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Maui Beach Wedding: Marla + Shawn

Posted September 11, 2014 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

With record low temps all around the US today, this Maui beach wedding has us remembering warmer days. Marla and Shawn were married this past July barefoot on Baldwin Beach, Maui. After 16 years together, they made their dream come true of having a beach wedding. Highlights of their Maui beach wedding include rainbows, music by Ukelele, coconut drinks, and post ceremony trash-the-dress. The photographer capturing this awesome couple was Wendy from Ardolino Photography. See all the photos next…


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4 Tips for Table Numbers at Weddings

Posted November 21, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

What will your table numbers look like? What kind of table number holders will you use? Before you pick out the perfect table numbers for your wedding, read this post! We’ve gathered four of the most important tips for table numbers at weddings to ensure guests will take notice of your selection. Plus, you can win table number (or photo) holders for your own soirée. Read on for the full scoop!

Table Numbers at Weddings

1. Add your own personalized twist.

Creativity is key! When you incorporate things, places, or hobbies you love, guests get a sneak peek into your unique story. For instance, consider using some of these wedding table name ideas instead of ‘numbers’ for a punch of personalization.

Table Numbers at Weddings

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Coastal Wedding Invitations

Posted August 8, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

Planning a coastal wedding? Set the theme and tone right from the start with these charming invites. We spotted these coastal wedding invitations at In Or Out Media inspired by the Maine coast with watercolors, simple typography, and a slightly rustic feel. Can you imagine a “dinner picnic by the sea”? It sounds so lovely to me. Find out more…

Coastal Wedding Invitations (by In Or Out Media)

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Beach Bridal Shower Ideas

Posted August 1, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 51 Comments

Have you considered a beach bridal shower? We’ve shared plenty of beach wedding ideas in the past, and most of these can be converted to bridal shower ideas, too. Today we’re sharing a few of our favorite beach bridal shower ideas PLUS the chance to win FREE favors by Paper Ink Love! Enjoy!

Beach Bridal Shower Ideas

The most popular color palette for a beach bridal shower is blue, white, and beige (think blue skies, white puffy clouds, and sand). Consider white and blue paper lanterns, painted mason jars, paper mache letters (I love these new 3D letters), and candle lanterns for tables.

Beach Bridal Shower Ideas

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How to Use Wax Letter Seals

Posted June 26, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 1 Comment

The use of wax letter seals for weddings (and all correspondence, really) dates back as early as the 16th century. Wax was originally used to seal letters closed, and, later, envelopes. Wax seals authenticated a letter to ensure it was not opened prior to its receipt. While the use of wax letter seals is mostly decorative today (now we have modern adhesives), it has grown in popularity in the wedding industry especially for vintage, baroque, or renaissance themed weddings. Despite what many may think, using wax seals on invitations, place cards, and other decor doesn’t take long at all. Wax used to be melted with a match and applied to the stamper; today, you can use a sealing gun (or glue gun) for quick + easy stamping. Plus, the result of a custom monogrammed seal is sure to please your guests. Find out more about how to use wax letter seals, get inspired with handmade twists (even jewelry!) and find out where you can grab supplies to get crafty with wax this weekend. Enjoy!

How to Use Wax Letter Seals

First, get inspired! Here are some unique ways you can use wax letter seals throughout your decor:

Wax Seal Place Cards (by Southern Calligraphy) - How to Use Wax Letter Seals via EmmalineBride.com

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21 Most Unique Ceremony Ideas

Posted May 17, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 32 Comments

Your wedding is a huge part of your amazing, lifelong adventure as a couple. Don’t let your ceremony be anything but extraordinary! Today we’re showing you some fun, practical, and totally unique ceremony ideas for your wedding to inspire your upcoming day. With twenty-one unique ideas for your ceremony, there’s sure to be one you haven’t seen yet! We’ve rounded up unique ideas for ceremony seating, backdrops, bridesmaid bouquet alternatives, a nighttime activity for guests, and much more. So, if you’re ready to take your ceremony to a more creative level, read on to be inspired…

21 Unique Ceremony Ideas

1. Change up the seating.

No two ceremonies are the same, so why should the seating be? This ceremony featured guests arranged in a more circular shape. We like!

