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Easy (+ Cheap!) DIY Wine Bottle Candles

Hi, loves! You know that feeling when you stumble upon something so incredibly cool and you say, wow, why didn’t I think of that? I had one of those a-ha moments today when I spotted wine bottle candles. If you’re planning a wine themed wedding or you just happen to love go gaga over wine, this is the find for you! These wine bottle candles are awesome on three levels: they’re a) easy, b) cheap to make, and c) they look fantastic. Plus, they’re sure to delight your guests and will be an instant conversation piece. Read on to find out more…

wine bottle with cork candle via DIY Wine Bottle Candles


Wine Bottle Candles

Wine bottle candles are exactly what they sound like: candles that use wine bottles as a vessel. Since you (or someone you know) probably has wine bottles sitting around, waiting to be recycled, gather them up and the cost will be even more inexpensive. Basically, all you need is a favorite wine bottle, one of these, and a match to light it. You can use these wine bottle candles as chic centerpieces — I especially like the idea of lining them across the center of a long rectangular reception table.

wine cork candles via DIY Wine Bottle Candles


See? They wine cork candles are quite basic really…

wine cork candle set via DIY Wine Bottle Candles


… and yet, they’re such an awesome idea.

wine cork candles set via DIY Wine Bottle Candles


You can grab a set of these for your next dinner party to try ’em out! I know I’m grabbing a set right after I publish this post to the interwebs…

There’s more coming up next, so you should stay tuned! In the meantime, stalk our Pinterest boards.


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3 Most Popular Unity Ceremony Ideas

Well, we’ve gotta say, our Ask Emmaline inbox is blowing up! We love reading your wedding questions… like this one that comes from bride-to-be, Megan. She writes, “We want to do a unity ceremony at our wedding. Is there more than one type?” Fantastic question! Today we’ll show you three of the most popular unity ceremony ideas and tell you how they work. Let’s begin, shall we?

Unity Ceremony Ideas

The three most popular unity ceremony ideas are the sand ceremony, the unity candle, and the wine ceremony. Each of these unity ceremony ideas are used to show a couple’s partnership and is usually performed after the vows have been read.

1. Sand Ceremony

For a sand ceremony, you’ll need three containers (two the same size, one larger) and sand. At the ceremony, two containers are filled with sand; the larger container in the middle is empty. The bride and groom then pour their containers of sand into the center container to mix the two together as a sign of their unity. This is an especially fitting idea for beach weddings.

Sand Unity Ceremony (photo: michelle gardella) - Unity Ceremony Ideas

photo: michelle gardella | see the real wedding

Here’s an example of a sand ceremony set:

Sand Unity Ceremony Set - Unity Ceremony Ideas


2. Unity Candle Ceremony

The unity candle ceremony is the most traditional of the three. It uses two taper candles with a large pillar candle (called the “unity candle”) placed in the center. The taper candles are lit and the bride and groom use them to light the unity candle together as a sign of their unity.

Unity Candle Ceremony (photo: liv hefner photography) - Unity Ceremony Ideas

photo: liv hefner photography | see the real wedding

Here’s a unity candle set that’s personalized (we love!):

Personalized unity candle set (by Susabella) - Unity Ceremony Ideas width=


3. Wine Ceremony

There are two ways you can do a wine ceremony. One example is to have a wine box ceremony, where you place a bottle of wine inside a personalized wood box along with two (pre-written) letters, one from the bride and one from the groom. Together, you nail the box shut and open on your first anniversary.

Wine Ceremony (photo: meghan christine) - Unity Ceremony Ideas

photo: meghan christine | see the real wedding

Look for a personalized wine box, like this one:

Wine Ceremony Box (by PNZ Designs, photo by I {Heart} Photos, bouquet by Curious Floral)

box: pnz designs, bouquet: curious floral, photo: i {heart} photos

Another type of wine ceremony involves actual pouring of wine. You’ll need two wine glasses filled with wine and a decanter. Together, pour the wine into the decanter and then into your wine glasses and sip.

