or clubbing. AND… keep in mind that the best bachelorette parties are the ones where you do activities the BRIDE loves. :)

1. Paint Class

Some places have these paint + sip classes where you can bring wine or cocktails. The instructor shows you how to paint and you learn while hanging with your girlfriends. Tons of fun.

2. Comedy Club

Laugh your you-know-whats off.

3. Amusement Park

And ride the bumper cars. They’re the best.

bachelorette bumper cars

4. Makeovers by a favorite makeup artist + night on the town

5. Dueling Pianos

If you’ve never been, GO. It’s so much fun.



6. Karaoke

7. Casino

8. Shopping + Dinner Out

9. See a musical

10. Go-Karting

bachelorette go karting

11. Trampoline Park

12. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Looks absolutely terrifying to me. But, to each her own!

hot air balloon ride


13. Baseball / Football / Basketball Game

14. Concert

15. Wine Tour

16. Have a mixologist teach you how to make cocktails

17. VEGAS.

las vegas bachelorette party

jamie y

18. Vacation rental in the mountains

19. Spa Party

spa bachelorette party

via, photo: studio carre

20. Rafting

21. Canoe Trip

22. Camping Weekend (or Glamping)



23. Music Festival

24. Bar hopping and/or clubbing

I still wanted to include it since it is the #1 type of bachelorette party.

25. Backpacking

26. Scavenger Hunt

27. Board Games + Movie Rentals + Popcorn + Wine

28. Beach weekend + hotel/condo rental

beach bachelorette party

via, photo by justin demutiis

29. Exotic Vacation

30. Cooking Class

31. Dance Lessons

32. Paintball

These bridesmaids picked ugly bridesmaid dresses from a thrift store and wore them to paintball. Love this! But, seriously, OUCH. I’ve played before and it would HURT 10x worse to get hit in a dress.

paintball bride
paintball bridesmaids

33. Boating

boat bachelorette

34. Bowling

35. Fancy Dinner

36. Rooftop Hotel Pool Party

pool bachelorette party

via, photo by justin demutiis

37. Road Trip

38. Slumber Party

39. Cruise

40. Weekend in a big city

Los Angeles, Chicago or New York (just to name a few)

41. Rock-climbing

42. Museum

43. Ballet or Opera

44. Murder Mystery Dinner Show

As I mentioned before, you can always find deals on these here.

45. Water Park

46. Laser Tag

47. Haunted Walking Tour

48. Drive In

49. Safari Park

50. Miniature Golf

Stock Up on Sashes


by le petit mariage

bachelorette party sashes

by le petit mariage

Don’t Forget This Kit

We spotted it at BeCollective.

hungover bachelorette party kit


And this banner!

We’re in love with this one! From Hawthorne Ave.

bride to be glitter banner

hawthorne ave

Which of these bachelorette party ideas do you l o v e?

Tell us below. We’d love to add ’em to our list!


affiliate link above

Bachelorette Spa Party (+ Win a Gift!)

If the bride-to-be isn’t into the club scene – or she needs a serious night of relaxation with her girls – plan a bachelorette spa party instead! A spa party for the bachelorette is a fun way to get the bridal party together for a day of pampering and relaxation. Read on to get inspired with ideas for your own spa party… and win a little something for yourself! Enjoy!

Bachelorette Spa Party (by sara mackenzie, photo by studio carre)

by sara mackenzie, photo by studio carre via exquisite weddings magazine

Bachelorette Spa Party

When planning a bachelorette spa party, consider these planning tips:

o Plan the spa party at a home or head to your favorite salon
o If planning at home, set up ‘DIY’ stations for manicures, pedicures, and facials
o Serve yummy mixed drinks, champagne, or a fruit juice bar (and sparkling water)
o Decorate the space to create an “spa”-like atmosphere. Think soy candles, orchids, light snacks, bottled water, and comfortable seating.
o Create gift bags for guests to take home with a favorite nail polish, artisan soap, nail file, pedicure kits, lip balm, and a sleep mask
o Spa robes for the girls is another favor idea, which can be re-worn on the wedding day
o After the spa portion, get dressed up and head out to dinner

Check out this bachelorette spa party inspiration board:

Bachelorette Spa Party Ideas via


o bachelorette spa party invitation by sweet wishes stationery
o embroidered spa robes by embroidery by melissa
o spa basket (with fiji water + pouf) by bailey’s basket shop
o essie (aqua), color: where’s my chauffeur nail polish
o essie (pink), color: boom boom room nail polish
o spa services sign, aqua and pink tablescape, edible ‘polish bottle’ treats via parties for pennies
o foot spa by conair
o coconut lip balm by comfort and joy soap co.
o brush roll by crafty stitches
o bars of handmade soap by comfort and joy soap co.
o soy candle by theme fragrance
o spa mask by goia boutique

P.S. Those ‘edible nail polish bottles’ are made out of food-colored marshmallows and topped with tootsie rolls. So cute! Find out more about them here.

