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7 Tips for Picking an Engagement Ring

Are you (or someone you know) popping the question soon and shopping for an engagement ring? Understandably, it may seem a bit overwhelming at first. After all, there’s so much time, energy, money, and thought that goes into picking the perfect engagement ring. What style does she like? How much should I spend? Where do I start looking? Should I look for custom handmade rings or buy from a large chain? Does she want a diamond or an alternative engagement ring? Today we’re sharing seven tips for picking an engagement ring to help you shop. Read on to find out more…

7 Tips for Picking an Engagement Ring

barbara michelle jacobs

7 Tips for Picking an Engagement Ring

1. Pay attention to the style and shape she likes best.

Besides knowing about the 4 C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carat), it is essential to know what shape stone she likes best. Some examples are pear, marquise, princess, emerald and round, just to name a few.

round engagement ring solitaire via 7 Tips for Picking an Engagement Ring

barbara michelle jacobs

2. Don’t guess on a size.

If you don’t know her ring size and want to find out (without ruining the surprise), use one of these to measure a ring she already loves to wear. Don’t assume the size; it won’t fit.

3. Do your research before you buy.

Avoid shady jewelry stores or pawn shops. Read about jewelry stores online and find out other shoppers’ comments before making a purchase. Find out about financing options, the return policy, and make sure you always get a certificate of authenticity when buying a diamond. Make sure the retailer is GIA-certified. And, make sure the ring comes with a warranty.

white gold engagement ring via 7 Tips for Picking an Engagement Ring

barbara michelle jacobs

4. Ask for her hand in marriage.

Ask her father for permission to marry his daughter. It means the world to her (and her family).

5. Don’t assume a custom ring always means more expensive (or difficult to do).

If she wants a custom ring (or you think a custom design suits her style best), don’t automatically assume it will cost too much. There are some fantastic custom rings in The Marketplace with artisans ready (and excited) to bring your design to fruition. For instance, if you have a family heirloom or vintage diamond you’d like to incorporate, a custom order is a great option. Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry says they love to incorporate vintage diamonds in lieu of a brand new diamond (it’s more eco-friendly) for a custom order. (Find out more about vintage diamonds here.) Here’s an example of a vintage diamond set in a beautiful brand new setting:

vintage diamond in new ring setting via 7 Tips for Picking an Engagement Ring

barbara michelle jacobs

6. Buy what she wants.

It’s her ring and you want her to love it. She is, after all, going to be wearing it every day. Make sure you listen to what she wants and find a ring that suits her unique style and individuality.

7. Don’t become too obsessed with the size or cost.

What can you afford? Chances are you’ll have a certain budget in mind… stick to it. Don’t be pressured to get a certain size diamond or spend a certain amount of money. Love isn’t measured by the size of a diamond or the cost of it. Remember, the point of an engagement ring is the promise you make… and that is the most important part of all.

Now it’s your turn…

What engagement ring tips would you add to our list?

Tell us with a comment below!

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6 Nature Inspired Jewelry Pieces (+ Win One!)

Hey, nature-loving brides: this one’s for you! Have you seen the incredible ways nature can be tied into jewelry pieces today? I mean, you already know how awesome handmade is, but these particular pieces are awe-inspiring. If you’re planning a nature-filled wedding, love the great outdoors, or just happen to be looking for a pretty nature inspired jewelry piece for spring, we’ve found six of ’em. Read on to see what we’ve uncovered PLUS enter for a chance to win one of the lovely items shown below!

Nature Inspired Jewelry Pieces

1. Moss Necklace

Who says moss is limited to decor alone? The fantastic Mr. Lentz has created a new way for moss to steal the show as a jewelry embellishment. This moss necklace is one of our favorite finds to date.

nature inspired jewelry - moss necklace

mr. lentz

And here’s a sneak peek of other pieces he’s created, aptly named ‘plant jewelry’:

plant jewelry

mr. lentz

2. Silver Carved Rock Stud Earrings

Next up: rock stud earrings. Crafted with love by the inspiring Andrea Bonelli, these new pebble earrings are a favorite of ours from her new collection. These earrings are hand-carved from wax and made to resemble the facets of rock. In case you’re wondering, they’ve also been hollowed out in the back to reduce weight (so you can wear ’em everyday). See ’em in silver…

rock stud earrings - nature inspired jewelry

andrea bonelli

… and 14k gold, too!