Wine - Unity Ceremony Ideas (photo: sarah lyn)

photo: sarah lyn photography via floridian weddings

You can find a personalized set like this:

Wine Ceremony Set by Scissormill- Unity Ceremony Ideas


Which of these unity ceremony ideas is your favorite?

Are you doing a unity ceremony at your wedding? Tell us with a comment below! We’d love to hear about your wedding, whether you’re picking a traditional unity ceremony, non-traditional, or skipping it altogether.

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DIY Glitter Candle Holders

We spotted these gorgeous (+ easy to do!) DIY glitter candle holders via Weddingstar and couldn’t wait to share them with you. If you need a fun + easy DIY to do this weekend, this is it! I’ve seen glitter candle holders done before, but none have resulted in such a gorgeous design worthy of your wedding centerpiece. With just a few simple supplies (you know, a little spray-on adhesive, gold glitter, and a few tealight luminaries) you can steal this look for your wedding centerpieces. I love the idea of pairing a trio of these glittery candle holders with a vase of fresh flowers. At night, they’ll look stunning with specks of gold glitter and romantic candlelight shining through.

DIY Glitter Candle Holders (via Weddingstar)
DIY Glitter Candle Holders (via Weddingstar)

via weddingstar

DIY Glitter Candle Holders

You can grab the entire tutorial by the lovely Kasia over at Weddingstar. This is one DIY I’ll be tackling as home decor. Wouldn’t they look great on the back patio or dining room? I think so.

Happy Weekend! ♥


DIY Floral Display

Hello, hello! Happy Thursday! If you’re looking for DIY wedding inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! After spending time ooh-ing and aah-ing over one very lovely flower display, we decided to break it down – piece-by-beautiful-piece – into one very do-able idea you can try at home. This floral display is soft and elegant, will wow your guests, and incorporates a few delightful finds like baby’s breath, white and blush roses, candles, glass bottles, and vases. PLUS, to make this display even sweeter, we’ve compiled a shopping list for those hard-to-find accent pieces (like french galvanized vases and cone-shaped glass bottles). Ready to get started? Read on to get the full scoop!

First, here’s the awe-inspiring look, created by bride Caitlyn via Style Me Pretty (photos by Raw Photo Design, floral design by Yumiko Fletcher of Hana Floral Design):

diy floral display

photo by raw photo design

diy floral display

photo by raw photo design

Where to Buy

Below is a visual shopping list. Click on an image below to see where to buy (note: the links direct to Amazon, wherein we are an affiliate; however, feel free to shop wherever you wish!)

diy floral display

diy floral display diy floral display diy floral display diy floral display diy floral display diy floral display diy floral display diy floral display

How To: DIY Floral Display

First and foremost, you’ll need to create this DIY floral display with baby’s breath and a mixture of both white and blush roses. Simply place the roses in silver mint julep vases and french galvanized vases along the back (in a row). Next, create a stunning visual with glass bottles – varying styles preferred – placed in front of the vases and filled with sprigs of baby’s breath. We recommend tying in unique glass bottle styles like round, cone, bulb, and “ms. b” style (all represented above). Finally, place tea lights or votive candles in glass candle holders, place in front of the glass bottles, and light. (Note: We recommend using long-burning candles so the display will look great all evening long.) Voilà – you’re done!

– – –

Happy Planning!


