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Giveaway: Win a Bridal Robe for Getting Ready!

Hi, loves! Emma here. You know we are crazy about getting ready photos of the bridal party and groomsmen the day of the wedding. That’s why we think you should have something special to wear for them! So… we’ve teamed up with Walkin On Air to give away a lace bridal robe to one lucky Emmaline Bride reader! Plus, you can get an exclusive discount if you’reready to order right now. :) Read on and toss your name in the entry form for a chance to win for you or a friend!

bridal robe

by walkin on air

What to Wear Instead of a Veil – Ask Emmaline

It’s Wedding Advice Wednesday! Bride-to-be, Michele, asks:

“Help! I’ve tried on a few wedding veils in a store but I didn’t like how they looked. I don’t think a veil is my style and I just don’t see myself wearing a veil at my wedding. Does a bride have to wear a veil? Or is there something else I can wear as an alternative?”

Fantastic question! For starters, you asked if the bride has to wear a veil. Remember that it’s your wedding: there are no rules. A bride doesn’t have to do anything or wear anything that she doesn’t want to, so a veil is definitely not a requirement.

Now, before we show you some wedding hair accessory options, if you try on a veil in store make sure you also…

1.) try on a veil while wearing your dress (or a similar style)
2.) try on the veil with a hairstyle you plan to wear the day-of
3.) try on several veil styles

The third one — trying on several veil styles — is especially important because one style can look better on some people than others. Your face shape, hairstyle, dress, and personal style are all factors when it comes to picking the perfect veil — or veil alternative. Also, trying on many different veil styles to see which one you like best is also a great rule of thumb. For example, a bandeau veil — like this one, shown below from Serephine — is a unique veil style that differs greatly from a traditional, classic look.


What Kind of Shoes Should the Bride Wear? – Ask Emmaline

Hello, hello! Happy Monday! Emma here and today we’re fielding one of my favorite questions which came in to our Ask Emmaline inbox on Thursday. Anna asks,

I found my dress and now I want to find the perfect shoes. Do you have any tips on what kind of wedding shoes I should wear? Does the bride have to wear a particular color or style? I’m worried my favorite pair won’t be “bridal” enough. Thanks!Anna

embellished wedding heels by Becca & Louise

by becca and louise

NEW → 7 Glamorous Bridal Accessories from Cloe Noel for 2016

Hi, lovelies! Emma here. I love this time of year — and it is not just because of pumpkin spice everything and pretty leaves falling from trees. This is an exciting time of year because wedding designers and handmade artisans release new products for their 2016 collections and we get a sneak peek! Plus, we get to share these amazing new pieces with you!

Today we’re sharing a collection of glamorous bridal accessories from the lovely Cloe Noel. Designer Kim Ortiz has created sashes, hair accessories, cuff bracelets, and more for the bride in this collection named Elegance. These pieces are Hollywood Glamour at its finest, complete with sparkly rhinestones, delicate beading, vintage lace, and classic pearl embellishments at every turn. Today we’re showcasing seven favorites including a rhinestone cuff bracelet (#1) that is my absolute favorite. Which one do you love?

(photos by La Candella Weddings)

Bridal Clutch Purse by Cloe Noel - Photo by La Candella Weddings

by cloe noel

It’s Here → 2016 Bridal Accessories Collection by Nestina Accessories!

Hello, lovelies! Recently, we hinted to you about the new 2016 Bridal Accessories Collection from Nestina Accessories… and now it’s HERE! We are honored to share this gorgeous collection of bridal veils, headpieces, sashes, and more with photography by Melanie Gabrielle Photography. So, grab a huge cup of coffee, get comfy, and get ready for this amazing collection. There are a TON of photographs in this post — and it’s worth the time to look at them all! You might even find all of your accessories for your to-do list! Enjoy!

