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7 Tips for Buying Wedding Dresses Online

Thinking about buying a wedding dress online? Don’t miss this post! We’re outlining seven of the most important tips to safely buy your wedding dress online. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss wedding advice posts like this one!


by grace loves lace

Hi, loves! Emma here and if you’re worried about how safe it is to buy wedding dresses online, you’re not alone! Today’s bride wants instantaneous results. You don’t have time to run from shop to shop; you want to see everything right at your fingertips — and I totally get it. It’s amazing how easy it is to buy anything online. This is coming from the girl who orders this in bulk online (and I’m not even embarrassed to admit it because it is so convenient). I buy amazing socks like these that I can wear all winter long because it keeps your legs warm! (They’re brilliant.) I stock up on k-cups so I don’t ever have a coffee outage.

Buying things for your wedding is the same way. I talked to a couple who recently got married and it was incredible the number of things they bought online, sight-unseen. Almost everything was ordered online, from the table runners to the votive candles to these invitations. Even the bridesmaid dresses were ordered online! Things like digital proofs, super-helpful product reviews, and two-day shipping have made buying wedding things online super convenient, so why should wedding dresses be excluded from the list? With resources at your fingertips like The Marketplace filled to the brim with handmade dresses and accessories, along with sellers on Etsy and Amazon unveiling new collections all the time, it’s easier than ever to buy everything for your wedding online…

Giveaway: Win a FREE Wedding Veil of Your Choice!

Win a FREE wedding veil from Blanca Veils at Emmaline Bride! Find out the details below + make sure you’re on the list!

soft wedding veil, photo by to live to love photography | via FREE wedding veil giveaway at Emmaline Bride from Blanca Veils:

wedding veil: blanca veils, photo: to live. to love. photography

It’s Friday… time for another fantastic wedding giveaway at Emmaline Bride! We’ve teamed up with the incredible veil designer, Samantha of Blanca Veils, to generously give away a FREE wedding veil of your choice (up to $100) from their shop! These veils are handmade and intricately detailed with lace, beads, rhinestones, and more. Wait until you see these veils: the winner will have trouble picking just one! Good luck & enjoy!

What to Wear Instead of a Veil – Ask Emmaline

It’s time for another Ask Emmaline question! Bride-to-be, Michele, asks:

“Help! I’ve tried on a few wedding veils in a store but I didn’t like how they looked. I don’t think a veil is my style and I just don’t see myself wearing a veil at my wedding. Does a bride have to wear a veil? Or is there something else I can wear as an alternative?”

Fantastic question! For starters, you asked if the bride has to wear a veil. Remember that it’s your wedding: there are no rules. A bride doesn’t have to do anything or wear anything that she doesn’t want to, so a veil is definitely not a requirement.

Now, before we show you some wedding hair accessory options, if you try on a veil in store make sure you also…

1.) try on a veil while wearing your dress (or a similar style)
2.) try on the veil with a hairstyle you plan to wear the day-of
3.) try on several veil styles

The third one — trying on several veil styles — is especially important because one style can look better on some people than others. Your face shape, hairstyle, dress, and personal style are all factors when it comes to picking the perfect veil — or veil alternative. Also, trying on many different veil styles to see which one you like best is also a great rule of thumb. For example, a bandeau veil — like this one, shown below from Serephine — is a unique veil style that differs greatly from a traditional, classic look.


Giveaway: Win FREE Bridal Earrings!

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earrings by marolsha bridal

Happy Monday, loves! We’re kicking off this brand new week (Happy Halloween!) with a wedding giveaway from Marolsha! We’re giving away this pair of teardrop crystal cubic zirconia bridal earrings to one lucky reader. Keep them for yourself to wear on your wedding day or give them as a bridesmaid gift! Enter for your chance to win…

Giveaway: Leaf Wedding Headband

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Leaf Wedding Headband / Headpiece by Lottie-da Designs |

by lottie-da designs

It’s Friday… time for another fab wedding giveaway at Emmaline Bride! I wish I could win this latest giveaway item because it’s so incredibly gorgeous. Obviously, I can’t… but you can… and one lucky bride-to-be will win this antique leaf wedding headband / headpiece for her wedding day! This accessory is handmade with love by Lottie-da Designs. This piece can be worn as either a wedding headband (when you pair it with a ribbon) or as a headpiece or hair wreath (when you attach it to bobby pins). Enter now for your chance to win!

This Blush Pink Dress is Beautiful for Weddings

Wait until you see this pink princess wedding dress! It’s the Emmaline Bride wedding dress of the week! Be sure to subscribe for the latest.

Pink Princess Wedding Dress is Gorgeous |

by lioness & lioness

Hi, loves! If you’ve ever dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding and/or looking like a princess on your wedding day, this is the dress for you! But first… we’re kicking off a brand new week with a fun new feature on Mondays: Emmaline Bride Wedding Dress of the Week! Each week, we’ll bring you a favorite new wedding dress from our hand-picked designers. You’re going to love it — make sure you’re on the list!) This week we have a pink princess wedding dress to share with you. This gorgeous gown has a curvy silhouette with a train and is made in a romantic soft blush pink color. It is handmade with French lace, stretch silk satin, and embroidery with beads, crystals, and sequins. On the waist, you’ll find a soft satin ribbon with bow. For your neckline, you’ll love the simplified corset with steel bones; sewn cups provide a push-up effect. This dress is lovingly handmade just for you by Lioness & Lioness. Get a close-up below!

21 Irresistibly Cute Flats for Weddings

Wedding flats are a popular choice for brides who want a no-heel option. See which flats made our list of beautiful picks for the bride! Be sure to subscribe for the latest.

21 Wedding Flats for the Bride |

Hi, lovelies! As a tall woman — 5’11” to be exact — I’m no stranger to low-heel shoes and flats. I don’t mind towering over people, and feel totally comfortable wearing a 2″ or even 3″ stacked heel any day of the week. But I know that sometimes flats are a no-brainer. For instance, when I’m chasing after my toddler with baby in tow. Or grabbing groceries late at night and trying to get home before my tv show starts. Or shopping at the mall without hearing a constant click-click-clicking sound. For my wedding, I wanted to wear heels because I love them, but I definitely had a back-up pair of bridal flats to wear mid-reception. Heels are not mandatory. And if the idea of wearing heels makes you nervous, or you need a solid day just to figure out how to walk in them, I say wedding flats are your best bet. To help you pick, we’ve rounded up twenty-one of the prettiest wedding flats for the bride. They all look insanely comfortable and many of them are affordable, too. Take a minute to look around and let me know which bridal flats suit your style best! I’m so enamored with #8…

Faux Fur Shawl for Winter Weddings

This bridal faux fur shawl is beautiful for winter weddings! Don’t forget to subscribe for the latest to your inbox.

Faux Fur Shawl

by davie and chiyo

We’re kicking off this sunny yet slightly chilly fall Sunday morning with a glamorous way to keep you warm at your wedding. Problem: you love a late fall or winter wedding, even though you know you might be cold outside wearing a strapless gown. Solution: just add a faux fur stole! This stole from Davie & Chiyo will keep you cozy during your ceremony and your outdoor photos. Plus, it adds a little Old Hollywood glam to your bridal look. Take a peek…