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“Wearing My Hair Down for the Wedding, But… ?” – Ask Emmaline

Bride-to-be Liz wrote to us with a new Ask Emmaline question about hairstyles for her wedding. She asks…

[su_quote cite=”Liz”]Dear Emmaline, I am getting married in a few months and don’t know what to wear in my hair. I’m not crazy about veils but I know I want to wear my hair down and curled (it’s pretty long). I’m worried without a veil it won’t look elegant enough for my wedding day. Do you have any advice on what I can do to make it look more formal?[/su_quote]

lace and crystal hair piece

by sibo designs

What to Put in Bridesmaid Bags – Ask Emmaline

Holy smokes, you guys: you’ve been blowing up our Ask Emmaline inbox! Your wedding questions are awesome, our readers are the best on the planet, and we can’t wait to answer them all. Bride-to-be, Nicky, asks us, “I just bought cosmetic pouches for my bridesmaids, but I have no idea what to put in them. Do you give them as-is or are you supposed to put other gifts inside? Help!” Fantastic question, and an easy one at that! For starters, no, you don’t have to fill bridesmaid bags with any extra gifts, unless you want to (and your budget allows). If you do decide to add gifts, we’ve rounded up ten fun ideas for what to put in bridesmaid bags below. PLUS, we’ve teamed up with Almquist Design Studio to give away a set of bridesmaid bags to one lucky reader. Now you’ll have ideas for what to put in bridesmaid bags (and a set of cute handmade bags to give!) Enjoy!

Ask Emmaline:

What to Put in Bridesmaid Bags

1. Pretty Nail Polishes

Yesterday’s post about the best monthly boxes was so well-received that I have over two dozen emails about Julep alone! Seems you all love it just as much as I! Therefore, I know for a fact that your bridesmaids would love pretty nail color in pre-packed set or delivered every month straight to her doorstep. There are also some fantastic tried-and-true products from their website (like the Julep Plié Wand™ that I’ve been dying to try). They have such pretty combos, this this one:

Julep Maven Subscription - first box free

2. Favorite Makeup Products

What are your favorite makeup products? A bridesmaid bag is a great place to stow a few of your faves to give as gifts to your girls. For instance, I took to Twitter recently to find out about a new foundation (I needed something with more coverage than a sheer tinted moisturizer, you feel me?) and realized how fun it is to try NEW products, specifically when people recommend their favorites. So, think about your favorite mascara, lip balm or lipstick, blush, and eye shadow. Pick specific ones for each bridesmaid and put ’em in a cute bridesmaid bag. They don’t have to be expensive, either: I love me some drugstore cosmetics, like this new mascara I recently bought after seeing the commercial on TV and settled on this foundation because it was on clearance at Target. LOVE THEM BOTH. Will buy again.

3. A Compact Mirror

A compact mirror is one perfect gift idea she’ll use again and again. Personalize it for an even more memorable gift. These custom compact mirrors by Spotlight Mirrors are cute!

personalized compact mirror

spotlight mirrors

4. An Emergency Kit

Include some wedding-day essentials she won’t want to go without, such as clear nail polish (for hosiery runs), eye makeup remover wipes (to get rid of mascara runs), aspirin, a small can of hairspray, mints or chewing gum… you get the idea. Or, get one that’s already been pre-made.

emergency kit wedding
with you in mind

5. A Gift Card

Who doesn’t love a gift card, the gift of being able to splurge on any thing your little heart desires? Some of my faves: Target (obviously, since it has EVERYTHING), Amazon (again, everything), Groupon, salon, movie theater, or a spa package experiences so she can relax pre or post-wedding. A gift card to her favorite clothing store is always a perfect gift, too.

6. A Piece of Jewelry

This one is a popular option, for good reason: there are so many beautiful jewelry pieces out there! Be sure to check this out for handmade finds. Pick a piece that is personalized with her name, birthstone, or something that’s entirely her style.

Peridot for fellow August birthdays!

peridot earrings

blue room gems

Pick something like a classic pearl bracelet with a splash of color…

bridesmaid gemstone bracelet

laura stark

… or a piece with a charm that’s totally her. This is so much my style.

personalized wing necklace

white truffle studio – use code EMMALINE for 10% off!

7. Foldable Flats

Foldable flats are a gift she’ll use again and again. Also, they’re extremely well-received: your bridesmaids feet are likely going to hurt at some point in the evening and these will keep ’em dancing!

8. A Heartfelt Note

Stick a heartfelt note or card inside the bag. She’ll love the sentiment and it doesn’t cost a thing.