2016 Bridal Accessories Collection

Veil with Topknot | 2016 Bridal Accessories Collection By Nestina Accessories, Photo by Melanie Gabrielle Photography

This Crystal Beaded Headpiece is Absolutely Gorgeous – #HANDMADEADAY

Happy Sunday! It is the perfect fall day outside — not a cloud in the sky! We hope it’s beautiful where you are, too. We’re popping in to share this crystal beaded headpiece (today’s #HANDMADEADAY find!), which is a part of the new 2016 collection by Nestina Accessories! The brand new collection is being shown at NY Bridal Market this weekend (Oct. 10th through Oct. 12th — stop by and say hi to Ernestine at Pier 94, booth #918!). The new collection will be showcased right here on Emmaline Bride on Tuesday (and available for purchase in her shop). We can’t wait to show you all the gorgeous, jaw-dropping accessories! Ah, so excited!

Until then, we leave you with this beautiful headpiece — and encourage you to subscribe so you don’t miss the collection unveiling on Tuesday!

Crystal Beaded Headpiece


by nestina accessories, photo: melanie gabrielle photography


by nestina accessories, photo: melanie gabrielle photography

Now get out there and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine before the new week begins!


21 Beautiful Gemstone Jewelry Gifts for Bridesmaids

Hi, lovelies! Emma here. Presumably you’ve seen jewelry made of gemstones or birthstones, all shiny and smooth. But have you ever seen raw gemstone jewelry like herkimer diamonds, druzy, or rough-edged gemstones? We’re finding these rough-around-the-edges pieces can really shine with natural beauty! Today we’ve rounded up twenty-one gorgeous pieces all in one place. Raw gemstone jewelry makes beautiful gifts for bridesmaids, the Maid of Honor, mothers, or the bride because no two are the same. Each piece has been naturally shaped, cut, and designed to become a one-of-a-kind gift she will love. In today’s post, we’ve found handmade raw gemstone rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more — even a very specific bridal necklace we know you’ll love (#1, below). Read on to see all 21 gift-worthy finds…

Raw Gemstone Jewelry: Rings, Necklaces & More

This first find is perfect for the bride! The pearls. The ‘something blue’ gemstone. The druzy! Ahhh, so much to love. By OhKuol Jewelry.

1. Bridal necklace

This is our #HANDMADEADAY pick of the day, too!

raw druzy layering necklace bridal

by oh kuol jewelry

10 Two Piece Dresses That Are Absolutely Stunning for Weddings

Hi, Emma here! It’s Tuesday, which means that my coffee is stronger than usual (but when is it not?) and our Ask Emmaline questions are buzzing in faster than we can count them. I’m convinced that you are bogged down on Mondays and then on Tuesdays you realize you have a ton of wedding questions to ask. And we love it, so keep ’em coming! Today we’re sharing ten gorgeous two piece wedding dresses (also known as cropped wedding dresses or wedding gown separates) in response to reader, Steph, and her question that rolled in last week. She asks,

“I like the look of two piece wedding dresses but haven’t been able to find one I like. I think separate pieces would also help me change up my look for the reception without buying an entirely different dress. Can you help? Do you have any favorites?”Steph

Hi, Steph! You are right on: a two piece wedding dress can absolutely change up your look throughout your wedding day in an instant. You can pick two pieces (a top and skirt) for the ceremony, and change into an alternate top with the same skirt (or even a shorter one) for the reception. Bridal separates, as they’re often called, are a perfect choice for the bride who likes to have many options. We also love bridal separates with long sleeves that act as a bolero on top of your wedding dress during the reception (which brides are opting for as a warmer option in fall or winter). To show you some stunning examples, I’ve handpicked my favorite two piece wedding dresses to share with you today — all handmade and direct from the designer! Read on to see what I’ve discovered…

Two Piece Wedding Dresses & Bridal Separates

1. This two piece wedding dress with lovely lace sleeves

By Pure Magnolia Couture.

A stunning two piece dress for weddings! By PureMagnoliaCouture. | two piece dresses weddings |

by pure magnolia couture

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