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How to Display Multiple Wedding Cakes

Hi, loves! It’s time for another Ask Emmaline question. This one comes from bride-to-be, Angela, who says, “I am planning a cake bar at my wedding with multiple wedding cakes instead of one cake. I plan to have different flavors for each cake but I have no idea how to display them. Any tips?” Great question! Read on to find out how to display multiple wedding cakes at your reception with one simple idea…

How to Display Multiple Wedding Cakes

How to Display Multiple Wedding Cakes

The answer? Pedestal stands! Cake pedestals (also known as cake stands) can be used to display multiple wedding cakes or desserts with ease. When displaying multiple wedding cakes (or desserts), use pedestals at varying heights. This will draw visual interest to your table. Here are a few beautiful (+ handmade!) cake pedestals by Roxy Heart Vintage to inspire you…

How to Display Multiple Wedding CakesHow to Display Multiple Wedding Cakes

The pedestals don’t have to be the same, either. Mix and match colors or look for unique styles on the stands themselves:

How to Display Multiple Wedding Cakes

Presumably, you’ll probably still want a ‘wedding’ cake that is for you and the groom to cut. Make sure it stands out from the rest by placing on its own unique pedestal. This lace-inspired design is one such example.

How to Display Multiple Wedding Cakes

To see these pedestal cake stands (and more!), visit Roxy Heart Vintage, Featured Artist in The Marketplace.

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We hope this advice helps! Brides: if you have any questions or comments, leave them below. We’re always happy to help! If you have wedding advice questions of your own, just Ask Emmaline! Your question may appear in an upcoming post.


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Wedding Cupcake Ideas: 3 New Finds – May 24th

Brides: if you’re serving cupcakes at your wedding instead of traditional wedding cake, don’t miss this post! We’ve rounded up three new wedding cupcake ideas to ensure your cupcakes look their very best. We’ve found adorable cupcake stands, wedding cupcake toppers, and colorful wrappers to tie into your decor. Read on for the sweet inspiration…

Wedding Cupcake Ideas

1. Cupcake Stand

When it comes to wedding cupcakes, what’s the first rule of thumb? Presentation! You’ll want to display your cupcakes on a chic stand. We love these cupcake stands using vintage china by High Tea for Alice.

Wedding Cupcake Ideas: vintage china cupcake stand (by High Tea for Alice)

2. Cupcake Toppers

Next, you’ll need to dress up your cupcakes with a wedding-inspired topper. These sweet vintage-inspired cupcake toppers by Pink Cherry Mama totally fit the bill. You can snag these with custom initials, ‘Mr and ‘Mrs’, ‘I Do’, and much more!

Wedding Cupcake Ideas: cupcake toppers (by Pink Cherry Mama)
Wedding Cupcake Ideas: cupcake toppers (by Pink Cherry Mama)

3. Cupcake Wrappers

And, last but certainly not least, you’ll need decorative cupcake wrappers. Coordinate your cupcake wrappers to match your wedding palette with these paper wrappers spotted at Lasso’d Moon. Mint, anyone? (So hot this season.)

Wedding Cupcake Ideas: mint green wedding cupcake wrappers (by Lasso'd Moon)Wedding Cupcake Ideas: cupcake wrappers (by Lasso'd Moon)

– – –

If you’re looking for even more wedding cupcake ideas, you might like this!

Are you serving cupcakes at your wedding? Have you ever been to a wedding with cupcakes instead of cake? Tell us your thoughts below!

Happy Planning!


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DIY Cupcake Bouquet

Brides: are you serving cupcakes at your wedding? Bored of the same old display? Want to cross “centerpieces” AND “cake” off your to-do list at the same time? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve heard of the cupcake in a jar – heck, we’ve even seen cupcakes on candlesticks – but a DIY cupcake bouquet is a fresh + fun idea. Instead of displaying cupcakes on the same old tray or tower, display them in a pot instead! These rose-frosting-topped cupcake bouquets are perfect for spring and summer weddings, bridal showers, and parties, and they double as your centerpiece, too. Plus, with Mother’s Day around the corner, you have no excuse but to whip up a batch of cupcakes this weekend and give ’em to your mom. (And, it’s EASY! Even I could make ’em, which is saying a lot. I’m no baker.) Besides, do you know anyone who would turn down a bouquet of cupcakes? Me either. So, grab your favorite cupcake mix, delicious frosting, some decorative cupcake wrappers, and a few other easy-to-find supplies and prepare to be inspired! Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the page for full step-by-step tutorials. Enjoy!

