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7 Tips for Buying Wedding Dresses Online

Thinking about buying a wedding dress online? Don’t miss this post! We’re outlining seven of the most important tips to safely buy your wedding dress online. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss wedding advice posts like this one!


by grace loves lace

Hi, loves! Emma here and if you’re worried about how safe it is to buy wedding dresses online, you’re not alone! Today’s bride wants instantaneous results. You don’t have time to run from shop to shop; you want to see everything right at your fingertips — and I totally get it. It’s amazing how easy it is to buy anything online. This is coming from the girl who orders this in bulk online (and I’m not even embarrassed to admit it because it is so convenient). I buy amazing socks like these that I can wear all winter long because it keeps your legs warm! (They’re brilliant.) I stock up on k-cups so I don’t ever have a coffee outage.

Buying things for your wedding is the same way. I talked to a couple who recently got married and it was incredible the number of things they bought online, sight-unseen. Almost everything was ordered online, from the table runners to the votive candles to these invitations. Even the bridesmaid dresses were ordered online! Things like digital proofs, super-helpful product reviews, and two-day shipping have made buying wedding things online super convenient, so why should wedding dresses be excluded from the list? With resources at your fingertips like The Marketplace filled to the brim with handmade dresses and accessories, along with sellers on Etsy and Amazon unveiling new collections all the time, it’s easier than ever to buy everything for your wedding online…

Floral Wedding Dress for Spring Weddings

This week, we’ve found a floral wedding dress for spring and summer weddings. See it below! Subscribe for the latest.

Floral wedding dress with embroidered flowers and illusion tulle | dress by Milamira Bridal | photo by Ksenia Milushkina Photography

by milamira bridal, photo by ksenia milushkina photography

Hey, loves! Happy Monday! It’s time for our Wedding Dress of the Week! This floral wedding dress by Milamira Bridal features a nude color corset bodice with a sweetheart neckline, illusion tulle embroidery, and an a-line skirt. The skirt is made with one layer of light dusty pink chiffon with another layer of white tulle with polka dots. Underneath there are two more layers of white tulle to give the skirt dimension and fullness. I absolutely love the embroidered pink roses and green leaves across the bodice. What a beautifully romantic dress for the bride! I’ve never seen anything quite like this…

This Ballet Inspired Dress is Romantic for Weddings

This ballet inspired wedding dress is our pick of the week! Check it out below and let us know what you think! Here’s the link to get updates to your inbox for FREE.

Ballet Inspired Wedding Dress by Milamira Bridal, Photo by Ksenia Milushkina Photography |

by milamira bridal, photo by ksenia milushkina photography

Good morning, loves! Today we’re bringing you our pick for the Emmaline Bride Wedding Dress of the Week! And we think brides who love the ballet are going to move this dress to the top of their wish list! We’ve selected this incredibly soft and romantic ballet inspired wedding dress by Milamira Bridal as this week’s pick. It features a lovely shade of light grey and soft tulle for an ultra-flowy look that is aisle — and dance floor! — approved. Read on for more…

Where to Buy Boho Dresses for Bridesmaids

Boho bridesmaids dresses await! Be sure to subscribe for the latest.

Boho Bridesmaids Dresses by Vintage Summer | via

by vintage summer

Hi, there. Happy Thursday! I like to visit fashion blogs and Pinterest boards, getting the scoop for the latest + greatest fashion trends. But it drives me nuts when I see a gorgeous outfit pieced together with one specific item I want and it doesn’t mention where to get it. And then I Google it and I can’t find the item, or I do but it is SOLD OUT. Bummer. I know it happens: I’ve seen some Real Weddings with amazing boho bridesmaids dresses but sometimes you can’t find the original designer or bridesmaids picked them out themselves it’s nearly impossible to contact them to find out where they were from. Articles can suggest similar pieces all they want, but are they ever really close enough? Never! At least I don’t think so.

You can imagine my excitement, then, when I found the perfect boho bridesmaids dresses that I knew you would love, along with a link to buy them + tons of color options + an affordable price. If you are looking for free-spirited, flowy boho bridesmaids dresses and you want to keep bridesmaids happy, you’ve come to the right place. These bohemian inspired bridesmaids dresses are reasonably priced (under $100!), are available in a few beautiful shades, and you can get this taken care of by this weekend. Ready to cross bridesmaids dresses off of your long to-do list? Let’s go!

First things first: these boho bridesmaids dresses are from Vintage Summer on Etsy. With awesome reviews and beautiful photos, I felt comfortable referring them to you. I always check reviews — you never know, and I’d hate to leave you astray with such an important decision! Take a look at the beautiful dresses we’ve found…

Flower Inspired Bags / Clutches for Weddings

When you are blessed to see so many beautiful handmade finds on a daily basis as we are, you might assume we see the things over and over again. But that’s the beauty of handmade weddings: there’s always something new to love. To admire. To adore. There’s always a new collection launching, a new color palette inspiring, and a new trend hitting the market. And, we have to tell you: the creativity that comes from small shops turns into BIG ideas. That’s why we love, love, love our community here at Emmaline Bride and we’re so excited you’re here to plan your wedding along with us. Just wanted to tell you that. :)

When it comes to clutch purses, for instance, you would think after seeing hundreds of styles and designs, we’ve seen them all. But that’s not the case. As one example, have you seen the beautiful flower inspired bags and clutches over at ANGEE W.? It’s brimming with lacy textures and feminine detailing! And their ivory rosebud clutch is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Today we’re sharing a handful of our favorites from their shop to show you what we mean. Plus, we’ve teamed up with them to give one of these beautiful bags away to a lucky bride-to-be! Will it be you? Find out which bag is our newest wedding giveaway and enter for a chance to win!