14k gold pebble earrings

andrea bonelli

3. Twig Stud Earrings

Who says twigs have no role in the fashion world? Kristin Coffin turned an everyday twig into a daily fashion statement with these twig stud earrings. These real twigs are cast in solid recycled 14k gold.

twig stud earrings - nature inspired jewelrytwig stud earrings

kristin coffin

4. Twig Engagement Ring

If you’re hoping for a nature inspired engagement ring, we’ve found it! Have you considered a twig engagement ring? Check out this lovely one made by Barbara Nichelle Jacobs, whose love for nature inspired jewelry is reflected in nearly all of her pieces. This particular ring is one of my favorites: it is made of 100% recycled gold and is cast from real branches, formed into golden rings, and accented with a white diamond. Gorgeous.

twig engagement ringtwig engagement ring gold

barbara michelle jacobs

5. Leaf Bracelet

You’ve seen leaf bracelets in the past, but this one is a favorite of ours for two reasons. First, it’s a pretty accent for your wedding day (especially with the addition of pearls) but it also works well for everyday wear, too. It’s handmade by the lovely ladies of Rustic Gem Jewelry and is our favorite from their collection.

silver leaf braceletleaf bracelet pearls

rustic gem jewelry

6. Tree Bark Necklace

Remember when we talked about how to plan a wood grain wedding? This tree bark necklace would tie in beautifully. It’s one-of-a-kind and made with love by Beth Cyr.

tree bark necklacewood grain pendant necklace

beth cyr

Nature Inspired Jewelry: Giveaway!

Between 1/24-1/30/14 (11:59pm EST), enter for a chance to win a pair of silver rock stud earrings by Andrea Bonelli Jewelry! Prize value: $62. No cash value. Measure 8mm. Winner randomly selected and announced on 1/30/14. Winner must respond to winning email within 72 hours or a new winner will be randomly selected. No purchase necessary. Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win. Use entry form below to enter. Winner must ‘claim’ prize within 6 months. Good luck!


pebble earrings in silver

Entry Form

Happy Planning!


How to Plan an Engagement Party

Engaged and wondering what’s next? Plan an engagement party! If you’re planning an engagement party for yourself, a friend, or family member, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll answer your top engagement party planning questions, inspire you with engagement party ideas, and show you one of the greatest engagement party surprises we’ve ever seen. Let’s get started!

How to Plan an Engagement Party via


-coral party dress (cute, right? i want.) by cowgirl heaven
-engagement invitations by umama
-coral chevron straws by dress my cupcake
-kraft heart garland by red elephant creative
-diamond engagement ring by barbara michelle jacobs
-coral paper lantern by koyal wholesale
-white paper lantern by weddingstar
-paper mache letters by darice

How to Plan an Engagement Party

An engagement party is not required, but it is a great way to share your excitement with friends and family. It’s also a perfect way for families to mingle. An engagement party is also a fantastic time to announce your wedding party as the official start of the wedding festivities begin.

Who Hosts an Engagement Party?

Traditionally an engagement party is hosted by family or friends, but you can absolutely throw your own!

Who is Invited to an Engagement Party?

An engagement party can be small or large. The only rule is to only invite guests who will also be invited to the wedding. Small intimate dinners, large backyard BBQs, or chic rooftop parties are some of our favorite engagement party ideas.

How to Plan an Engagement Party - Rooftop! Love this.  Photo by Abby Jiu

photo by abby jiu via bridal guide

Should Formal Invitations Be Sent?

Formal invitations are optional, especially if the engagement party is more casual. For a fancier fête, invites can be sent via mail (sent 3-4 weeks in advance).

What Does an Engagement Party Entail?

An engagement party is a gathering of friends and family to celebrate your engagement. Guests will chat, mingle, and of course, swoon over your gorgeous ring. ;) Typically, an engagement party includes dinner, which can be a formal sit-down or a casual BBQ. In lieu of dinner, cocktails and appetizers can be served.

How to Plan an Engagement Party via - BBQ Engagement!  Great idea for an intimate engagement party.  Via Happiness Is.

via happiness is


The theme of your engagement party should not be the same theme of your wedding, nor should it upstate your wedding. As a rule of thumb, you may want to do the opposite of the wedding. If the wedding is formal, go with a more casual engagement party.


An engagement party typically includes a toast (or two) from guests. As a rule of thumb, the father of the bride is first to give a toast.