DIY Cupcake Bouquet Ideas
photo credits: top left – edible moments | bottom left – perfect wedding | right – culinary couture blog

DIY Cupcake Bouquet

A cupcake bouquet is a vessel – typically a gardening pot to fit into the ‘bouquet’ theme – filled with cupcakes. The cupcakes look like blooms because their tops have been piped with frosting to look like roses; the cupcakes are attached to toothpicks set in Styrofoam so they appear to be ‘blooming’ right out of their pot. And, if I do say so myself, they look almost too pretty to eat. (Let’s be honest, though, it’s still cake. Delicious. Icing-topped. Cake. I can’t pass that up.)

This cupcake bouquet by Edible Moments is one of my favorites. I love the white rose-topped cupcakes and the chocolate cake. I also love how she added the fake leaves that look so real. And, her frosting piping skills are amazing.

diy cupcake bouquet - pink cupcake bouquet (by edible moments)close-up of cupcake bouquet by edible moments:

I came across this blog called 52 Kitchen Adventures and it’s filled with so many great ideas! I especially love the animated gif she created on the tutorial which shows how to pipe roses. She makes it look do-able, even for a total novice baker, like myself.

diy cupcake bouquet (by 52 kitchen adventures)

diy cupcake bouquet by 52 kitchen adventures

Feeling adventurous? Add macarons on a stick, a little tulle, and cupcakes (with a decorative container) and you get this pretty little masterpiece. By Raspberri Cupcakes.

diy cupcake bouquet with macarons (by raspberri cupcakes)

by raspberri cupcakes

And, I’m no baker… so instead of me pretending to know what I’m talking about, I’ll leave the rest up to the pros! Check out these AMAZING resources (in no particular order) for how to make your own DIY cupcake bouquet:

o Get the full-scoop on how to make a cupcake bouquet from 52 Adventures, along with a piped roses tutorial image;

o Learn how to make the cupcake bouquet with macarons from Raspberri Cupcakes; and

o Check out the cupcake bouquet tutorial from Edible Moments.

After checking out these sources, I’m ready to go out and make these myself! I’ll let you know how it turns out. :)

Happy Planning Baking (+ Bowl Licking + Icing Stealing + Cake Eating)! P.S. My diet is coming back from vacation soon and she’s gonna be ticked.


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5 DIY Fall Desserts for Weddings + Parties

Happy Tuesday! Are you enjoying the new season? I love Fall… my favorite time of year. Maybe it’s the cool breeze, the pumpkin spice coffee that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying, or the changing leaves I can see outside my office window. This scarf-wearing, cider-buying, jeans-and-sweater sporting weather is perfect for weddings and comes with some pretty tasty dessert ideas, too. If you’re looking for fall desserts to add a thematic touch to your wedding, bridal shower, or party (maybe even just kicking back on Saturday night with your honey), you’ve come to the right place. I’m sharing five of my new favorite fall desserts for weddings to try – and each includes a link to the complete do-it-yourself recipe. So, roll up those sleeves, slap on your favorite apron, grab a few of these oven mitts (I’m obsessed) and get ready try these tempting fall desserts for weddings. You can bake ’em up and gift as favors (in to-go packaging) or share among other favorite treats on a dessert table. And, if you’re a bit of a baking amateur, just fake it ’til you make it: I think that’s the rule for beginner bakers anyway… enjoy!

