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8 Adorably Geeky Harry Potter Cake Toppers

Welcome! Here you’ll find the best Harry Potter cake toppers, practically sent straight from Hogwarts. Muggles, wands, owls, always, mischief managed, and more. We have fun here at Emmaline Bride — subscribe now so you stay in the loop!

Harry Potter Wedding Cake Topper |

by artifice producciones

Attention Harry Potter fans: if you’re still waiting for the green light by your significant other to plan an entire Harry Potter themed wedding, we have good news! You can always sneak a little HP love into your wedding by way of the cake topper. Today we’re sharing Harry Potter wedding cake toppers we know your groom or bride will totally approve of. Plus, a cake topper is one of those wedding decor items you’ll actually be holding on to for years to come — so that’s money well-spent, we say! Especially for lifelong fans. Anyway, onto the list — accio!

Heart and Initials Cake Topper — Handmade-a-Day

heart and initials cake topper |

by light & paper

Have you ever seen a cake topper quite like this? When we spotted this sweet heart and initials cake topper at Light & Paper, we were impressed by the laser cut style. If you’re going for a simple or minimalist design atop your cake, this topper is a beautiful fit. I love how it is crafted from birch for a nature-inspired and rustic feel. It is today’s hand-picked handmade-a-day wedding find!

12 Cute Figurine Cake Toppers for Weddings

Have you considered figurine wedding cake toppers? You will after reading this! Be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram for the latest!

figurine cake toppers riding bikes

by artifice producciones

When you pick out a cake topper for your wedding, you probably don’t want to pick whatever you find on the shelf. Am I right? No — you want something unique and special to you as a couple, something that will look awesome in your wedding photos and be a sweet reminder of your big day for years to come. For instance, you may want something fun like this, something a bit geeky, perhaps a formal cursive look, a chic and stylish cake topper, or even a set of figurine cake toppers. Today we’re sharing the latter from a beautiful shop known as Artifice Producciones. These figurines are made in your image and can include your favorite hobby from biking to hiking to surfing. You can even pick something themed such as Harry Potter or Star Wars. We are sharing our favorites today! Which cake topper do you like best?

Giveaway: Win a FREE Cake Topper!

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love diamond cake topper | win a free cake topper

by cake sparkle

Happy Monday, lovelies! We’re kicking off this beautiful week with a new giveaway! We are teaming up with Cake Sparkle to give away a free cake topper to one lucky Emmaline Bride reader. Each wedding cake topper is handmade from recycled fiberboard and attached to a removable dowel for easy placement in any wedding cake. These unique toppers have a smooth painted high-quality finish on all sides, so it looks good from every angle — not just the front. Each topper arrives in a keepsake box. Take a look at some of our favorite designs from this beautiful cake top shop!

25 Flower Inspired Ideas for Spring Weddings


by lovebirds goods

Hi, lovelies! Happy Monday! Emma here and I am so happy to see you here on this beautiful Monday morning. How is your wedding planning going? Need some fresh inspiration? We’ve been busy whipping up some fun ideas for you and we know you’ll love what we have in store. (P.S. Be sure you’re subscribed for the latest!) Today we’re sharing flower inspired wedding ideas with pops of pretty pink. You don’t even have to plan a flower themed wedding; just a few hints here and there will really highlight the beautiful spring season. Check out our twenty-five finds below and tell us: which one is your favorite?

Cute Figurine Cake Toppers That Look Like You

cute kissing couple cake topper vancouver hockey jerseys | figurine cake toppers that look like you | by artifice producciones |

by artifice producciones

Have you found the perfect cake topper yet? If not, perhaps it’s because you don’t know how many amazing options there really are! When I was looking for me & A’s cake toppers, it was before Etsy was so well-known. I was left with a handful of options at a local store, since I specifically wanted figurines. (I got lucky and found a set that kind-of looked like us, but I can’t believe the creative cake toppers available today!) To inspire you, we’re sharing these cute figurine cake toppers by Artifice Producciones which are custom-made to look like you! They tell us, “We can craft unique wedding cake toppers and figurines to suit the individual personalities, interests and styles of each couple. From realistic facial features, to the clothing style and colors, the poses and expressions are all up to our client taste.” Get a glimpse of their collection and save money on your own with a special discount code…