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Succulent Planters for Centerpieces

Posted July 25, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

Have you seen the incredible modern decor pieces at Shade on Shape yet? I’m so inspired by them! I’m always on the lookout for chic ways to display succulents (you know, my favorite plants in the universe) and these succulent planters are a new favorite find. If you’re planning a modern wedding or have a penchant for geometric shapes, you’ll love these succulent planters, too. I think they would look lovely as part of a modern wedding centerpiece vignette.

Succulent Planters for Centerpieces

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DIY Cupcake Bouquet

Posted May 10, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 5 Comments

Brides: are you serving cupcakes at your wedding? Bored of the same old display? Want to cross “centerpieces” AND “cake” off your to-do list at the same time? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve heard of the cupcake in a jar – heck, we’ve even seen cupcakes on candlesticks – but a DIY cupcake bouquet is a fresh + fun idea. Instead of displaying cupcakes on the same old tray or tower, display them in a pot instead! These rose-frosting-topped cupcake bouquets are perfect for spring and summer weddings, bridal showers, and parties, and they double as your centerpiece, too. Plus, with Mother’s Day around the corner, you have no excuse but to whip up a batch of cupcakes this weekend and give ‘em to your mom. (And, it’s EASY! Even I could make ‘em, which is saying a lot. I’m no baker.) Besides, do you know anyone who would turn down a bouquet of cupcakes? Me either. So, grab your favorite cupcake mix, delicious frosting, some decorative cupcake wrappers, and a few other easy-to-find supplies and prepare to be inspired! Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page for full step-by-step tutorials. Enjoy!

DIY Cupcake Bouquet Ideas

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8 Unique Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Posted May 2, 2013 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

Brides: Are you planning a beach themed wedding and tired of seeing the same beach wedding centerpieces time and time again? Are you looking for unique, creative beach wedding ideas but your search is coming up short? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re planning a beach wedding, rustic wedding, wedding in the woods, or otherwise (heck, even a state themed wedding), I’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s all about knowing where to look. The most unique wedding details – like beach wedding centerpieces, for example, aren’t found in a magazine spread. They’re tucked away in little corners of the world in coastal beach houses, found on shelves in antique shops with creaky wood floors, picked up along the shoreline of the coast, and, most of all, they’re handmade with two hands and a whole lotta love. Today we’re featuring one such artisan, By The Seashore, a husband and wife team located near the beautiful beaches of North Carolina. (I can’t help but hear this song as I write this. I love NC.) One glimpse into Carol and Andrew’s shop makes one dream of relaxing on the beach, and what could be more relaxing than a beach wedding? So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired with eight unique ideas for beach wedding centerpieces. We think you’re going to love what we’ve found… and you’ve probably never seen anything like these before. Enjoy!

10 Beach Wedding Centerpieces via EmmalineBride.com - sea urchin air plant holder by By The Seashore

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5 Ways to Use Felt Wedding Bouquets

Posted February 26, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

Have you considered felt wedding bouquets for your upcoming day? While the idea of using felt may not have crossed your mind, we think it is a fun idea definitely worth consideration. If your heart is already set on carrying a fresh flower bouquet down the aisle, there are plenty of ways to use felt wedding bouquets on your special day. The lovely Cole of Handmade Colectibles, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace, has perfected her green crafting thumb to create beautiful felt wedding bouquets in any color of the rainbow to tie into your color palette perfectly. These felt bouquets, unlike fresh flowers that wilt, will last forever and can be used as decor in your home after you say “I Do”. Read on to find out five ways to use felt wedding bouquets for your day and check out tons of inspiration from this lovely shop!

felt wedding bouquets

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How to Preserve Leaves for Wedding Decor

Posted October 4, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 4 Comments

Have you ever wondered how to preserve leaves to keep them looking vibrant and rich? Are you planning a fall wedding and hoping to incorporate fall foliage into your decor without the leaves turning brittle and lackluster? Well, you’re in luck: today, we’re showing you how to preserve leaves for fall wedding decor and you won’t believe how easy it is! Using a few simple techniques, you can keep your fall foliage looking freshly-picked all day long. Read on to find out how to preserve leaves PLUS view hand-picked fall wedding centerpieces we think you’ll love. Enjoy!

how to preserve leaves

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Succulent Wedding Favors + Tea Cups = Perfection