Bachelorette Spa Flip Flop DIY

Try out this fun spa flip flops DIY spotted at One Charming Party. Easy — and affordable, too! Snag some cheap flips flops (in a variety of colors) at Old Navy for around $2.50 each.

Bachelorette Spa Party Flip Flops DIY (via One Charming Party)

Enter the Giveaway!

Want to win a little pampering gift for yourself? Enter for a chance to win a bar of luxurious handcrafted soap and a lip balm by Comfort and Joy Soap Co.! Enter between 7/12/13 – 7/18/13 (11:59pm EST). Use the entry form below to enter!

Bachelorette Spa Party - Giveaway! (by Comfort and Joy Soap Co.)

Good Luck!

Happy Planning!


Now It’s Your Turn! Would you want a bachelorette spa party? What would you add to the list? Have any tips to share?

Giveaway: Win Lip Balm Favors!

Hello, lovelies! Happy Monday to you all! We are kicking off a brand new week the best way we know how… with a giveaway, of course! This week, we’ve teamed up with Emily of GCDSpa to offer a set of (20) FREE customized lip balm favors for your bachelorette party or bridal shower! These lip balm favors are perfect for pampering your girls and a sweet way to say thank you to guests. Read on to find out how YOU can win!

Lip Balm Favors (by GCDSpa via Emmaline Bride)

Lip Balm Favors Giveaway


And the winner is… lucky #52, Faithe! Congratulations! Please check your inbox for details on how to claim your prize. Thanks to all who entered + a big thank you to GCDSpa for sponsoring this giveaway!

– – –

GCDSpa tells us more about these lip balm favors: “Whether you’re pampering the bride or toasting the bachelorette, lip balm favors from GCDSpa are a sweet way to thank party guests. Celebrate that “last fling” with customized Girls Night Lip Balms spiked with your favorite cocktail flavors. With dozens of designs, flavors, and colors to choose from, we can help you create the perfect favors for your event.”

Lip Balm Favors (by GCDSpa via Emmaline Bride)

Lip Balm Favors (by GCDSpa via Emmaline Bride)

How to Enter

Visit GCDSpa between January 28, 2013 and February 3, 2013 (11:59pm EST) and view their entire collection. Return here and comment below on another item from the shop that you like best. You may also receive additional entries with the following methods:

o Share the giveaway on Twitter*
o Share the giveaway on Facebook*
o Share the giveaway on Pinterest*

You may enter up to four (4) times per day using each method once: comment, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Receive one free bonus entry during the week if you “like” GCDSpa on Facebook! Simply leave a comment below for recognition.

*for each method used, please leave a separate comment


This wonderful set of twenty (20) customized lip balm favors comes with a custom label, tag, and bow color of choice. The winner can also select the preferred lip balm flavor of choice. The prize is a $75 value with FREE shipping to U.S. address included! Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win. No cash value. No purchase necessary. International winner must pay shipping and handling.

– – –

Good Luck!


P.S. Did you win last week’s giveaway? Find out here!

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

Hello, hello! If you’re a MOH (Maid of Honor) and wondering how to plan a bachelorette party, you’re in luck: today we’re showing you how to plan a bachelorette party from start to finish! One of the most important tasks as the MOH is planning the bachelorette party, and knowing where to start is essential. I (Emma here!) have been a MOH (and former bride-to-be) in the past, so these tried-and-true tips will make it a night to remember. Read on to learn how to plan a bachelorette party after the jump!

how to plan a bachelorette party

via hostess with the mostess, planned by aubrey of bride meets wedding, photo by seeley photography

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party: 10 Tips

1. Talk to the bride.

The first thing you need to do before you plan anything is talk to the bride. Ask her what she envisions for her party: does she want to go clubbing? Hit up local bars? Stay in and drink with her girlfriends? Skip the partying and opt for a dinner with her best friends? A day trip to the spa? Or, does she want to fly to Vegas? Identifying the type of party she wants to have – and then the location – will be the most important part of planning the party.

2. Remember – this is her party… not yours.

When you’re planning the party, remember it’s her big day… even if it’s not the type of party you’d plan for yourself. If she’s a party animal and you’re not, she’ll want a wild night out. Vice versa, if she’s a non-drinker but you want to go out and party, she may want something more lowkey. The day is about her, so make it a party she’ll love.

