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Stylish Bachelorette Sash Ideas? – Ask Emmaline

Need stylish bachelorette sash ideas? We’ve found fourteen of ‘em! Get inspired below + be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post.

If you’re planning a gigantic bachelorette party bash + need a sash, you’ve come to the right place! We received this Ask Emmaline question from Morgan, who wanted some bridal shower and bachelorette sash ideas for a friend. She also was curious where you could find a sash with ‘Mrs’ and the bride’s new last name. So, we did some digging and boy oh boy did we find a plethora of gorgeous ones! We spotted these bachelorette sash ideas over at Le Petit Mariage and they boast pretty typography, silky satin fabric (or luxurious velvet), and the prettiest color combinations. Which one is your favorite? P.S. Don’t miss the tee shirts we found, too!

Stylish Bachelorette Sash Ideas

Here’s an assortment of different colors and type styles we spotted.

bachelorette party sashes script | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

As you can see, this style of script seem to be the most popular. They’re our favorite, too!

bride to be gold on hot pink sash | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

So pretty! I especially like this mint sash with black type.

bride to be black on mint sash | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

black bride to be sash with gold | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

bride to be sash hot pink on white | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

bride to be sash silver with black text | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

bride to be sash white with gold | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

What does Iggy say again? Oh that’s right, I’m so fancy, especially in this velvet sash.

velvet bachelorette sash | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

This aqua and white combination is perfect for a beach wedding.

bachelorette sash with aqua writing | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

We even spotted a western themed sash for the wild wild bride. Perfect for your country wedding!

wild wild bride sash | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

Which sash is your favorite? You can see them all right here!


And… we thought these tees went with the sashes perfectly. By Deighan Design.

maid of honor tee | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via

And this wifey tee, for your honeymoon + beyond! BRB, going to add to my wish list.

wifey tee shirt | stylish bachelorette sash ideas | via


Wedding Clutch with Photo Inside

One of the things you’ll definitely need on your wedding day is a wedding clutch or purse of some kind. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be close at-hand. There are essentials you’ll want to have nearby and you’ll save time (and stress) by having everything in one easy-to-carry place. (Wondering what you’ll need? Here are 7 things you MUST pack.) So, when we spotted this wedding clutch with photo inside over at Eclu, to say we were a little giddy about it is the understatement of the year. This purse is the perfect handmade gift for the bride on her wedding day, whether given by her groom, MOH, bridesmaid, mom, sister, or friend. Hey, if you really love it, go ahead and get it for yourself so you can have all of your essentials in one place (and a wonderful memento forever after). You can even add a quote from your favorite song, movie, poem, or simply an inside joke between the two of you.

Wedding Clutch with Photo Inside

Here are just a few examples, but feel free to peruse even more styles right here.

Wedding Clutch with Photo Inside | via

Wedding Clutch with Photo Inside | via

photo inside clutch purse with quote

To see more handmade wedding finds, shop our Marketplace! It’s the ultimate in handmade goods, if we do say so ourselves. :)


Kimono Style Bridesmaid Robes for Getting Ready

What’s our favorite go-to attire for getting ready? Robes! And what makes a perfect bridesmaid gift? Bridesmaid robes! I know, you’ve probably seen these kimono style bridesmaid robes here before, but you haven’t seen the newest colors + styles from the lovely Kate of Modern Kimono! She just added a bunch of new robes to The Marketplace and we’re obsessed with these patterns! I think the hardest part will be deciding which color or pattern or style to pick. Here, see for yourself…

Kimono Style Bridesmaid Robes

You can pick a different style for each girl’s sparkling personality…

colorful bridesmaid robes to suit her personality

by modern kimono

colorful bridesmaid robes love this one

by modern kimono, photo: love me do photography


by modern kimono, photo: hana souther photography

… or go the same route with all for a coordinated photo-op.

colorful floral kimono style bridesmaid robes

by modern kimono, photo: hana souther photography

colorful kimono style bridesmaid robes

by modern kimono

bridesmaids in robes

by modern kimono

colorful bridesmaid robes

by modern kimono

blue bridesmaid robes

by modern kimono

I mean, honestly, see how much fun they’re having? :)

colorful bridesmaid robes photo 2

by modern kimono, photo: autumn harrison photography


You can find out more here. We’re so honored to have Modern Kimono as a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride in The Marketplace. Plus, she’s awesome to work with– you won’t be disappointed!


Jamberry Review: Are Nail Wraps Better Than Polish?

Are Jamberry nail wraps better than nail polish? Today we’re exploring these interesting Jamberry nail wraps in today’s exclusive feature!

Are you tired of painting your nails, only to have your polish chip days later? Are you tired of buying expensive bottles of polish that don’t last, or need to be applied with countless coats? (YES!) Are you skilled at polishing one hand’s nails, while the other always looks like you’ve clearly never done this before? (Raises hand.) Do you want your nails to look kick-you-know-what all the time? I know you do. Aren’t we really all after the same goal, perfectly manicured nails all the time with minimal effort?