5 Fall Desserts for Weddings + Parties

1. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

I’ve seen variations of this pumpkin cream cheese muffin recipe everywhere, so when delightful food blogger Christy (of The Girl Who Ate Everything) says it’s absolutely worth the time to make it, we’re going to believe her! Okay, adding this one to my own list… (Grab the recipe here!)

pumpkin cream cheese muffins - fall desserts for weddings

2. Brioche + Apple Tarts

These apple tarts scream fall AND look pretty enough to be served up in style at your next soiree. Grab the full recipe here (recipe by Valli Little for Delicious).

brioche and apple tart - fall desserts for weddings

photo by mark roper via

3. Cider Doughnuts

In a word: YUM. In three words? Ooey gooey deliciousness. Try ’em out yourself with the full recipe via King Arthur Flour.

cider doughnuts - fall desserts for weddings

4. Cardamom Honey Caramel Pears (or Apples)

I’m so happy to have found this recipe, as pears are often overlooked as a worthy treat, but pears are actually in their full glory in October. So, do what the folks at Not Without Salt created this amazing recipe, I couldn’t wait to share it. These pears make a great favor-to-go – just wrap and tie with pretty ribbon and a tag. Get the full how-to scoop here.

caramel pears - fall desserts for weddings

5. Baked Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes

These baked pumpkin spice donut holes look heavenly and only take twenty minutes to make. Crazy, I know- this is one I’ll be trying right away. These are actually miniature muffins, but with the special mixture of butter and little bits of magic, these taste like delicious donut holes – no frying required! Get the full recipe via Pennies on a Platter.

baked pumpkin spice donut holes - fall desserts for weddings

* * *

If you do decide to bake one of these delicious fall desserts, let us know what you thought in the comments field below. Or, tell us which fall desserts looks the most bake-worthy to you. We’d love to hear which one is your favorite!

Happy Planning Baking!


link to oven mitt below links to our affiliate account via amazon because it’s so darn cute. as always, feel free to shop wherever you wish!

Top 10 Wedding Cupcake Wrappers

Happy Tuesday! If you’ve been craving cupcakes as I have this week, you’ll appreciate this round-up of wedding cupcake wrappers sans those pesky cals. Cupcake towers are a popular choice for brides who want to ditch the traditional tiered idea – or, who want to incorporate a little added sugar to their dessert table… and dressing ’em up is half the fun! Today we’re sharing ten hand-picked wedding cupcake wrappers to inspire your cupcake creations. Read on to see which wrappers made the list… then go out and get yourself a cupcake pronto. I know I will! Enjoy!

Top 10 Wedding Cupcake Wrappers

1. Lace Cupcake Wrappers

Made with real lace, these cupcake wrappers will make a dramatic addition to your decor! By Bailey Mama 5.

wedding cupcake wrappers

by baileymama5, photo by sara wilde

2. Tuxedo Cupcake Wrappers

Dress up your cakes in suits and ties, like this collection spotted at Cake a Doodle Doo.

tuxedo wedding cupcake wrappers

by cake a doodle doo

3. Monogram Cupcake Wrappers

Add a personalized twist with these monogram cupcake wrappers spotted at Cake a Doodle Doo.

monogram cupcake wrappers

by cake a doodle doo

4. Map Cupcake Wrappers

If you and your honey are from different areas on the map, these wrappers are a unique idea! By Dill Pickle Picnic.

map cupcake wrappers

by dill pickle picnic

5. Burlap Cupcake Wrappers

Burlap-loving brides will appreciate this paper wrapper that looks like the real deal! No scratchy surface – just easy-to-fold wrappers here! By Bright So Slight.

burlap wedding cupcake wrappers

by bright so slight

6. Mustache Cupcake Wrappers

It wouldn’t be right to skip over fun, quirky cupcake wrappers, like these mustached ones spotted at Faire Une Fete. Mustache decor is always a crowd pleaser!

mustache cupcake wrappers

by faire une fete

7. Reversible Floral + Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers

Can’t decide? Opt for a design with two sides like this floral and polka dot combination. Thanks, 2 Birds Paper Designs!

reversible floral and polka dot cupcake wrappers

by 2 birds paper designs

8. Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Cupcake Wrappers

If you’re planning a wedding a la ‘Wonderland’, look no further than these queen of hearts cupcake wrappers by Your Little Cupcake!

queen of hearts cupcake wrappers

by your little cupcake

9. Polka Dot Flower Cupcake Wrappers

For a unique twist, offer guests cupcake wrappers with bright blue and white polka dots and a flowery edging. By Cathy’s Wraps.

polka dot flower cupcake wrappers

by cathy’s wraps, photo by eva blanchard photo

10. Wedding Ring Cupcake Wrappers

And, last but certainly not least, these wedding ring cupcake wrappers take the cake! Serve ’em up at your engagement party, bridal shower, or at the wedding itself. By Your Little Cupcake.

wedding ring cupcake wrappers

by your little cupcake

Happy Planning (+ enjoy that cupcake!)


