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How to Decorate Wedding Favors from A to Z

The difference between a boring wedding favor and a brilliant wedding favor is handmade decoration. Today, we’ll show you how to decorate wedding favors with handmade wedding embellishments and ideas from A to Z. This guide will teach you how to decorate wedding favors that are more fun to make and more memorable for guests, too. Enjoy!

how to decorate wedding favors

How to Decorate with Billy Balls

Do you love craspedia? Want to learn how to decorate with billy balls for your wedding? These bright yellow flowers can add a poppy punch of color to any space, making them perfect for wedding décor. Billy balls – also known as craspedia or billy buttons – are flowers with long brilliant green stems and sphere-shaped bright yellow head. Use these flowers to decorate your ceremony space, add to your bouquet as a filler, create boutonnieres, display as wedding centerpieces, and more! Today we’re showing you our favorite ways to decorate with billy balls to add an essential whimsical flair to your day. Enjoy!

billy balls

How to Decorate a Simple Wedding Cake

Get ready for a sugar rush! Today, we’re bringing you inspiration on how to decorate a simple wedding cake with ten easy-to-do decoration ideas you’ll love! Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be over the top; it can be as sweet, simple, and elegant as you’d like it to be. We’re showing you how easy it is to decorate a simple wedding cake with color, fruit, flowers, tissue paper, and handmade wedding finds to make it POP, no matter what size it is. Read on for more…

Decorate a Simple Wedding Cake

how to decorate a simple wedding cake

How to Decorate Your Reception with Personal Style

If you’re wondering how to decorate your reception, you’ve come to the right place! At Emmaline Bride, it’s no secret that we love handmade wedding ideas and inspirational twists on standard (read: boring) wedding decor. Each year, as new trends emerge into the wedding world (last year we saw plenty of mason jars, burlap table runners, and cake in a jar just to name a few), make sure you don’t get caught up in too many trends and lose sight of your own unique wedding story. Today, we’re sharing inspiration from an amazing couple named Kris and Heike who, while planning their wedding, made it their mission to skip all the trends and opt instead for decor that emphasized their personal style. The result? A wedding day that told volumes in the form of beautifully hand-selected decor and sweet sentimental details likely to be remembered by guests. Read on to find out how to decorate your reception with personal style with beautiful photographs by the lovely team at We Love Pictures. (Remember: If you’re making the effort to plan a handmade wedding, be sure you have an exceptional photography team on your side to capture every lovely detail! Make sure you choose a photographer who will make you proud.) Enjoy!

how to decorate your reception

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