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Bridal Hair Chain Instead of a Veil? – Ask Emmaline

If you’re trying to complete your bridal look, but you’re not sure about the veil yet, you should consider a bridal hair chain as one option. We spotted these unique hair chains over at Lottie Da Designs and we are in LOVE with how gorgeous they are! I even dare to say that hair chains might replace the veil for many brides this season. And we were happy to have found them, especially because bride-to-be, Leah, wrote to us about this very topic a few weeks ago. Leah spotted a hair chain in a wedding magazine, but forgot where it was from and wasn’t even that crazy about the particular design of that chain; instead, she wanted some recommendations for other hair chains because she loved the idea of wearing one. So, we did our best digging and found a bridal hair chain collection we knew she’d love as much as we did! Here’s what she wrote to us in our Ask Emmaline inbox:

“Hi Team Emmaline! I saw a hair chain worn by a bride in a magazine but I was wondering if you’ve seen other styles you could recommend? Also, is a bridal hair chain fancy enough to be worn instead of a veil?

Fantastic question! Anything you choose to wear in your hair is fine, as long as YOU love the look. (It’s always your day, your way… that’s our motto here at EB.) You don’t have to wear a veil — or anything else in your hair — if you really don’t want to. In fact, we love when brides opt for something that aligns more closely with their personal style, like a hair chain for a free-spirited bohemian bride or a bridal headpiece for a vintage bride. We’ve shared veil alternatives in the past, but these bridal hair chains are a new favorite of ours. Heck, I want one just to wear to a fancy dinner or soiree. Take a look at this unique new find and tell us: would YOU wear a hair chain instead of a veil?

Bridal Hair Chains

Take a look at these beautiful bridal hair chains (from Lottie Da Designs we spotted for inspiration. Which one is your favorite?

gold hair chains | bridal hair chain | via

via lottie da designs

wedding hair chain | bridal hair chain | via

via lottie da designs

wedding hair chain - hair down | bridal hair chain | via

via lottie da designs

gold bridal hair chain | bridal hair chain | via
gold bridal hair chain | bridal hair chain | via

via lottie da designs

boho hair chain | bridal hair chain | via

via lottie da designs

grecian wedding hair chain | bridal hair chain | via

via lottie da designs

You can see these + more right here.

♥ | ♥ | ♥

Happy Easter + Happy Passover + Happy Weekend to you all. We love you all and look forward to kicking off a brand new week on Monday. In the meantime, get your wedding inspiration fix by browsing our categories at the top of this page, or shopping The Marketplace.


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bouquet 3 large

How to Properly Wear a Statement Necklace

Wondering how to wear a wedding dress with statement necklace? We’ll show you! But first, don’t forget to do this + follow this.

Hello, loves! Ok, so let’s chat: what do you think of statement necklaces? I love the look, but just between you and me, it took me awhile to get to the comfort level of wearing them. At first, it felt like, hey, what is this gigantic thing on my neck. And then I finally got to the point where I could piece together an outfit and work the heck out of it. Okay, maybe I didn’t, but I had enough confidence to feel like I was really pulling it off, and that’s all you really need, right? ;)

Today we’re talking about bridal statement necklaces and answering the burning question of what wedding dress looks best with one. If you’re dress shopping, keep in mind some jewelry that you really want to wear — it will help when you make your decision. We were inspired to write this by an Ask Emmaline question that came in to the inbox from reader, Ashleigh. She says…

“I want to wear a statement necklace for my wedding jewelry but I’ve never worn one before. How big is too big and what type of wedding dress looks best with one? Thanks in advance!”

Ashleigh, your question rings true to so many brides-to-be! When it comes to picking a wedding dress with a statement necklace, two styles you’ll want to consider are:

o strapless
o v-neck

*If you’re going with a v-neck wedding dress, we recommend one with small straps.

We’ve found that any other dress style besides strapless or v-neck tends to overwhelm your look. I love pairing a sweetheart neckline with a bib or statement necklace because it really fills in the empty space and ties the whole look together. Also, in response to your question on how big is too big, the answer is totally up to you. If you feel comfortable wearing it, go for it! There is no particular one-size-fits-all here. To inspire you, we’ve rounded up photos of a few Real Brides rocking their own statement necklaces, along with a few handpicked statement necklaces we think you’ll love. Enjoy!

Wedding Dress with Statement Necklace

statement necklace | photo: red white and green photography | via Wedding Dress with Statement Necklace necklace worn by bride with sweetheart strapless gown

photo: red white and green photography via style me pretty


photo: brooke courtney

bride with statement necklace strapless gown

photo: sarah sousa via style me pretty

statement necklace with vneck gown

photo: one tree photo

And some statement necklaces to inspire you…

left: lottie da designs | right: abigail grace bridal

left: lottie da designs | right: abigail grace bridal

left: lottie da designs | right: sukran kirtis jewelry

left + right: queen me jewelry llc

statement necklace | via Wedding Dress with Statement Necklace

by abigail grace bridal

And check this out: it’s a rhinestone bolero. We’ve never seen anything like this! Ah, so pretty.


by abigail grace bridal

by abigail grace bridal