25 Best Escort Card Ideas for Weddings

Good morning + Happy Wednesday! We hope you grabbed a gigantic cup of coffee today (or tea) because we have quite the read for you today! This is one of those posts that inspired me (more than usual) while writing it, so I sincerely hope it does the same for you. (Be sure to pin it for re-reading later!) First things first… if you’re planning a wedding reception with assigned tables, you’ll need an escort card display. Escort cards inform your guests where they’ll be seated… so, rather than roam around from table to table to find their name, they’ll easily grab their card, a drink, and have time to mingle before sitting down for dinner. Escort cards may have been a bit basic in the past, but thanks to handmade artisans (+ photographers to capture their work!) escort cards are in a decor class all their own! Today, we are sharing twenty-five of the best escort card ideas to save you time, energy, and give you a much-needed jolt of inspiration to kick start your day. And, whether you’re planning a rustic, vintage, nautical, or otherwise themed wedding, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re ready to be inspired… let’s begin! (*Note: to purchase or see details on any items below, click on the link below the photo)

25 Best Escort Card Ideas for Weddings

1. Carnation Escort Card Display

Carnations were once a filler flower, but not any more! Score a lush setting for your escort cards (+ save a little money) with carnations, bunched together in a pretty hue like so…

escort card ideas - carnations

photo by josh elliott photography via style me pretty

2. Mason Jar Escort Card with Tag

Get guests in the celebrating spirit with a drink + escort card in one. Guests can fill their drink at a nearby station or bar and find their seat at once.

escort card ideasescort card ideas

by mavora art

3. Where In The World Am I Sitting?

This escort card display is perfect for destination or travel-themed weddings. It poses the question, “Where in the world am I sitting?” and gives guests fun cards to take to their seat.

escort card ideasescort card ideas

by anthologie press

4. The Wedding Seating Chart

I attended a wedding once with a seating chart and it was so easy to find my name. Alphabetized, easy-to-find, and placed right at the door. It doesn’t get much easier than this! Plus, this particular find can be made to match your wedding color palette and theme.

escort card ideas: seating chart

by seating chart boutique, photo by melissa robotti

5. Escort Card Branches

Tie in a little rustic charm with branches to hold your escort cards, like so…

escort card ideas - branch display

by this fine day

6. Miniature Flower Vases

Joanna Blake (of Jo Blake) mastered the art of the wedding favor + escort card in one with these miniature flower vases. This find will always have a special place in my heart. Adorable? Yes. Added decor? Absolutely. Two birds + one stone: you betcha.

escort card ideas - miniature flower vases as escort cards
by jo blake

7. Succulents in Teacups

Every time I go to Home Depot I check out the succulents. One of these days, I’ll finally buy a bundle and place in tea cups or terracotta pots. I love succulents and their minimalist (and chic) appearance. Plus, I hear they’re pretty resilient (great for newer gardener types like me!)

succulents in teacups as escort cards

calligraphy tags by rachel carl, photo by jessica lorren organic photography

8. Miniature Chalkboard Escort Cards

Re-usable, shabby chic, and oh-so-charming miniature chalkboards can be displayed from nearly anywhere (drinking glasses, a tree + twine, clothespins + string).

escort card ideas - miniature chalkboards

by brianna paige designs

9. Cake Pop Escort Cards

Guests love adorable treats upon entering the reception! A cake pop escort card is a winning combination.

escort card ideas - cake pops

by party papers

10. Pick a Flower

Guests can ‘pick a flower’ to reveal their table number in this find, one of our favorite finds from the folks at Potter and Butler.

escort card ideas flowers

by potter and butler

11. Candle Escort Cards

Add a romantic glow to the evening right from the beginning with candle escort cards (which double as favors for guests). Combine thematic scents to tie into your wedding – like pumpkin spice in autumn.

candle escort cards

by willow glen stationery

12. Skeleton Key Escort Card

Skeleton keys are, for whatever reason, one of my favorite items in the wedding world. These gold keys are attached to charming tags for guests to find their seats and can be easily displayed from twine and a sturdy (albeit large) picture frame.

skeleton key escort card ideas

by fairy folk weddings

13. Map Escort Cards

Map covered clothespins = another genius idea from Clementine Weddings.

map escort card ideas with clothespins

by clementine weddings

14. Whimsical Escort Cards with Hearts

If your style is whimsical with heart accents, this escort card collection is perfect for you! I love the typography and vibrant colors.

