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22 Cute “Be My Bridesmaid” Card Ideas

will you be my bridesmaid card

by cricket printing

Brides: are you recently engaged and selecting your wedding party soon? One of our favorite ways to ask your bridesmaids if they’ll stand up in your wedding is with be my bridesmaid cards. While a card or gift isn’t a requirement, it is a fun unexpected surprise they’ll love to receive in the mail (even as a follow-up after an initial phone call or by asking in person). Since every bride is different, we’ve rounded up twenty-two unique be my bridesmaid cards including some that are totally witty while others are sweet and sentimental. Read on to see which cards made the cut below!

You Had Me At… Card

You Had Me At Card - fill it in with your custom answer

We spotted this adorable you had me at card and just had to share! It features a speech bubble that is customized with the thing that made you fall in love with your future spouse. Mine? It would read, “You had me at
dancing,” since Andrew asked me out to a formal dance when we first met. I love dancing, and a guy who wants to take you out and get dressed up and dance the night away? Well, suffice it to say, he was The One for me! What would yours say?

Give this adorable card to your groom- or bride-to-be the morning of the wedding, similar to the I Can’t Wait to Marry You card.

card: LittleLow

What would YOURS say?

I Can’t Wait to Marry You Card

I remember my wedding day like it was yesterday. And, I remember the night before the wedding, not being able to fall asleep because I just couldn’t wait to marry my husband. We kept things exciting by not chatting the day of the wedding, waiting until the moment when he saw my eyes meet his down the aisle for the first time. Although, now that I think of it, it would have been fun to stash a pair of these or sew on one of these or have the Best Man deliver an I Can’t Wait to Marry You card, like this one. Here’s what you do: fill it out the night before the wedding. Write down all of those emotional, heartfelt, totally honest things you’re feeling and write them down. Put them in the card. Sign it. Seal it. Bring it with you to the ceremony and have it hand-delivered by your Maid of Honor or Best Man. Seriously, he’ll love it. Wouldn’t you love it if he surprised you with an I Can’t Wait to Marry You Card?

I Can't Wait to Marry You Card

card by marry grams

Photo: Bradley Images.

This is another cute idea: the bride made a collage of photos that spelled out, “I Can’t Wait to Marry You” and surprised her groom the morning of the wedding. Via

I Can't Wait to Marry You Card


The Ultimate Travel Wedding Invitation

Brides: if you’re planning a destination wedding, check out this travel wedding invitation! The key to a perfect invitation is one that kicks off your wedding theme right from the start. For instance, if you’re planning a wedding with a travel theme, this invite by Serendipity Beyond Design will gear up your guests and give them a glimpse into the fun + festive party that awaits! Take a peek…

Travel Wedding Invitation by Serendipity Beyond Design

Travel Wedding Invitation

This unique travel wedding invitation features unique typography, a heavy shimmer card stock, and a pretty color palette of antique gold, brown, and tiffany blue. The invitation also features a map of North America with a vintage-inspired air plane dotting the way to your destination spot. The reply postcard (in a mad-lib style!) is created to resemble a luggage tag.

response card for travel invite

mad lib response card for travel invitation

To find out more about this invite, visit Serendipity Beyond Design, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace.


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Teacup Escort Card Favors

We have seen some amazing escort card displays in the past, but this our new favorite! Introducing teacup escort cards, a unique way for guests to find their seats, enjoy a drink, and take home a favor in one…


Teacup Escort Cards

We spotted this teacup escort card display via this La Jolla Wedding (photographed by Irish Grzanich with event deign by Amorology) that totally blew us away. The bride and groom planned a vintage-inspired wedding with modern accents and bright pops of color. As a nod to tea, the bride and groom offered hand-picked teacups as escort cards and favors to guests. The teacup escort cards were displayed from hooks on a makeshift display wall. A charming sign read, “Enjoy a spot of tea.” Escort cards with each guest’s name and table assignment were tied with ribbons to the cup handles.


EB TIP: Shop for mismatched teacups at thrift shops! You’ll find a plethora of unique designs and each cup will be unique. Or grab a few teacups in a favorite pattern for the wedding party.

Teacup Escort Card Favors (photo: irish grzanich)

This would be a nice addition to a wedding tea bar or sweets buffet. Serve scones, strawberries, cakes, pastries, and pie.