Like this…

polka dot jamberry | An Honest Jamberry Review via

… and this!

coral polka dot jamberry wraps | An Honest Jamberry Review via

So that’s when I decided to take a closer look at Jamberry, the latest craze you’ve probably heard about or seen on your Facebook timeline feed. Jamberry is essentially your nail polish’s nemesis… and possibly even your new BFF. Today we’re sharing an honest Jamberry review to see whether or not these nail wraps really stand up to the test. In case you haven’t heard of it yet, Jamberry is an adhesive nail wrap, sort of like a nail sticker that is applied directly to your nail. There’s no smell. No dry time. No chipping. No high cost of mainicures and pedicures that last only a few days. You can do anything while wearing these wraps– wash your hands, cook dinner, try on wedding gowns, work out, shower, etc.

Sounds too good to be true, yes? That’s what I thought, too. Just call me the skeptic. So, I brought in an expert: my sweet sister, Elise, who is bringing you guys an honest Jamberry review to give you the low-down on these nail wraps. She got hers from her friend, Diane, who is a consultant for Jamberry known as Diane’s Digits. Elise is here to tell you her step-by-step process on how to apply them, whether the process was easy or not, and how they stood up to regular wear-and-tear ten days later. And, in true sisterly fashion, I made her pinky-swear to tell the truth. So here it is!

Take it away, Elise!

Jamberry Review

My Jamberry Jamicure Experience | By Elise

My Jamberry nails from Diane’s Digits arrived in the mail today! I open the package and scream with glee. I tell myself, quiet down lady, and then I go ahead and scream anyway. But first, I realize I must wait for baby to fall asleep for some undivided Jamberry nail time.

Step 1: Gather equipment. After reading the instructions, I knew that I’d need my hair dryer, a cuticle pusher thingy doo, rubbing alcohol and a nail file. I figured I’d gather a few cotton balls for the rubbing alcohol, too. I only needed one. Darn, I dropped my hairdryer on my way to my Secret Jamberry Application Corner (SJAC) and heard sleeping baby cry out. Hold freeze position. Check video baby monitor. Pheww — baby back to sleep. Note to self: next time, gather equipment first and hide it out of reach from those cute little grubby graham-crackery baby hands.

Step 2: I’m terrified! I was never good at this kind of beauty stuff, but this design was so up my alley, so I had to have it. Plus, I have a party to go to tomorrow and I want my hands to look nice. I watch the video of how to apply. Piece of pie.

I chose Neptune, pictured here:

jamberry neptune

Step 3: I match up the nails that fit my fingers. You have many sizes to pick from, 9 sizes, to cover a total of 36 possible nails (3 manicures or you can divide them into 2 manis and 2 pedis). The backing is clear, so that makes is easy. I need scissors.

Step 4: Look for scissors. I knew I had some last week when I wrapped a present, but where did I put those? Located scissors 10 minutes later in the silverware drawer. How’d they get there? I never put them there. Never.

Step 5: Cut out nails I will be using and order them neatly on the table in finger order (pinky, ring, middle, index, thumb, thumb, index… you get the idea).

Step 6: Peel thumb off backing and hold under the hair dryer. It really only takes a few seconds to see that the nail is feeling the heat. Center on thumb and rub all around until it feels stuck there pretty well.

Step 7: Cut with scissors the excess on the end and, using a nail file, file in a downwards motion until anything extra is removed. Heat again for another few seconds and apply more pressure.

Step 8: Repeat steps 8 and 9 nine more times. And you’re done!

Well? How Do They Look?

I’m finished. And they look good! I am quite impressed with myself. I show them off to my hubby, who finds them very nice. I spend the rest of the day and the following days admiring them, while doing my regular tasks: sanitizing baby bottles, doing dishes, plugging in my phone charger, brushing my teeth, typing on my keyboard, eating Cheez-Its, putting my gloves on, removing my gloves because I can’t see my pretty nails with those things on. I am truly in awe.

Here’s an example of Neptune shown on the Jamberry site:

UPDATE: How Did They Last?

So, it is Day 10 of my Jamicure and I can’t even begin to tell you how many compliments I have had on these. They look like polish, but don’t chip like polish. I’ve done many loads of dishes, hand washing and cleaning… I notice the ends were looking a pinch rubbed off, so I actually clipped my nails and they look brand new again. I am totally impressed with these. I have always been one that likes to polish my nails, but then I got annoyed with it because it would only last for a day or two. I am a picker of the polish, and usually end up halfway through my work day with a mess as I try to pick off what I started. But these are a no-brainer for me! They are no fuss.

Today I have ordered: Double Crossed (matte), Mint Green & Gold Horizontal Pinstripe, Kiss Me Ombre, and Melt My Heart (to get ready for Valentine’s Day)! They were buy three get one free and I can’t wait for them to arrive. (They’re shown below.)

But you won’t believe the available selection; it is so hard to choose! As you can see, I love stripes!

Thanks, Elise, for the awesome review!

♥ | ♥ | ♥

So, after such a positive Jamberry review, we thought about how great they would be for weddings! Can you imagine skipping a manicure and pedicure and opting for these instead? You don’t have to pay as much money or spend time scheduling appointments. Plus, you can apply these with your wedding party at your bachelorette party or while getting ready and there’s NO mess. No spillage. No chipping. That’s like music to my ears.

Where to Get Your Jamberry Nail Wraps

You can order Jamberry from Diane’s Digits.

– – –

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jamberry review:  is it better than nail polish?