A game is a fun way to break the ice! One example is a bride and groom trivia game by Harmony Creative Studio.


by harmony creative studio

When you plan an engagement party, it’s helpful to pick a color palette. Black and red is one such palette, as shown below…

How to Plan an Engagement Party via

-wine bottle labels by nancy nikko design
-red poms by dress my cupcake
-black poms by dress my cupcake
-engagement invitation by janette chiu design
-love burlap banner by mirtillo shop
-he popped the question favors by posh box couture
-ring sugar cookies by bites baked goods
-red heart party picks by gnomes whimsy
-mustache and lips props by the party penguin
-diamond engagement ring by barbara michelle jacobs
-red candy kit by big dot of happiness
-wooden heart by uncle john’s cabin
-sparklers by vip sparklers

Don’t forget the sparklers!

How to Plan an Engagement Party - don't forget the sparklers! Photo by Abby Jiu.

photo by abby jiu via bridal guide

The Surprise Engagement Party

I read this story and it gave me goosebumps! Ryan surprised Molly with a proposal – caught on camera! – followed by a surprise engagement party immediately following. She had no idea! How sweet.

How to Plan an Engagement Party via - wedding proposal on camera (photo: photographs by sabrina via how he asked)How to Plan an Engagement Party via - wedding proposal on camera (photo: photographs by sabrina via how he asked)How to Plan an Engagement Party via - wedding proposal on camera (photo: photographs by sabrina via how he asked)

photos by photographs by sabrina via how he asked

What’s Most Important about an Engagement Party?

The most important part of an engagement party is to RELAX, enjoy, and embrace the moment! The wedding planning process will go by quickly, so be sure to stop and enjoy it while it’s happening.

Happy Planning!


Now it’s your turn! Will you plan an engagement party for yourself or a friend? Do you want an engagement party? Why or why not?

Twig Engagement Rings to Love +
Why a Wedding Ring is Worn on the Fourth Finger

It’s the holiday season, I’m sipping on Peppermint Mocha, I have Christmas music on full blast here in the Emmaline Bride office, and there’s joy and love in the air. Ah, the holidays: a popular time of year for couples to get engaged. I mean, this week alone two of my friends got engaged – and it’s not even Christmas yet. If you’re thinking about popping the question soon – or you’re hoping to nudge him in the right direction with a gorgeous handmade engagement ring, today’s post is for you! We’re sharing some of our favorite twig engagement rings that are sure to put the sparkle in your season thanks to Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry. And, we’re also sharing the answer to an often wondered question: why a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger. Oh, and if you are trying to drop a hint for the holidays, just leave the window open on your laptop… you never know. ;) Enjoy!

twig engagement rings (and why a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger)

Twig Engagement Rings

Ah, this newest ring from the collection is ‘Pretty in Pink’. I adore the pearls…. what a fresh alternative to diamonds!

twig engagement rings (and why a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger)

Ooh, a sapphire is another fresh alternative to a diamond engagement ring! Plus, it’s “something blue” for your wedding day.

twig engagement rings (and why a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger)

This is one of my favorite twig engagement rings from her collection. It’s simple – yet oh-so-elegant.

twig engagement rings (and why a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger)

And, see it paired with a matching twig wedding band…

twig engagement rings (and why a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger)

This next ring in white gold is a bucolic setting with diamonds. Gorgeous!

twig engagement rings (by Barbara Michelle Jacobs) via Emmaline Bride

And, last but not least, a yellow diamond solitaire engagement ring with a rose cut. This one is quite the sparkler!

twig engagement rings (and why a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger)

Why a Wedding Ring is Worn on the Fourth Finger

So, why is a wedding ring worn on the fourth finger? The ancient Romans believed the vein in the fourth or “ring” ringer of the left hand was the most direct path to the heart. This vein – called the “vena amoris” – is known as the vein of love. In early Christian ceremonies, the groom would take the ring and touch his bride’s thumb (“In the name of the Father”), then the index finger (“and the Son”), the middle finger (“and the Holy Ghost”), then “Amen” as he placed the ring on the fourth finger, which sealed the marriage. Another interesting fact is in many Jewish ceremonies, the wedding ring is placed on the index finger (believed to be the closest way to the heart), and is moved to the ring finger depending on the custom of where the bride lives.

– – –

To see these rings, place an order, or view the entire collection, visit Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry and check out her blog here. Barbara Michelle Jacobs is a Featured Artisan in The Marketplace, too!

I’m Engaged… Now What?