21 Unique Ceremony Ideas for Your Wedding (via Emmaline Bride) - seating in a circle, photo by priceless photography

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8 Unique Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Posted May 2, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

Brides: Are you planning a beach themed wedding and tired of seeing the same beach wedding centerpieces time and time again? Are you looking for unique, creative beach wedding ideas but your search is coming up short? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re planning a beach wedding, rustic wedding, wedding in the woods, or otherwise (heck, even a state themed wedding), I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s all about knowing where to look. The most unique wedding details – like beach wedding centerpieces, for example, aren’t found in a magazine spread. They’re tucked away in little corners of the world in coastal beach houses, found on shelves in antique shops with creaky wood floors, picked up along the shoreline of the coast, and, most of all, they’re handmade with two hands and a whole lotta love. Today we’re featuring one such artisan, By The Seashore, a husband and wife team located near the beautiful beaches of North Carolina. (I can’t help but hear this song as I write this. I love NC.) One glimpse into Carol and Andrew’s shop makes one dream of relaxing on the beach, and what could be more relaxing than a beach wedding? So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired with eight unique ideas for beach wedding centerpieces. We think you’re going to love what we’ve found… and you’ve probably never seen anything like these before. Enjoy!

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via EmmalineBride.com - sea urchin air plant holder by By The Seashore

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Beach Wedding: 15 Amazing Ideas

Posted March 21, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 6 Comments

Are you dreaming of tying the knot in a beach wedding? We love the beach as a wedding venue because it provides a natural, always perfect backdrop which requires little decor to make it your own. Today, we’re sharing our love for the always-in-style beach wedding with fifteen of our favorite aisle-ready ideas to help you plan your perfect wedding day. And, if you weren’t already geared up summer yet, you’ll be ready to break out the flip flops and SPF after this post! Enjoy!

beach wedding

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7 Incredible Edible Wedding Favors

Posted February 27, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 1 Comment

We’re kicking off another fun-filled week of handmade wedding inspiration with seven incredible edible wedding favors perfect for your special day. These delightful wedding favors guests can eat include everything from edible game tiles, sea glass hard candy favors, a sugary bride and groom cake topper, and more! Read on to get your sweet fix after the jump!

edible wedding favors

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How to Select Your Wedding Invitations

Posted December 14, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ Leave a Comment!

Today’s post is all about how to select your wedding invitations. Did you know that your correspondence – i.e. your save the date, invitation, RSVP card, and more – can play an important role in the overall planning of your wedding day decor? It’s true! This means when you are flipping through those invitation booklets at your local stationery boutique or scanning through handmade wedding invitations in The Marketplace, consider the overall theme and style you wish to convey. Your wedding invitation should reflect your wedding day style, tone, and overall color scheme of your event. For example, if you are planning a black tie event, your invitation suite should reflect this particular style; moreover, if your wedding is going to be an informal beach wedding, the same rule applies. And, most of all, pick the perfect wedding invitation that emphasizes your individual style. Read on to see examples of handmade wedding invitations that will utilize each aspect of the event for a more cohesive theme. We’ve also compiled a few inspiration boards to help. Enjoy!

how to select your wedding invitations

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DIY Wedding: Bonnie + Alex at the Carousel

Posted October 26, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 12 Comments

Let your heart throb for this DIY wedding! This DIY wedding is the creation of two artists, Bonnie and Alex. Bonnie the bride and Alex the groom went all out collaborating, crafting, and creating perfect handmade elements that detailed their DIY wedding. This beautiful bride and dashing groom not only designed a most splendid handmade wedding but chose the quintessential wedding photography team Michelle and Thomas from Michelle Gardella Photography to photograph it. With the ceremony overlooking New Haven Harbor and Long Island Sound, Bonnie and Alex shared their vows on the sandy beach at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, CT. Housed inside the reception area were delectable hors d’oeuvres adorning burlap table cloths, mason jar centerpieces, and a personalized Alex + Bonnie cake topper in front of the park’s famous Carousel. Ready and willing to answer your wedding questions and provide detail into her DIY wedding is Bonnie! Find out what she has to say after the jump…

New Haven Wedding

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