escort cards with heartsescort cards with hearts

by the ruffly owl

15. Magnet Escort Cards

Tiny circular magnets can be attached to a metal surface for guests to grab – and reuse on their refrigerator door after the big day. No throwaway cards here!

escort card magnets

by wood and grain

16. Paper Flower Escort Cards

Want to tie in your love for flowers without the wilt? Go paper! Write guests’ names on the leafs and pin to an embellished cork board for guests to grab + go.

paper flower escort cards

by dragonfly expression

17. Cork Escort Card Holders

Wine themed weddings call for cork-themed details, like these escort cards with cork bottoms. They stand upright and look great with custom calligraphy by The Pampered Paper.

cork escort card holders

by the pampered paper

18. Luggage Tag Escort Cards

Love to travel? Get guests in the spirit with these luggage tag escort cards, a favorite of ours from Mavora Art.

escort card ideas
by mavora art

19. Escort Card Display with Moss + Rocks

This is one of the best eco-inspired escort card displays I’ve seen yet with moss, rocks, and delicately placed cards.

escort card ideas: display with moss and rocks

by designs by robyn love

20. Whimsical Hand-Drawn Escort Cards

I’m not sure what it is about these cards but I was instantly drawn right in… is it the banner? The whimsical hand-drawn calligraphy? All I know is I LOVE these and I’m so happy to have spotted them.

hand drawn wedding escort cards

by makewells

21. Cities of the World Escort Cards

If you’re planning a city-themed wedding – think Paris, New York, or London – consider a thematic escort card to match from Wedding Monograms.

cities of the world paris escort cards

by wedding monograms

22. Origami Escort Cards

The origami peace crane, now in an escort card form. Love!

origami escort cards

by nikki pop arts

23. Nautical Escort Card Display

Planning a nautical wedding? Take a cue from this Real Wedding example and revel in these delightful thematic escort cards. They’re quite perfect.

nautical wedding escort card display

photo by gem photography via style me pretty

24. Watercolor Escort Cards

I’m obsessed with all things watercolor lately and these escort cards are no exception! Beautifully done.

escort card ideasescort card ideas

by twinkle calligraphy

25. Escort Card Drink Bottles + Poetry

Last but not least, this escort card find includes drink bottles and framed poetry for a personalized touch.

escort card bottles with poetry display

photo by drew + megan photography via style me pretty

* * *

Happy Planning!


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Will you be using escort cards at your wedding?

How to Make Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns

Ever wondered how to make hanging mason jar lanterns? Want to light up your reception space with jar lanterns but you aren’t sure how to make them secure enough for hanging? Today, we’re showing you the easiest way to make hanging mason jar lanterns on how to make hanging mason jar lanterns that are both secure and easy to DIY… and all it takes is a few simple supplies! Read on to find out more…

hanging mason jar lantern

How to Make Hanging Mason Jar Lanterns

To make hanging mason jar lanterns, you’ll need the following:

mason jars (preferably with 2.25″ opening) which can be bought at a local grocery store or here

mason jar lantern kits (by midwest finds) – 3 sets for $10

long burning votive candles OR LED votives

– vase filler: consider sand, water beads, colorful ice rock gems, seashells, or clear ice gems



1. Secure wire lantern kit + chain to top of jar
2. Fill 1/3 of jar with vase filler of your choice
3. Place candle on top of vase filler
4. Hang lantern at wedding reception or line pathways to light up the night

EB TIP: Make extra (non-hanging) jars as lanterns and add tags to give away as wedding favors. Guests will love ’em!

Alternate: Day to Night Decor

Fill with water + add flowers of your choice during the day; at night, add a floating candle to the water.

hanging mason jar lantern

hanging mason jar lantern

hanging mason jar lantern

(Pssst. If you’re using as a vase, read how to arrange flower like a pro here!)

Happy Planning!