9. Perfume

A small bottle of perfume makes a great gift. One surprising place to find inexpensive perfume? Kohls, especially when you use their 20% or 30% off coupons and you’re in business. :) Or try Amazon, since they always have pretty decent deals… like this adorable bottle.

vera wang princess

vera wang

10. Cell Phone Case

Custom phone cases are 1000x more fun than the boring case that comes with the phone. Plus, now there are so many affordable + custom-designed options, like this

anchor phone case custom
jennifer stuart design

… and this!

gold polka dot phone case
plush paper


P.S. What would you add to the list?

Wedding Hairstyles: Day 21 – Easy 5 Minute Fishtail Updo (+ How-To Video)

Hi, loves! Happy Monday! We’re kicking off the brand new week with a beautiful hairstyle pick and a how-to video tutorial! This easy five minute fishtail updo is a beautiful look for your wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, or even as an updo for trying on dresses. I know a five minute fishtail updo is a tall order but Hair and Makeup by Steph makes it look oh-so-possible! We’ve included the how-to video with this post so you can see how it’s done. Take a peek!

Easy 5 Minute Fishtail Updo

This hairstyle is perfect for the bride or her bridesmaids! Check out the Easy 5 Minute Fishtail Updo + How-To Video by Hair and Makeup By Steph

via Hair and Makeup by StephSo, what do you think of this look? Will you be giving this fishtail updo a try?


31 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas: Day 17 – Ponytail Flip Updo

Good morning, loves! It’s Day 17 in our wedding hairstyles series and today we’re sharing one of our favorite hairstylists! Have you heard of Hair & Makeup by Steph? She’s pretty amazing. Not only do we swoon over her gorgeous hairstyle and makeup applications, but she’s also sweet as sugar. In this hairstyle pick — the ponytail flip updo — Steph is modeling the style herself. This is the perfect wedding hairstyle for the bride who wants an elegant, finished look.

Ponytail Flip Updo

This ponytail flip updo, as shown from the side, is an elegant look for the bride or bridesmaid. By Hair and Makeup by Steph, photo by Ciara Richardson.

This ponytail flip updo is an elegant, pulled back hairstyle that is perfect for the bride.  We love wedding hairstyles that are unique, like this one! By Hair and Makeup by Steph, photo by Ciara Richardson.

One of our favorite hairstyles:  the ponytail flip updo.  It's Day 17's pick in our 31 wedding hairstyles series for good reason:  it's totally gorgeous and can be dressed up or down.  We love this look! By Hair and Makeup by Steph, photo by Ciara Richardson.

This look is ideal for medium-to-long length hair. What do you think of this look?

beautiful photos by ciara richardson


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31 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas: Day 1 – Asymmetrical Updo

Hi, lovely readers! You asked for more wedding hairstyle ideas on our blog, and we listened! This month, we’re bringing you thirty-one days of wedding hairstyle ideas. Each day — weekends, too — pop in to see the latest-and-greatest wedding hairstyle idea. In 31 days, you’ll have a collection of gorgeous bridal hairstyles to show your stylist. We’re gathering a bit of everything, so you won’t want to miss it: there will be a perfect style for every bride + every length of hair. It’s day one and we’re showcasing this gorgeous asymmetrical updo. Ah, how lovely is this?

31 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas:  Day 1 - Asymmetrical Updo (photo: ryan ray)

ryan ray photo

An asymmetrical pinup is perfect for medium-to-long length hair and is an elegant look. It’s a cross between a chignon and a pinup. I especially like how this look is not overly pulled together and allows for some natural hair movement. What do you think?

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Low Rolled Updo aka Gibson Tuck Hairstyle

I (Emma here!) love sharing hairstyle trends, whether for weddings or just a night on the town. My favorite hairstyle as of late is the low rolled updo, also known as the ‘Gibson Tuck’. This hairstyle is ideal for medium- to long- length hair (and it looks pretty easy to do yourself). While this style is an emerging trend, it’s not anything new: it’s actually a throwback style from the 1890’s. Show it off as-is or add a gorgeous hair accessory, like an embellished headband (like the one shown below). Read on to find out more…

low rolled updo wedding hairstyle

carousel fashion

I first oohed and aahed over this style when I saw this shoot featuring an equally gorgeous (handmade!) short wedding dress by Carousel Fashion.

low rolled updo frontrolled gibson tuck hairstylelow rolled hairstyle

Low Rolled Updo Hairstyle

After seeing the style above, I didn’t stop there: I had to find even more low rolled updo styles to share! Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve found:

low rolled updolow rolled updo hairstyles

one, two, four, five, six, seven

DIY Low Rolled Updo

Want to learn how to do-it-yourself? My favorite low rolled updo (aka Gibson Tuck) DIY spotted so far is from Sara Lynn Paige, as seen below (and in #4 above).

gibson tuck low rolled hairstyle to do

Get to the DIY here!

What do you think of this hairstyle?

Happy Planning!