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10 Most Emotional Wedding Photos

Editor’s Note – 5.8.16: Hi, loves + Happy Mother’s Day! We published this post awhile back but thought it would be a great fit for today. Wait until you see the photos with the mother of the bride, especially #4 — it’s one of my favorites! We wish all moms a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Today, we’re talking about emotional wedding photos: those real, tear-jerking candid moments captured on film. While planning your wedding, one thing remains certain: your day will be packed full of emotionally-charged, fleeting moments in time. Today, we want you to take a moment to put down the peonies, step away from the mason jars, and put all your stress on hold. Remind yourself why you’re getting married in the first place: love.

My wedding was seven years ago, but I remember the details like it was yesterday. My sister woke me up early that morning with a super enthusiastic, “Happy Wedding Day, Bride! Wake up… the big day is here!” (Seriously, best MOH in the history of ever.) I remember my mom and sister helping me get ready, putting on my veil (my mom’s, worn on her own wedding day), and peeking through windows in anticipation as family and friends gathered. I remember my dad seeing me in my gown for the first time, our father-daughter chat before Canon in D began, and seeing my groom at the end of the aisle once the doors opened. Pure magic. These significant moments made my wedding day extra special, and your moments will be unique, too. Make sure you take time out to enjoy them. (Also, make sure your photographer is ready to capture those candid shots – I’m glad ours did!) Today, we’ve gathered up ten of the most emotional wedding photos. We hope it helps you create your own list of must-have wedding photos and remind you of what’s truly important. So, without further adieu, let’s begin…

10 Most Emotional Wedding Photos

1. The Bride Gets Teary Eyed

In this shot, the bride is teary as she recites her vows. I love how you can see the bridesmaids in the background.

10 most emotional wedding photos - #1. bride gets teary eyed at ceremony (photo by julie harris)

photo by julie harris photography

These Bridesmaid Necklaces with Initials Make Cute Gifts

initial necklace | by Palomaria | bridesmaid necklaces initials |

by palomaria

Hi, loves! One of the best bridesmaid gifts you can give is a personalized one, since it is made just for her. One of the easiest (and most functional) gifts you can give are initial necklaces for bridesmaids. There are dozens of beautiful designs out there, but lately we’ve been swooning over the collection at Palomaria because they’re so insanely unique. These necklaces are handmade, customized with each bridesmaid’s initial, and are even created in any color palette you choose. This means you can coordinate the necklaces with the season in which you’re tying the knot, her favorite colors, or your wedding color palette. To show you just how lovely they are, I’ve gathered up a few of my personal favorites from the shop. Which one do you like best? I’m really digging the style above, as well as the purple flower necklaces you’ll see later in this post. Read on to see them all!

Cute Totes for your Bridesmaids

mason jar and personalized initial tote bag

by iron grillers & co.

One of our favorite functional bridesmaid gift ideas is to fill a personalized tote bag with smaller handpicked gifts such as jewelry, beauty products, a pashmina (like this if getting married in cooler months), cute sweatpants (like these, which are a hit!), or something to wear while getting ready. This makes a wonderful gift for two reasons: 1) your bridesmaid has a convenient carrying bag to tote around her essentials the day of the wedding, and 2) you’re able to fill the tote bag with a fun handpicked gift (or gifts) just for her. Plus, these tote bags we spotted at Iron Grillers & Co. are so cute that your bridesmaids will be using them as beach bags and shopping totes for years to come!

Dried Flower Bouquets for Weddings? – Ask Emmaline

dried flower bouquets | | by the blaithin blair

by the blaithin blair shop, photo: jen ing photography

It’s time for another Ask Emmaline question from one of our lovely readers! Amber asks,

“Hi Emmaline! What do you think of dried flower bouquets? I have seen bridesmaids carry them but I’m not sure what the difference is versus fresh flowers. Are they cheaper? Are dried bouquets meant for a certain wedding theme? Thanks!