The Top 10 Wedding Coffee Favors

If you love coffee (or know a special bride-to-be who does!) then you’ll love today’s post! A few months back, we shared a post about how to plan a coffee-themed wedding which outlined places to hold your coffee-themed wedding, ideas for a wedding coffee bar, and more. Today, we’re sharing part two in the wedding coffee madness with the top 10 wedding coffee favors… and believe me, each and every find is completely worth checking out! So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee (mine is flavored with oh-so-yummy pumpkin pie spice) and let’s begin, shall we?

red rooster coffee

Wedding Coffee Favors

1. Custom Designed Coffee Favor Bags

Up first, we discovered these incredibly fun wedding coffee favor bags designed just for you by the folks at Red Rooster Coffee. Imagine your own custom design on bags for guests to take fresh coffee beans to-go! If I were a guest, I’d love to receive a favor of the couple’s favorite coffee.

wedding coffee favors

red rooster coffee

2. Custom Coffee Mugs + Dessert Plates (for Bridal Party Favors)

What goes best with fresh coffee? Why, a beautiful mug to put it in, of course! Gift your bridal party members with these beautiful personalized mugs and matching dessert plates by the team at Hull’s Happiest Days Designs. We love ’em! (And now I’m craving a cupcake.)

wedding coffee favors

hull’s happiest days designs

wedding coffee favors

hull’s happiest days designs

3. Coffee Scoop

I love this idea for a favor because I am always scrambling to find the tablespoon for my coffee. Rather than sort through the drawer, wouldn’t it be nice to have one coffee scoop designated for just that reason? I certainly think so. This beautiful coffee scoop is custom beaded by Beadz2Pleaz and would look great tied to thank you tags with natural twine.

wedding coffee favors


4. Mine & Yours Coffee Spoons

Why not gift custom coffee spoons to your guests, which will tie in your theme AND function as both the place card and favor in one? These personalized coffee spoons (“my coffee spoon” & “your coffee spoon”) are such a fun idea, topped off with personalized handles! This item by Baby Puppy Designs could also be tied atop the couple’s coffee-themed wedding gift with burlap ribbon. If you’re gifting a coffee maker, cappuccino maker, french press, or other coffee-related wedding gift, this is a slam dunk!

wedding coffee favors

baby puppy designs

wedding coffee favors

baby puppy designs

5. Coffee-Flavored Lip Gloss

Can’t get enough of your daily dose of caffeine? Gift the girls in your bridal party with this coffee-flavored lip gloss! Handmade by Organic Mountain Woman.

wedding coffee favors

organic mountain woman

6. Wedding Coffee Favor Bags with Drawstring

Tie the coffee theme throughout your wedding by telling guests how you’re “the perfect blend”. We love these adorable handmade favor bags by the lovely Crafty Clementines!

wedding coffee favors

crafty clementines

7. Coffee Scented Candles

One of my favorite gift ideas is a candle, particularly during the holidays. I love to fill my home with the yummy scent of pumpkin spice (my current in-home scent), apple pie, sugar cookies, vanilla frosting… yum! When I don’t have time to bake, lighting a candle lets me “fake it” with the scent (minus the calories). Haha. This coffee scented candle by Coco and Bubbles is not only a great idea for a wedding favor, but it also packs a punch at reception tables, too. Can you imagine burning these candles instead of a traditional votive? Talk about a deliciously-scented reception site! Plus, the romantic glow provided by the candles is an added bonus.

wedding coffee favors

coco and bubbles

8. Vietnamese Coffee Favor Bags

Like your coffee strong and sweet? Your guests will love to try this special Vietnamese coffee filter and Vietnamese coffee beans at your coffee bar, which will make the perfect cup of coffee every time. Don’t forget to send guests home with a bag of Vietnamese coffee beans, too! By Happy Go Coffee.