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chiffon flower clutch | flower bags clutches weddings by ANGEE W.

clutch: angee w.

Your Bridesmaid Will Be So Happy with These Cover Ups

We’re all about helping you navigate the various wedding dilemmas that sneak up on you while you plan. Today, we’re tackling bridesmaid cover ups.

Problem: your bridesmaid dress is sleeveless or strapless and you’re getting married outdoors / taking photos outside where it will be cold –OR– you would prefer bridesmaids to have a little coverage during the ceremony.

Solution: just add a cover up. But make it one that she’ll love!

A pashmina, shawl, bolero, or a wrap are a few options when it comes to bridesmaid cover ups. We love the idea of something feminine and flowy that she’ll love to wear, especially in the late summer or fall when all you need is something lightweight. We spotted these gorgeous bridesmaid cover ups at Coralie Beatrix and they fit the bill perfectly. They’re lightweight, available in a variety of colors, made in your choice of lace or chiffon, and they’re priced right. Plus, these cover ups complement infinity dresses perfectly (especially these signature “Octopus” dresses here). Take a look at the bridesmaid cover ups we found below, today’s handmade-a-day find!

Bridesmaid Cover Ups

Here’s one example in chiffon:

Bridesmaid Cover Ups | by Coralie Beatrix | Photo Tina Chiou |

by coralie beatrix

This Dress with Chiffon Bottom Will Make You Love Grey

Have you ever imagined wearing a wedding dress in a non-traditional color, like light pink, a hint of blue, or maybe even grey? After today you just might! We’re sharing a stunning grey wedding dress with chiffon bottom as our handmade-a-day find. It is handmade (and custom, just for you!) by the talented Milamira Bridal. We’re obsessed with their romantic wedding dresses! Read on to see photos of the ethereal Icidora and then tell us: would YOU wear a grey wedding dress?

P.S. If you prefer white, it can be made just for you in an off-white color.

Wedding Dress with Chiffon Bottom Skirt

grey wedding dress chiffon bottom | by milamira bridal |

by milamira bridal

This wedding dress features a chiffon skirt and fitted bodice with hand sewn lace applique, thin straps and a romantic greyish tulle skirt. There are two layers of this chiffon bottom: a light grey chiffon layer and one layer of soft off-white tulle. This wedding dress is ballet inspired and offers a feminine beauty and romantic look and feel. There is a beautiful back button closure featuring buttons in an off-white color that are rose flower shaped. The soft satin ribbon sash is included.

grey wedding dress chiffon bottom | by milamira bridal |

by milamira bridal

This beautiful dress is handmade with love in Saint Petersburg, Russia, just for you.

by milamira bridal

grey wedding dress chiffon bottom | by milamira bridal |

by milamira bridal

And, if you don’t like it in grey, you can have it made in completely off-white. This is such a beautiful dress. I would want to wear it everyday. Oh, and you won’t believe the beautiful price. And it’s 100% handmade! Love, love, love.

Photos by the amazing Ksenia Milushkina Photography


Gold Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses with Sequin Bodice

Chiffon is one of summer’s favorite fabrics because it’s so lightweight and airy. That’s why you’ve probably seen many chiffon dresses showcased for spring and summer weddings — it’ll keep you and your bridesmaids cool & calm, even when it’s ninety degrees and humid as can be. When I was on a mission to find gold bridesmaid dresses for a bride-to-be, this sweet little number from Dahl caught my eye. It has a pretty shade of gold infused with light champagne, a dramatic boatneck style, comfortable knee-length skirt, and a sequined bodice. It’s obvious these dresses offer a little something that everyone could love! Don’t just take my word for it: take a look! It is today’s #HANDMADEADAY find!

Gold Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

Gold Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses with Sequin Bodice | by Dahl |

Flowy Chiffon Wedding Dress

It’s time for another gorgeous wedding dress to inspire you! I adore everything about this flowy chiffon wedding dress and its sweet v-shaped neckline. We spotted it over at Mila Mira Bridal and thought you might like it, too. Chiffon is one of my favorite fabrics, especially for spring and summer weddings: it’s so soft and airy for hot weather, and styled perfectly for a free-spirited bohemian wedding.

I’m curious to know — what do you think of this style? What does YOUR dream dress look like?

Flowy Chiffon Wedding Dress

This dress features a ruched chiffon bodice and hand sewn corded lace appliqué. I adore the low back style — a huge trend this season.

flowy chiffon wedding dress

by mila mira bridal

flowy chiffon wedding dress 2

by mila mira bridal

by mila mira bridal

gown by mila mira bridal | photos by ksenia milushkina photography