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16 Unique Wedding Date Gifts

Hi, loves! Did you have a nice weekend? We sure did! We’re kicking off a brand new week of wedding inspo with a round-up of wedding date gifts. A wedding date is special and unique to each couple; why not celebrate with a personalized gift? Whether you’re a friend or relative of a couple getting married (and looking for non-registry wedding gifts) or you’re getting married and want a keepsake gift of your own, you’ll find it all right here. We’ve gathered sixteen wedding date gifts that we know you’ll love. Enjoy!

16 Unique Wedding Date Gifts via Emmaline Bride

Wedding Date Gifts

gold date necklace via 16 Unique Wedding Date Gifts
special dates gifts via 16 Unique Wedding Date Gifts bar special date necklacecustom date cut out in book via 16 Unique Wedding Date Gifts foil special dates print via 16 Unique Wedding Date Gifts pick personalized cake server with special date via 16 Unique Wedding Date Gifts engraved dates mason jar glasses via 16 Unique Wedding Date Gifts wedding date hangerpersonalized vinyl decal via 16 Unique Wedding Date Gifts custom dates canvas via 16 Unique Wedding Date Gifts

where to find //
1 – couples date necklace | ava hope designs
2 – stamped necklace with dates | hammered chic designs
3 – special dates print | romantica home
4 – date print with custom words | cocostine designs
5 – date print with names underneath | beautiful type
6 – special date ring | the dandelion bay
7 – green and gray date print | pink milkshake designs
8 – gold bar custom date necklace | starfish story gifts
9 – custom date cut out in book | mei origami
10 – gold foil special dates print | nella designs
11 – guitar pick | sj expressions
12 – personalized cake server | the cutlery commission
13 – engraved mason jars | custom engraved glasses
14 – personalized wedding date hanger | get hung up
15 – vinyl decal with wedding date | vinyl
16 – special dates canvas | geezees


50 Surprisingly Fun Cheap Date Ideas

The weekend is right around the corner and we thought it was a great opportunity to share this fun weekend-ready post. For some couples, once they get engaged the ‘dates’ go right out the window, traded in for constant wedding planning. We say… bring on the date nights! Take a (temporary) wedding planning break once in awhile to remember why you’re tying the knot in the first place. Be spontaneous. Surprise him or her. They’ll love it. To give you a little nudge, we’ve rounded up fifty of the best cheap date ideas to try with your honey. However, there is one catch: you’re not allowed to talk about or think about anything wedding related while on your date. Deal? If you’re ready to get started… let’s begin!

P.S. We know weddings can get hella-expensive, so these are cheap dates designed to keep your budget in check. ;)

50 Cheap Date Ideas

1. Watch the sunset together.

50 Best Cheap Date Ideas

photo by lindsey k photography

Oh, and bring your pup. How cute is this?!

50 Best Cheap Date Ideas

photo by lindsey k photography

2. Spend the afternoon at your local farmer’s market.
3. Visit the zoo or aquarium. (Too pricey near you? Volunteer at an animal shelter and play with the pets.)
4. Date night in: rent a movie, buy popcorn and soda, and snuggle with a blanket.
5. Break out the board games for an indoor game night.
6. Find an outdoor concert with cheap lawn tickets + grab your lawn chairs for a fun summer date night.
7. Bike ride around town.
8. Plan a romantic dinner in for your fiance – cook, light candles, pour wine, and play romantic music in the background.
9. Plan a patio date in the summer: barbecue, add beverages (wine, iced tea), and enjoy the warm air.

10. Play putt-putt golf. Winner buys ice cream!

50 Best Cheap Date Ideas

photo by click chick images

11. Learn a new outdoor activity together (kayaking, gardening, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, or sailing). Who knows – you may just find a new hobby you’ll love to do together!
12. Go bowling.
13. Take a cooking class together at a local parks and rec or community college. Have a friend who loves to cook? Ask them to teach you.
14. Go to a local museum. (If too expensive near you, head to a local historic marker and learn about your town. It’s all about learning something about history together.) You can sometimes score deals here.

15. Plan a picnic: fill a basket with wine, cheese, crackers, and a comfy blanket.

50 cheap date ideas: #15 plan a picnic

photo by eric boneske photography

16. Spend the afternoon at the beach.
17. Go on a road trip for the day. Map out your route, stop at anything fun on the way, and return home by nighttime.
18. Go thrifting: visit garage sales, flea markets, or estate sales and see who scores the sweetest deal.
19. Play paintball! (This is nearly free if you have your own equipment; if not, opt for a water gun fight instead.)
20. Hit up the arcade with handfuls of quarters.

21. Go to a local amusement park or carnival. (Local church festivals or carnivals are free to get in; just pay for what you’d like to do like play games or eat.)

