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5 Rules for Mason Jar Glasses or Favors

Brides: are you using mason jar glasses for your bar? Planning to give favors packaged in mason jars for guests? Don’t miss this post! Read these five rules to ensure your drinking glasses or favors are well-received by guests. We’ll also show you a few key ingredients for drinking glasses guests will love, along with a chic way to personalize a mason jar favor. It’s all inside…

5 Rules to Mason Jar Glasses (or Favors)

1. Accessorize.

Mason Jar Glasses - colorful #striped #straws and daisy lids! #wedding #lids #mason #jars #favors #mason-jar #drinking #glasses

lids by pieces to party, straws by green paper straws

Some people don’t like drinking directly out of mason jar glasses, so be sure to include straws with your jars. To make instant drinking glasses (complete with a spot for a straw), use mason jar daisy lids (shown above, bottom left). A straw fits right in the center. You can find daisy lids at vintage or antique stores, thrift stores, estate sales, or here, which I love because they look like the old zinc lids.

Name Tag

Use jute twine strung through chalkboard tags (you can buy them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels) and tie one around each jar. Guests can use a piece of chalk (or a chalk pen) to write their name and keep track of their glass. Or, try these stick-on labels.

Mason Jar Glasses - easy peel and stick chalkboard labels for guests to write their name on their jar

I’ve tried using chalkboard paint on mason jars to create labels, but that was before the stick-on labels were available. It’s much easier — and less messy — with the stickers.

Plastic Alternative

We received an email from a bride’s mom who wanted to know if there were plastic mason jars available, since her daughter’s venue does not allow for glass. Great question, Pam! Actually, there is an option… crisis averted thanks to the folks at Aladdin. I love this and want a pair of ’em just because.

Mason Jar Glasses - mason jar tumbler by aladdin - plastic + perfect for #wedding #venues with a no glass rule

It’s way too pricey to buy one for each guest, but the bride and groom or the wedding party can enjoy ’em.

2. Make sure the wedding favor is delicious — or functional.


When giving a favor, make sure it’s something you would also enjoy. A few ideas include mason jars filled with honey, coffee beans, nuts, tea, cookie mix, trail mix, cupcakes, or candy. Include ingredients in case anyone is allergic.

Mason Jar Glasses - #edible #wedding #favors #mason #jar

top left – by aloha cakes by andrea, bottom left – the mason jar cookie company, top right, bottom left – by the favor box


Make sure a favor you give your guests is functional. Two common non-edible options include candles (make ’em yourself or buy them) or drinking glasses, which guests can take home and re-use.

3. Buy local!

Buy handmade. Shop local. Support small business. Give guests favors of local products and include a sticker with the business’ name. Guests — especially out of town — love to experience of local fare.

3. Personalize.

A wedding favor deserves plenty of personalization. If you’re giving edible favors, top it off with a mason jar label on the lid. Custom lid stickers make the gift more personal and can be tied into your decor. These lid stickers are custom made by The Ink Lab.

Mason Jar Glasses - custom #mason #jar #lid #stickers by The Ink Lab

by the ink lab, photo on left by jade and matthew take pictures

Use your new monogram for a personal touch.

Mason Jar Glasses - Personalized Mason Jar Lid Stickers by The Ink Lab

by the ink lab

4. Make sure no one can miss ’em.

Making mason jar glasses or wedding favors can be a costly or timely process. Make sure none of your favors go unnoticed! Place your favors on a table where guests won’t miss them, or place one at each guest’s seat. If you are giving guests mason jar glasses, place them all together near the bar with a sign that tells guests to grab a glass, a tag, and fill it up.