Posted July 19, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 9 Comments

Give guests the gift of plantable succulents! Succulents are easy plants for guests to maintain because they are hardy, retain plenty of water, and can withstand colder temperatures than other plants. These easy-to-DIY succulent wedding favors (which double as place cards, too!) are placed in tea cups ready for guests to plant. Since they are “planted” into whimsical tea cups, guests get two gifts in one! Gather plenty of vintage tea cups from places like thrift shops, garage sales, or estate sales – the more mismatched, the better. Each guests will have a one-of-a-kind planter piece to cherish for years.

succulent wedding favors

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Rustic Wedding Centerpieces: Log Bowls

Posted July 18, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 2 Comments

We love to find unique, multi-functional finds for both wedding day and ever after. How many brides can say they were able to reuse their rustic wedding centerpieces in their love nest after the big day? That’s why we love these log bowls by Loyal Loot Collective. They are handmade and offer the rustic look of trees in their natural state – but with a twist. Each bowl is made from reclaimed trees and contains a high-floss finish in a variety of colors. We think they will complement your rustic wedding beautifully.

rustic wedding centerpieces

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DIY Terra Cotta Pots

Posted July 3, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 9 Comments

Hi, lovelies! We hope you’re having an amazing, relaxing 4th of July weekend. Yesterday we showed you a pretty blue-and-white DIY striped skirt and we’re continuing the crafting craze with these DIY terra cotta pots. These pretty little pots are perfect for bridal shower or wedding centerpieces, parties, or summer BBQs. These pots are easy-to-DIY and you can use any color fabric of your choosing, which means it will complement your party theme perfectly. Use prints and patterns (shown) for a touch of whimsy!

diy terra cotta pots

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Terrariums for Weddings: Learn More + Enter to Win!

Posted June 30, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 1 Comment

Good morning lovelies – today we’re discussing terrariums for weddings! What’s a terrarium, you ask? A terrarium is a collection of small plants growing in a transparent, sealed container. It’s sort of a mini, DIY eco-system filled with nature-inspired finds. Terrariums for wedding centerpieces has become a popular decor choice for rustic weddings. Terrariums use natural, eco-friendly materials and are handmade easily. My favorite part? Terrariums can be made weeks before the wedding and still look perfect, since they do not require much care. This means you won’t be running around a few days before the wedding frantically assembling centerpieces. Terrariums can contain any type of materials you dream of (rocks, moss, grass, etc.) and incorporate personalized details (a mini deer, instruments, tiny toadstools, miniatures – there are literally no rules). These tiny nature-filled treasures will look great as centerpieces at your rustic wedding or outdoor event!

terrariums for weddings

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Mason Jar Centerpiece for Garden Wedding

Posted June 16, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 1 Comment

Spotted: A sweet, subtle, easy-to-DIY mason jar centerpiece for your wedding! If a powerful punch of royal blue is the look you’re after, this centerpiece has you covered! This blue is royally a-mazing and would look great incorporated with light blue hydrangeas. I can imagine plenty of these scattered throughout a rustic wedding, garden wedding, or bridal shower luncheon… lovely!

mason jar centerpiece with blue

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DIY Centerpiece: Mason Jars with Coffee Beans

Posted June 3, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 3 Comments

Hey, coffee lovers! You’ll like today’s find, especially if you also happen to love mason jars. Mason jars with coffee beans makes an unusually chic centerpiece and is perfect for a coffee themed wedding. And, it’s easy to DIY. Simply fill mason jars with coffee beans, add fresh flowers, and place on tables. Be sure to select flowers in a bright color to contrast the coffee beans and really POP. We love the pink flowers in the example shown below:

Mason Jars with Coffee Beans

Mason Jars with Coffee Beans - DIY Centerpiece Idea

via the knot


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DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces: Floating Candles

Posted April 14, 2011 by EmmalineBride | ♥ 48 Comments

This mason jar centerpiece is easy-to-DIY for your wedding! Adding candlelight creates a romantic atmosphere and these mason jars will add both a rustic and whimsical touch. First, you’ll need mason jars (you can buy them in bulk here for about $1 each) and fill with water. Next, tie a decorative ribbon (or raffia, as shown below) to the top of the jar in a bow. Place a floating candle (preferably long burning) in each jar and group approximately 3-4 jars together on each table. Light each candle and enjoy!

diy mason jar centerpieces

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