Great questions, Amber! We’ve been seeing many brides using dried flower bouquets lately. In today’s post, you’ll learn why dried bouquets are so popular right now, find out the best theme to use them, see which elements are included, get helpful tips, and see some stunning examples. Enjoy!

These Initial Necklaces for Bridesmaids Make Great Gifts

Initial necklaces for bridesmaids | by Aristocrafts |

initial necklaces for bridesmaids | by aristocrafts

When you’re looking for the perfect bridesmaid or groomsmen gift, how can you be sure it’s something they don’t already own? Our answer: go handmade — and get it personalized. A personalized item with the recipient’s name or initial on it makes a more meaningful gift, as well as one they’ll be sure to use for years to come. Rather than something that simply states “bridesmaid” or “groomsmen”, which is short-lived just around and on the wedding day, something with their name or initial will be enjoyed for a longer period of time. We spotted these initial necklaces for bridesmaids, initial cuff links for groomsmen, and a variety of personalized handkerchiefs and pocket squares to complete the look from Aristocrafts as a few examples. These gifts are handmade in a studio with two hands, not mass-produced like countless others out there. These particular locket necklaces and cuff links go well with any theme, but they pair especially well with vintage inspired weddings. Ready to take a look? Let’s go!

Cute Flip Flops for Beach Weddings

flip flops beach weddings |

by my dream wedding

Are you dreaming of warmer weather? Me too. I’ve just about had it with snow and ice. I’m looking forward to beautiful spring and summer beach weather! If you’re planning a beach wedding (or you simply want to skip the heels for your outdoor summer wedding, we’ve found some cute flip flops to share with you today! The lovely Ruth over at My Dream Wedding creates some of the prettiest flip flops we’ve seen for the bride and her bridesmaids. Take a look at these colorful combinations!

These Bracelets are Awesome for Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

by the modern bazaar

It’s not always easy picking the perfect bridesmaid gift or groomsmen gift idea they’ll love, especially because you get one shot at it. You want them to have something they’ll love, use, and not already own, right? Well, we have a perfect gift idea for you today! And the best part is, it works well for bridesmaids AND groomsmen. These latitude and longitude bracelets from The Modern Bazaar make a fantastic wedding party gift. Find out why…

Ombre Jewelry for the Bride & Bridesmaids

ombre sapphire jewelry something blue

by laura stark

Do you love ombre? Are you planning an ombre wedding? If so, you’ll love these ombre jewelry pieces spotted at Laura Stark! Laura’s beautiful sapphire ombre necklace has been a favorite of mine for some time; now her sapphire bar earrings, ombre initial bracelets, and colorful green, pink, and brown ombre necklaces have stolen my little handmade heart. Read on to see these pieces from her collection…

Finally… Comfy (+ Cute!) Foldable Ballerina Flats
for the Bride & Bridesmaids

folded ballerina flats

What’s one surefire way to ruin a party? Achy feet from wearing formal shoes for too many hours! When you’re wearing high heels on your wedding day, your feet will most likely start to hurt well before dancing even begins. But we don’t want you (or your bridesmaids) to sit out and miss the fun. What to do? Give these ballerina flats a try! Talaria Flats has seamlessly blended functionality and fashion into one amazing foldable flat, ready to go for dancing, traveling, commuting, or running errands around town. This is one bridesmaid gift they’ll be sure to love and re-use long after the wedding is over. Read on to find out more…

10 Reasons to Love Navy Bridesmaid Dresses

navy bridesmaid dresses with bride by coraliebeatrix

by coralie beatrix | photo by ashley west photography

Hi, loves! Emma here. I am so in love with navy bridesmaid dresses — and not just because they look chic and pulled together, and pretty much rock in wedding photos. In fact, there are ten reasons why navy bridesmaid dresses are an easy choice for both the bride and her bridesmaids. Navy blue is a tried-and-true fashion staple and a classic choice for weddings. If you’re on the fence about what color bridesmaid dress you should pick, these reasons should help you decide (or at least narrow it down a bit). Read on to find out more, along with a few beautiful (and insanely affordable) bridesmaid dresses I know you’ll love. Enjoy!