Mason Jar Glasses - Glass for the Night for Whatever Tastes Right - include a #sign with your #mason #jar #drinking #glasses so guests can't miss 'em! - photo by michelle edmonds

via a paper proposal via style me pretty | photo by michelle edmonds

5. Buy in bulk.

You can buy mason jars in most stores, but you can’t always count on a great price or options. Plus, lugging around a hundred or more mason jars isn’t an especially fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Make it easy on yourself and buy in bulk. You can pick from different sizes (jelly jar, quart, pint, and 4 oz jars), vintage inspired blue jars (or traditional clear), and you can buy a ton at once. You can even find those mason jar glasses with handles, which I have yet to find in my local store. Plus, it’s all shipped straight to your door. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Happy Planning!


Now it’s YOUR turn: are you using mason jar glasses? Giving mason jar favors? Tell us!

7 Mason Jar Mistakes to Avoid

Hello, loves! Happy Thursday! If you love mason jars – particularly as mason jars with handles for drinking glasses – you won’t want to miss this post. As sweet as these little jars can be, there are a few mason jar mistakes you’ll want to avoid at your wedding. To help, we’ve compiled a list of seven mason jar mistakes to avoid as you plan your perfect day. Read on to find out more…

7 Mason Jar Mistakes to Avoid (by Emmaline Bride) #wedding

7 Mason Jar Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1: Not ordering in bulk.

If you’re not ordering in bulk, you’re throwing money out the window! Mason jars are one of the easiest things to order in bulk, thanks to places that ship online straight to your door. My favorite place to buy ’em is from Amazon, which offers several sizes straight to your doorstep. You don’t even need to leave your home. What could be easier? Oh – and, since we’re asked by brides-to-be quite often, you can find mason jars with handles here. They’re pretty inexpensive, too!

Mistake #2: No decorative touch.

A mason jar looks so much prettier with a decorative touch! Wrap in twine and lace or add a tag. You can turn a mason jar centerpiece (with flowers) into a nighttime lantern by removing the flowers and adding an LED battery. Or, if you want to use the jars as an escort card + drinking glass in one, just add a tag with a name and table assignment.

Mistake #3: Ordering the wrong size jar.

If you’re offering mason jars as drinking glasses, one HUGE mistake is to order the wrong size. Too small, and guests will have to refill constantly. Too big and, well, guests will be pretty toasted. Find the happy middle with pint sized mason jars. As a guide, use quart size for vases, pint for drinks, and jelly jars (4 oz.) for favors. Here’s an example of a quart sized jar-turned-vase for reference…

quart sized mason jar vase

by joblake

Mistake #4: Forgetting a sign.

Most guests aren’t obsessively reading wedding blogs for months leading up to the big day, so the whole mason jar craze might not phase them. Make it obvious that the mason jars are used as drinking glasses by adding a simple sign, inviting guests to take one, fill with a drink, and enjoy. And, most of all, take home. Otherwise, you’ll have 100+ mason jars left over at the end of the night. If you are offering homemade jam or honey in jars as favors, you’ll also want to add a sign telling guests to ‘take one home’.

This mason jar sign by CharlieShake is one fun solution!

mason jar sign

Mistake #5: Too far from bar.

Akin to #3, placing your mason jars near the bar is another way to encourage guests to use them as such. The best way to do so is to use glass drink dispensers (stacking dispensers will save you room!) labeled with a beverage and placed alongside your lovely mason jars.

Mistake #6: No straws for apprehensive sippers.

Let’s be honest. Most people don’t like drinking out of an awkward mason jar with its awkward glass ridges. Go one step further to delight your guests AND add a decorative touch with straws. Striped straws or polka dotted straws are just a few ways to up the fun factor. You can also turn yours into a tumbler with a lid and a re-usable straws, like this super fun tumbler spotted at Unuseless Goods.

mason jar tumbler

this funny guy in the corner cracks me up ^

Mistake #7: Forgetting additional glassware.

Your great uncle or grandfather might prefer scotch on the rocks, sans mason jar. Be sure to have some additional glassware at your bar just in case. ;)

*TIP: Have special Mr. and Mrs. mason jar glasses for the two of you! These are by Poppy and Pearl Co..



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