wedding coffee favors

happy go coffee

wedding coffee favors

happy go coffee

9. Coffee Scented Soap to Go

Encourage guests to take your favorite coffee scent to-go with these lovely mini coffee pouches by the lovely folks at Prunella Soap. Anytime you need a fresh burst of that delicious java-infused scent, you’ll be set!

wedding coffee favors

prunella soap

10. Coffee Soap Tarts

We spotted these coffee soap tarts by LolliLuscious and we think they’d make perfect wedding coffee favors or bridal shower favors. They almost look good enough to eat! (But, don’t, unless you like the taste of fresh soap in the morning.)

wedding coffee favors


10. Coffee Cozy

Keep those hands cool and your coffee piping hot with these beautiful coffee cozies by Handmade Therapy. I love this shade of blue, in particular:

wedding coffee favors

handmade therapy

And, just for kicks… don’t forget to hang this in your love nest after the wedding to commemorate your beautiful coffee-themed wedding day:

wedding coffee favors

storey shop

We have more posts in store for today, so stay tuned, lovelies!


P.S. Between cups of coffee, be sure to check back to this week’s giveaway… we’re offering a pair of beautiful moss letters that will look great on your reception or ceremony site! Check out the full details here.

18 Perfect Pair Wedding Theme Ideas

Planning a perfect pair wedding theme? You’ll love today’s post including eighteen of our favorite unique perfect pair wedding theme ideas from yummy pear-inspired treats to wedding invitations. We even found a few jewelry finds you’ll absolutely love. Read on to see which must-see handmade wedding items made the cut after the jump!

Perfect Pair Wedding Theme Ideas

perfect pair wedding theme ideas


This first idea, above, is perfect for couples with a sweet tooth. This delicious poached pear crumble perfect for greeting guests upon arrival. It was spotted at Sips and Spoonfuls and looks positively divine.

Or, wrap up a few of these yummy pear-shaped cookies for guests to enjoy by Crafted Cookies:

perfect pair wedding theme ideas


Present your bridesmaids with one of these necklaces themed perfectly with your perfect pair wedding. This locket is one of our favorites and is handmade by Silk Purse Sows Ear:

perfect pair wedding theme


… and this beautiful pear-inspired necklace by Otis B. Weddings:

perfect pair wedding


Next up, every perfect pair wedding needs an invitation to set the theme, right? Here are two suites we like best, with the first by Oh Creative One

perfect pair wedding theme


… and this next adorable wedding invitation by Felice Design:

perfect pair wedding theme


Perhaps you are planning a wedding shower for a couple and wish to tie in the theme… if so, we love this invitation to set the tone by Kim’s Custom Gifts

perfect pair wedding theme


… or a recipe card for guests to contribute their favorite recipes for the bride and groom, like these pear-themed ones by Little Toad.

perfect pair wedding theme ideas


And, for the bridal shower, gift your guests with these adorably handmade pincushion pears by The Pokey Rose:


Looking for a perfect pair cake topper? This perfect pair cake topper by Indigo Twin Weddings has stolen our hearts.


These perfect pair wedding theme ceremony programs are by SDezigns. We love the pretty script font and deep green satin ribbon.


We spotted this pear themed decor by La Pomme, perfect for your cake table or guest book table:


Next up, we found a few perfectly fitting pear favors such as these pear soaps by Fairy Bubbles:


… or lavender sachets by Veronica Sun.


We love these pretty pear-stamped favor bags by Paper Moon by Kat:


Guests love candle favors! Present guests with these pear scented candles handmade by Palette Royale:


After the wedding day, keep the theme going with these adorable pear thank you notes spotted at Little Toad:


Last but certainly not least is a gorgeous handmade wedding ring by Kristin Coffin:


Which one is your favorite? :)


8 DIY Pumpkin Place Cards

Move over, ordinary place cards! Today we’re showcasing a HUGE round-up of our favorite DIY pumpkin place cards perfect for your upcoming fall wedding. A few weeks ago, we talked about DIY pumpkin candles and we’re back to up the ante. We love when decor pieces can do double duty as place cards, so today’s round-up is all about decor and functionality. Read on to browse our hand-picked pumpkin place card ideas, check out a few handmade finds and learn how you can turn these pretty pumpkins into wedding favors, too! PLUS, check out this yummy pumpkin-inspired beverage to greet guests upon arrival (+ learn how to whip it up at home!) Enjoy!