7 Vintage Wedding Cake Stands (Fit for a Queen)

Good Morning, loves! Today, we’re diving into the whimsical collection of vintage wedding cake stands by our friend Lisa Marie of High Tea for Alice. Lisa Marie creates some of the most incredible vintage wedding cake stands ever – and, she’s a total sweetheart. It’s no surprise, then, that her cake stands fly off the shelves – figuratively speaking, of course, as this china is quite delicate – and brides become regular clients even after the big day. If you’re planning a vintage wedding and want to add the perfect touch, consider one of these vintage wedding cake stands for your big day. Use as a dessert-topped centerpiece for each table, display two or three on your cake table as a cupcake holder, or use as a display piece. After the wedding, gift remaining stands to loved ones as a keepsake or display in your home: it even makes an elegant jewelry stand. Read on to see some of our favorite vintage wedding cake stands we know you’ll love…

vintage wedding cake stands
vintage wedding cake stands
vintage wedding cake stands
vintage wedding cake stands
vintage wedding cake stands
vintage wedding cake stands

Want a custom order? Lisa Marie can create an alternative option, like this two-tiered cake stand made from a favorite china pattern. Our favorite? Lenox’s chirp plates-turned-cake stand.

vintage wedding cake stands

What a beautiful collection! Visit High Tea for Alice + go shopping here.

High Tea for Alice is a Featured Artisan in The Marketplace at Emmaline Bride.

Happy Planning!


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DIY Banana Split Bites

We’re kicking off your morning with a sugar rush in a delectable bite-size serving: DIY banana split bites! If you love ice cream – and delightful desserts for guests, these DIY banana split bites are perfect for you! We spotted these treats at The Family Kitchen and we think they’d make a sweet addition to your dessert table or as favors for guests. Worried they’ll melt? Prepare + freeze in small (4 oz.) mason jars (remember when we showed you ice cream in a jar?), wrap in a thank you favor tag, and serve to guests with a spoon. Don’t forget the rainbow sprinkles… we think it’s the best part!

diy banana split bites

image via the family kitchen

diy banana split bites

image via bakers royale

For the full DIY scoop, check out Baker’s Royale or Family Kitchen, which both feature delicious recipes. Yum!

There’s more coming up next – stay tuned, lovelies!

Happy Planning!


DIY Sprout Cupcakes

If you’re planning a nature-inspired wedding or bridal shower, you’ll love these green-inspired DIY sprout cupcakes! To make them at home, simply bake up a batch of miniature-sized chocolate cupcakes – hold the frosting – and add these sweet sugary sprout cupcake toppers by Mimicafe Union. These cupcakes look like tiny little (edible) sprouts, which are made from fondant. You can also order the cupcakes with the terra cotta pots for easy “planting”. Add a thank you tag and guests can take these DIY sprout cupcakes to go! Take a closer look…

DIY Sprout Cupcakes

Each edible “sprout” cupcake topper measures 1.5″ in diameter.

diy sprout cupcakes

by mimi cafe union

diy sprout cupcakes

by mimi cafe union

diy wedding cupcakes with sprout

by mimi cafe union

diy wedding cupcakes with sprout

by mimi cafe union

To order yours – or view more details – visit Mimicafe Union.

Happy Planning!


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Happy Thanksgiving from Emmaline Bride

Emmaline Bride would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! We hope your day is filled with good family, friends, tons of yummy food and conversation to warm your hearts. We are thankful for you, our dear readers and sponsors for allowing us to spread love for handmade weddings. We love you all!

Now… we wouldn’t leave you without some DIY inspiration, would we? Check out this adorable Oreo Turkey cookie idea you can still make just in time for dessert! This photo is courtesy of Our Best Bites and was spotted via Pinterest. You may click here or on the image below to find out the entire how-to to make ’em yourself! These oreo turkeys are made of oreos, peanut butter cups, candy corn, and more. Enjoy!


source: our best bites

Enjoy the holiday! We’ll see you back here bright and early on Friday morning.