Newly engaged? Here’s what to do next!

Happy Planning!


7 Handmade Wedding Rings Worth Obsessing Over

Hello, hello! Have you crossed off wedding rings from your to-do list yet? If not, we’re here to help! At Emmaline Bride, you know we’re crazy about handmade wedding items because each item is crafted with love, care, and is made just for you. Handmade wedding rings are no exception! When you start shopping for wedding bands or engagement rings, consider handmade wedding rings. You’ll support an independent artisan, your ring will be completely original and made just for you, and if you have questions you can speak to the designer directly. Whether you’re browsing handmade wedding rings for your big day to complement your engagement ring – or looking to pop the question with a diamond ring soon – we’ve found one shop that does it all! Read on to find out about the lovely Barbara Michelle Jacobs, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace, and see seven hand-picked handmade wedding rings from her collection. We think you’re going to love what we’ve discovered…

Handmade Wedding Rings

We begin the list with the first five for the bride-to-be…

1. Classic Solitaire in Yellow Gold

Simple, elegant, and perfect for the bride who loves yellow gold and a diamond solitaire.

handmade wedding rings - solitaire
handmade wedding rings - yellow gold solitaire

2. Ideal Bridal Twig Ring Set

This bridal twig ring set means you can propose with an engagement ring – and already have a matching wedding band for the big day!

handmade wedding rings - ideal bridal twig ring set
handmade wedding rings - ideal bridal twig ring set

3. Matte Satin Stackable Twig Band

If you’re looking for a nature-inspired handmade band, this matte satin twig band is perfect…

matte satin stackable twig wedding band set
matte stackable handmade wedding rings

4. Solitaire Bezel Diamond Engagement Ring

Prefer a modern, sleek design? Check out the solitaire bezel diamond engagement ring in white gold (also available in yellow gold)…

handmade wedding rings - solitaire bezel diamond engagement ring

… and it be perfectly paired with a twig stackable wedding band, too!

solitaire engagement ring in bezel style with twig wedding band

5. Diamond Wedding Band

This band isn’t just a gorgeous diamond-studded wedding band. According to Barbara, “The number eleven is said to possess the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality. Here, a giddy stream of eleven little diamonds will sparkle and dance on your finger, catching you by surprise when you least expect it.” Available in yellow, white, or rose gold.

diamond wedding band with eleven diamonds

For the Groom

Grooms – we didn’t leave you out! Here are two terrific handmade options:

6. Wide Wedding Band

handmade wedding rings - wide wedding band for the groom
handmade wedding rings - wide band for groom

7. Organic Two Tone Wedding Band

organic handmade wedding rings

To view more handmade wedding rings (and other jewelry) from Barbara’s collection, visit her website! There’s so much loveliness to see…

Happy Planning!


Popping the Question?

Planning on popping the question this holiday season? Emmaline Bride sellers are here to help! Make it memorable with these handmade wedding finds, fitting for such an occasion!



And, include a handcrafted, eco-friendly solitaire engagement ring, like so…


Fortune cookie box by Imeon Design |  Engagement Rings by Barbara Michelle Jacobs Fine Jewelry

Happy Weekend, lovelies! More to come ALL WEEKEND LONG. And, get ready for a ridiculous amount of handmade pretties next week, including a DIY too adorable for words!



RING BLING: Say I DO with WOW-worthy Rings


HAPPY FRIDAY, brides!  Hope you have tons planned this weekend (I know I do)!  If you thought JAW-DROPPING, WOW-WORTHY engagement rings were only found at jewelers and fancy-pants places downtown, think again!  Some of the most incredible, original, awe-inspiring engagement rings are handcrafted by artisans – like these pretties (above) by Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry.  When we discovered Barbara’s shop, we were floored.  These rustic, nature-inspired rings are something we’d only dreamed of (or heard about in fairytale dreamlands).  Check out the detailing – that’s handmade, honey!  You won’t find rings like these in chain stores.

But you WILL find them at shops like Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry, an EB Featured Artist!  Barbara creates some of the most awe-inspiring rings we have ever seen.  Her collection of engagement/wedding rings are especially beautiful, with nature-inspired details and sensational diamonds and gemstones.  In fact, everything is made from recycled gold and most of the diamonds are pre-owned – easy on our collective social conscience. Check out our mini-inspiration board featuring some of our hand-picked favorites!


Find more rings here and at Barbara Michelle Jacobs Jewelry! xoxo