1. Glitter Pumpkin Place Card

pumpkin place cards


Who knew glitter, a little styrofoam and candle light could combine so effortlessly? Instead of using real pumpkins which can dry out quickly, this DIY uses styrofoam pumpkins so you can make them well ahead of time.

pumpkin place cards


This glittery pumpkin place card holder (+ candle!) requires only a handful of styrofoam pumpkins, glitter spray paint and votive candles, among a few other easy-to-find supplies. Get the full scoop – including the complete how-to details – here.

2. Spray-Painted Pumpkin Place Cards

pumpkin place cards


We spotted this idea via Martha Stewart: spray-painted pumpkin place cards! I love the metallic spray paint. It’s such a fun alternative if you like the pumpkin idea without using orange throughout your wedding. Use any color you wish (we especially love it in gold). Spotted here.

3. Easy Pumpkin Place Card

pumpkin place cards


This next place card idea is RIDICULOUSLY easy (and looks so cute!) Spotted via RecipeGirl, this DIY requires nothing more than real mini pumpkins, a little jute string and green paper for tags. Write the names of your guests on tags (cut out to resemble leaves), attach the tag to the pumpkin stem, place and enjoy! (See? Told you it was easy.)

4. Plastic Pumpkin Place Cards

pumpkin place cards


These place cards are made from plastic pumpkins and carved wood bases. Catch the full how-to scoop here which features an excellent step-by-step tutorial with pictures.

5. Pin the Place Card on the Pumpkin

pumpkin place cards


Better Homes & Gardens brings us this amazing idea for an easy alternative to the orange pumpkin: yellow! Just print your place cards, cut and pin them on! What could be easier?

6. Flying Pumpkin Place Cards

pumpkin place cards

via source

Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a perfectly fitting pumpkin place card for your Halloween-themed wedding (or party!) I love this one! Check out the full scoop here.

7. White Pumpkin Place Cards

pumpkin place cards


This white pumpkin idea is taken from a Real Bride who did a fabulous job with her place cards! Image via Lynn Michelle Photo.

8. 3D Paper Pumpkins


A circle cutter, paper, raffia, and a few easy supplies are all it takes to craft these amazing 3D paper pumpkin place cards! Get the FREE printable and the tutorial here to craft your own!

Handmade Pumpkin Place Cards

Running out of time? Not feeling very crafty? There are plenty of pretty pumpkin place cards available by handmade artisans ready to order! Take a peek at a few of our favorites:

pumpkin place cards

pumpkin place card by fairy folk

pumpkin place cards

pumpkin place cards by indigo twin weddings

Painted Pumpkin Favors

What to do with all of those pumpkins sitting at guests’ seats? We recommend setting up a DIY pumpkin painting station! This is perfect for kids (and, kids at heart) and can even double as your wedding favor. Just use metallic paint pens!


left | right

Or… what about a DIY pumpkin GLITTER bar? Messy – yes. Fun? Absolutely!


Pumpkin-Inspired Deliciousness


With crisp air rolling in, you’ll want to greet your guests with a hot beverage upon their arrival. Instead of coffee or tea, mix things up with a pumpkin spice latte! YUM! They’ll go perfectly with your pumpkin place cards and warm up guests so they can dance the night away! Don’t forget these yummy fall-inspired treats, too! I’ll take mine with extra foam, please!

Happy Crafting!


P.S. Who will win the FREE clutch purse? Enter for your chance to win!

Emmaline Bride is an affiliate with and link to crafting supplies whenever necessary to help you shop. Of course, feel free to shop wherever you prefer!