3. Save up!

Start saving up money ahead of time. As the Maid of Honor, you’re responsible for planning the party and footing the bill, which means you may be going solo on most expenses (hotel, limo, food and drinks, decorations). However, most times bridesmaids will chip in to help. Don’t expect anyone to chip in, though, and it’s best to not even ask – if bridesmaids can help, they will. (And, a hotel and limo are not requirements – but, I always think they make things easier… no one has to worry about grabbing a cab, assigning a designated driver, or having a place to crash at the end of the night.) You can also host the party at your home, which means you’ll save on that extra expense – and you can decorate it however you wish.

how to plan a bachelorette party

by pastry tart bakery

4. Pick a date, a theme, and send out invitations.

Work with the bride on the party date (which usually takes place two to three weeks before the big day). Set a time, location, and date – and send out a thematic invitation to guests.

how to plan a bachelorette party

by bleu collar paperie

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party (via Emmaline Bride)

by cartamodello

4. Plan how you’ll decorate the location.

o If you’re going out to bars or clubs… designate a place for everyone to meet, whether at a restaurant for dinner, your home, or a hotel. This is where the party will get started with food, drinks, decorations, and games (if you wish)… and you can celebrate the bride-to-be. It is common for guests to bring a gift for the bride, but not required. This is where you’ll have food and drinks before going out to bars or clubs for the night.

o If you’re staying in… this is the place where everyone will be for the night. Decorate the space, have games and activities planned, and have plenty of food, drinks, and music (or, you know, Bridesmaids playing on repeat) throughout the night. You can hire a makeup artist or stylist to come in and beautify everyone, if your budget allows. I attended a bachelorette party with manicures and pedicures being given out all night and it was a hit.

5. Stock the limo.

If you are going out to bars and have a limo, bring a small cooler full of drinks (beer or wine coolers) and plenty of bottled water. You’re not responsible for paying for anyone’s drinks if you go out, but the drinks on the limo will be appreciated by guests (it saves money and gets the party off to a roaring start). Make sure the bride always has a drink – alcohol or non, depending on her preference. And, make sure she’s ALWAYS hydrated. No one wants to get sick!

6. Plan fun attire!

Surprise the bride (and bridesmaids, if your budget allows!) with a special shirt to wear for the night. One example is a tank top with rhinestones that says, “Bride”, which you can make yourself. Find iron-on rhinestone letters (or even pre-made ‘Bride‘, ‘Maid of Honor‘, and ‘Bridesmaid‘ iron-on decals) from any craft store and buy inexpensive tank tops (try Old Navy or Target – they have tons of colors and they’re inexpensive!) Obtain a size from the bride and bridesmaids, and make one for yourself, too. For my sister’s bachelorette party, I made tank tops for myself (MOH) and the bridesmaids in hot pink; I made a white tank top that read “Bride” for my sister. You’ll also want to get a few items for the bride to wear, like a veil, sash, light up necklace, boa… anything you think she’d love to wear to show off that she’s the bride-to-be. Also include beads and sparkly favors guests can wear… you can make these DIY rings via Martha Stewart:

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party (via Emmaline Bride)

via martha stewart

7. Play “The Underwear Game”.

Every bachelorette party needs a game or two, and this one is my FAVORITE! For lack of a better name I call it The Underwear Game. My sister planned this for my party and EVERY girlfriend of mine has asked for this game at their bachelorette party. Here’s how it works: when you send invitations, include a small note that says, “Please bring a pair of underwear size ___ for the bride-to-be if you’d like to participate in the game. The underwear you select ought to reflect YOUR personal style. Don’t wrap the pair!” When guests arrive, have a designated bag or box (hidden from the bride) for the pairs to be held. During the party, announce the game and have the bride close her eyes and pull out a pair from the bag or box. She has to identify the gifter based on the pair. If she answers correctly in the first try for each pair, the person who brought the panties wins a prize. (Some prizes can include $5 – $10 Victoria’s Secret gift cards, lip gloss, mini bottles of perfume, or other gift cards). At the end of the game, the bride has an entire collection of new underwear… who doesn’t LOVE that?

8. Open presents.

The Maid of Honor usually buys a gift for the bride, and guests usually bring one, too. However, gifts from guests is not required by any means. If there are gifts, open them during the party and write down the names and gifts from guests; this will be helpful for the bride when she sends thank you notes.

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party (via Emmaline Bride) - Team Bride Button by ILoveTrinkets

by i love trinkets

9. Maintain in control.

As the MOH, you are expected to keep the party moving throughout the night – and make sure the bride is having fun at all times. Don’t drink too much so you can stay alert and be in charge. This is important if you’re going out for the night so you can make sure everyone gets to the limo and hotel safely.

10. Take plenty of photos!

It’s a night the bride will want to remember – so be sure you capture plenty of photos throughout the night! Of course, don’t tag ’em anywhere online unless she gives the OK, of course. :) Oh… and the morning after, take mug shot photos! This is such a clever idea spotted by LB Photography.

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party (via Emmaline Bride)

by LB Photography.

And… that’s it! Now you’re well on your way to planning an amazing bachelorette party! :) Ask questions or add your favorite ideas to our comments area below!

* * *

Happy (Bachelorette Party) Planning!


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