50 Best Cheap Date Ideas: #21 go to an amusement park or carnival

photo by joe elario photography via de lovely affair

22. Find a bar with karaoke – and do a (likely hilarious) duet.
23. Go to a show to support a local band.
24. Take an art class together at a local parks and rec or community college near you. (Too expensive near you? Grab two canvases and paints and get to work. You may even create some pretty amazing artwork for your home.)
25. Go on a second “first date”. Get dressed up, drive separately, and pretend you’ve just met. Hold hands. Ask questions awkwardly. Get butterflies.
26. Go on a Geo-caching treasure hunt. Or, grab one of these gadgets. I’ve never done this, but it’s on my to-do list.

27. Go hiking.
28. Have a bonfire complete with marshmallows ready for toasting.
29. Fly kites or RC planes (if you have one). It’s a nice way to get fresh air and feel like a kid again.
30. Go to a drive in movie.

31. Go-karting. So. much. fun.

50 Best Cheap Date Ideas: #31 go-karting. awesome.

photo by lavida creations

32. Work on a (fun) project together. Buy supplies, figure out instructions, and get to work!
33. Volunteer somewhere. You’ll spend quality time together – and help out someone else. Cool.
34. Go out for ice cream. Huge, topping-crazed ice creams.
35. Play Bingo. It’s surprisingly fun, affordable, and you may even win extra money for your honeymoon.
36. Have a water gun fight. ‘Nuff said. (Winter alternate: have a snowball fight.)
37. Teach the other how to do something they’ve never tried: the guitar, a new card game, how to bake an apple pie, just as a few examples.
38. Grab tickets to a local college sports game (baseball, football, basketball).
39. Go to a jazz club. (Or make your own at home.)
40. Get hooked on a new TV series and have a marathon. (Note: I love the series available on Amazon Prime, try it for free right now!)

41. Go for a night drive. Pack up some good tunes and ride off into the sunset.

50 cheap date ideas: #41 go for a night drive

photo by eplove

42. Go to a club and dance your you-know-whats off.
43. Plan out your honeymoon. Spend the evening talking about where to go; once you decide, surf the internet to find attractions and things to do while you’re there.
44. Rollerblade at your local rink or around town.
45. Make reservations for dinner at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to. Get deals and save even more money.
46. Take a fitness class together you’d both enjoy. Or, buy a workout DVD, a challenging one (or even this!) to try at home.
47. Grab inflatable tubes and spend an afternoon on a river. (Cold weather alternate: go ice skating, sledding, or spend the afternoon at a cider mill.)
48. Learn how to brew your own beverage: try your hand at making cappuccinos, a flavored ice tea, or your own brewed beer. Become a coffee connoisseur and learn how to use a french press. You may find a new favorite.
49. Go on a restaurant tour – on the cheap. Stop in for an appetizer at a few different locations to try out some new foods.
50. Grab a few laughs at a comedy club or rent a funny movie to get rid of any wedding planning stress.

* * *

It doesn’t matter what the activity is… just have fun, take a break from stressing out, and enjoy spending some one-on-one time together.


So, we want to know…

What are YOUR favorite cheap date ideas?
Share them below!

Happy Planning!


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Top 10 Irresistible Felt Cake Toppers

Happy Wednesday! Get ready to put a big ‘ol smile on your face because these felt cake toppers by AdoraWools will give you the warm + fuzzies. Abigail, shop owner and designer, creates these needle-felted animal cake toppers with sweet little details like miniature veils, hearts with monograms, and sailboats or canoes as props. If you’re looking for a wedding cake topper unlike any other, you’ve come to the right place!

felt cake toppers

Felt Cake Toppers by AdoraWools

Create your own custom animal family! Choose your favorite animal, add accessories, and see your dream cake topper come to life. (See above and below.)

This turtle + rabbit couple (below) each hold an initialed heart. Want another animal? Just ask: custom orders are welcomed.

felt cake toppers

Florida gators fans – or, people with a penchant for these felted big-toothed softies – will love these alligator felt cake toppers with miniature red hearts; the groom sports a small black tophat.

felt cake toppers

These turtles in love feature a groom with a bow tie and a bride with a veil in back (in blue or pink).

felt cake toppers
felt cake toppers
felt cake toppers

Have you ever seen a squirrel so sweet?

felt cake toppers

Canoe-loving couples: check out this turtle and owl sharing a tiny felted canoe!

felt cake toppers
felt cake toppers

We love these fox cake toppers + the groom’s necktie…

… and this fawn + turtle combination, both with big irresistible smiles.

felt cake toppers

The cake topper below was used in a Real Wedding (captured by Photography by Jovana) and features two dinosaurs connected with a red heart:

felt cake toppers
felt cake toppers

And… our top favorite: a bunny couple floating away in a sailboat!

bunny couple in a sailboat by AdoraWools #handmade #wedding

If you like what you see here, check out the full shop at AdoraWools + more designs in her Etsy shop. Tell ‘em Emmaline Bride sent you!

Happy Planning!


P.S. You can also get the wedding date inscribed on the back!

felt cake toppers

* * *

Today, we want to know… which cake topper do you love best? If you’ve already purchased a cake topper, what does it look like? Share in on the discussion below!