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Finally… Comfy (+ Cute!) Foldable Ballerina Flats
for the Bride & Bridesmaids

folded ballerina flats

What’s one surefire way to ruin a party? Achy feet from wearing formal shoes for too many hours! When you’re wearing high heels on your wedding day, your feet will most likely start to hurt well before dancing even begins. But we don’t want you (or your bridesmaids) to sit out and miss the fun. What to do? Give these ballerina flats a try! Talaria Flats has seamlessly blended functionality and fashion into one amazing foldable flat, ready to go for dancing, traveling, commuting, or running errands around town. This is one bridesmaid gift they’ll be sure to love and re-use long after the wedding is over. Read on to find out more…

10 Reasons to Love Navy Bridesmaid Dresses

navy bridesmaid dresses with bride by coraliebeatrix

by coralie beatrix | photo by ashley west photography

Hi, loves! Emma here. I am so in love with navy bridesmaid dresses — and not just because they look chic and pulled together, and pretty much rock in wedding photos. In fact, there are ten reasons why navy bridesmaid dresses are an easy choice for both the bride and her bridesmaids. Navy blue is a tried-and-true fashion staple and a classic choice for weddings. If you’re on the fence about what color bridesmaid dress you should pick, these reasons should help you decide (or at least narrow it down a bit). Read on to find out more, along with a few beautiful (and insanely affordable) bridesmaid dresses I know you’ll love. Enjoy!

Comfy Sweatpants for Bridesmaids

adorable name sweats for bridesmaids | by sister9designs | bridesmaid sweatpants gift weddings |

by sister9designs | photo: lindsay madden

When we talked about these getting ready rules recently, we had no idea how many awesome Ask Emmaline questions we’d receive! Today we’re tackling a question from Rachel, who asks,

Dear Emmaline, I know there are robes, shirts, and other apparel for bridesmaids getting ready. Do you have any suggestions for shorts or sweatpants? I want something my bridesmaids can lounge in around the house that will keep them warm after the wedding. Thanks!


Great question, Rachel! Even if you love button-down shirts or beautiful robes, we know that sweatpants are also a girl’s best friend. If you think your bridesmaids would be more comfortable in a pair of tried-and-true sweats, then these bridesmaid sweatpants from Sister9Designs are a perfect choice! You can even have them personalized with each bridesmaid’s name on the front. Take a look…

Now *This* is the Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift Box

Now *This* is the Ultimate Bridesmaid Gift Box | by Deighan Design |

by deighan design

I was emailing with a bride the other day (for anonymity purposes, we’ll just call her M) about bridesmaid gifts. “There are too many options,” she said, “how am I supposed to pick just one?” It’s honestly a common problem! But there’s an easy way to put things in perspective. First, remember why you’re giving a gift in the first place: to show your sincere appreciation. Don’t over-think the gift: as long as you give something you know she will enjoy and will be happy to receive, you’ve done your job.

If you’re wondering how to pick just one, you’ll love this new option: the Bridesmaid Gift Box from Deighan Design. You won’t have to stress over what to pick, since they take the guesswork out of it all! Each gift box comes beautifully packaged (ready to be given) so you don’t even have to wrap it all. It even comes with a cute tag. And you can use this as a way to ask Will You Be My Bridesmaid when asking them, if you like! Find out what’s in the box…

Why These Photo Clutches Make a Super Easy Bridesmaid Gift

Photo Clutches | by Eclu |

by eclu

Hi, loves! Emma here. Sometimes people ask me what I would do differently if I was planning my wedding right now. While many of my wedding plans would be exactly the same (you like what you like, you know?), I would add these photo clutches by Eclu as bridesmaid gifts. The earrings I picked would stay the same, but I would put them inside these photo clutches as an extra gift. Why do I love these clutch purses so much? Read on to see why these photo clutches are pretty awesome — and one of the *EASIEST* gifts to give right now…

Giveaway: Win a Pair of Moroccan Gold Earrings

Moroccan gold earrings by Marolsha |

by marolsha

It’s giveaway time! If I was planning my wedding right now (and I was actually eligible to win this), I would absolutely try to win these Moroccan gold earrings from Marolsha! We’ve become great friends with Maddy, the designer behind Marolsha, and she is beyond incredible. Her jewelry collection can be best described by Maddy herself as “a collection of romantic, rustic, nature and vintage-inspired pieces, as well as modern everyday wear jewelry”. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted and ready to be given as a gift to your bridal party, a friend, or even yourself. We’ve teamed up with Maddy to give away a pair of these popular gold filigree earrings to one lucky bride-to-be! Find out how you can enter for a chance to win…

Giveaway: Win a Set of 4 Bridesmaid Bags!

Another beautiful day, another terrific giveaway at Emmaline Bride! We’ve been in the holiday spirit, giving away tons of prizes to our lovely readers thanks to our terrific Featured Artists! You’re going to love this one: a set of four ultra-chic leather bags for bridesmaids with custom messages inside! These lovely bags are handmade with love by Sandra Smith NYC and your girls will absolutely adore them! Read on for the details…

the best sister leather bag

Unique Bottle Openers for Groomsmen (+ Bridesmaids, Too!)

Happy Monday, loves! We have a jam-packed week of wedding ideas, handmade finds, Real Weddings, giveaways, and a special holiday announcement ahead of us! (Pssst. Get on the list so you don’t miss it!) To kick things off, we’re sharing a set of unique bottle openers for groomsmen gifts — and now bridesmaids, too! These bottle openers by Bottle Breacher not your average bottle openers. These are handcrafted 50 caliber bottle openers — made by military veterans — and made 100% in the USA. As they say, “open your next cold one in style” — and inspire your wedding party to do the same! Check out their new designs including some new colors and styles for bridesmaids. There’s even a new product called the Wine Breacher which includes a corkscrew so you can open wine or beer/soda bottles. Read on for more…

P.S. Do you see them on Shark Tank? We’ve had the pleasure to work with Eli and Jen — Bottle Breacher founders — for a few years now and they’re the BEST to work with. Highly recommended!

Bottle Openers for Groomsmen Gifts

unique bottle opener

by bottle breacher


by bottle breacher

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