If you’d like, pair it with tea favors for guests to take to-go with their new teacup. These tea favors are packaged and ready-to-go by Dell Cove Spices.

tea wedding favortea wedding favors

So, brides, what do you think of this idea? Tell us with a comment below!


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Thank You Menu: Two Essentials in One!

Hi, loves! You know at Emmaline Bride we’re nuts for wedding details that do two things at once, since we love to save you time. And money. And stress. So, when we spotted the thank you menu combination over at Paper Street Press, we couldn’t wait to share it with you. This is a great idea AND the entire Art Deco wedding invitation suite has us inspired in full Gatsby-like grandeur. So, without further adieu, we introduce… the thank you menu!

Thank you Menu

What is a Thank You Menu? Essentially it’s a thank you card and dinner menu in one. At the top, it shares a heartfelt (+ custom) thank you greeting for guests. The bottom half clues your guests in to what’s cooking up for dinner. Here’s a closer look:

Thank You Menu

Here’s the thank you portion…

wedding menu thank you card

… and the menu portion underneath:

thank you menu

Art Deco Collection

This thank you menu features an art deco wedding style. We recommend pairing it with other complementing pieces such as the wedding invitation and return address stamp. Here’s a closer look:

art deco wedding invitation

And the return address stamp:

art deco return address stamp

See More

This is just a sample of the beautiful items you’ll find at Paper Street Press. Browse the shop to see more!

Happy Planning!


5 Creative Save the Date Ideas

Brides: have you set a date and you’re ready to share it with friends and family? Send a save the date! We’ve rounded up five creative save the date ideas to inspire you including a magnet, a fun twist on ‘tying the knot’, a map, and more! Read on to begin…

5 Creative Save the Date Ideas

1. Magnet

A magnet save the date is functional (guests can use it on their fridge from today to forever). This particular save the date magnet by Penna Ink coordinates with a full invitation suite.

save the date magnet - 5 Creative Save the Date Ideas

penna ink

Here’s the coordinating invitation suite:

yellow and gray invitation suite - 5 Creative Save the Date Ideas

penna ink

2. Map

Have you ever seen an illustrated map for a save the date? This is one of the first we’ve seen — and we love it! By Tying the Knots.

save the date map - 5 Creative Save the Date Ideas

tying the knots

3. ‘Knot’ Card

This creative save the date card includes a piece of string or twine inside. When guests open the card, it ties an actual ‘knot’. By Wed Designer.

tie the knot save the date card

wed designer

4. Calendar

Give guests a printout of your wedding month with a heart around the date. Cute idea! By Ponto Mountain Paper.

save the date calendar - 5 Creative Save the Date Ideas

ponto mountain paper

5. Stamp

Want a DIY save the date approach? Use a personalized stamp to make your own cards! By Native Bear.

save the date stamp bunting - 5 Creative Save the Date Ideas

native bear

What’s your favorite of these creative save the date ideas? Are you sending save the date cards? Tell us below!

Happy Planning!


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The Essential Bridesmaid Update Card

As a former bride-to-be and a bridesmaid on many occasions, I (Emma here!) know things can get pretty chaotic leading up to the big day. The least of your worries should be bridal party attire… but it seems that sizes, swatches, fittings, and even shoe color can cause unnecessary craziness before the big day. Instead, stay organized with the essential bridesmaid card – hand-painted + printed onto high quality cardstock by the lovely Loft Life Press – and your entire bridal party can stay in the loop with dress swatches, shoe photos, and appointments in one convenient spot. What does this mean for you? This means you’ll eliminate additional craziness in the weeks leading up to the big day. Plus, you won’t have to vaguely explain the difference between ‘aqua’ and ‘turquoise’ on the phone with a bridesmaid across the country… she’ll have the exact dress swatch right at her fingertips. Read on to see this cleverly crafted card after the jump!

bridesmaid update card

Bridesmaid Update Card

Each update card includes a space for the names of the entire bridal party, empty space to glue a ribbon sample, dress swatch, and/or photo of the selected shoes, the dress style name, color, source, “order by” date, accessories, and miscellaneous. It even fits in her wallet so it’s always easy to find. What a brilliant idea for bridesmaids!

bridesmaid update card

bridesmaid update card

To snag your set, head over to Loft Life Press, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace.

* * *

Happy Planning!


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