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DIY Dahlia Flower Brooch

Ah, a DIY dahlia flower brooch: the perfect accessory for the crafty, not-so-crafty, or last-minute holiday gift wrapper (like me!) who wants to use something other than throw-away bows. We spotted this darling DIY dahlia flower brooch tutorial over at Not Martha and we love how easy it is to do. I can think of so many ways to use this brooch: as a gift topper, as an alternative to a corsage (place a pin on the back for wearing), or as a cute brooch for your tote bag or purse. And… there’s even a little surprise on the back to make this a truly personalized handmade gift. Take a peek…

red diy dahlia flower brooch via not martha

Where to Buy Horseshoes for Weddings + Crafts

Planning your wedding is 10x more frustrating when you don’t know where to buy a particular item. For instance, when Kellymarie wanted to make these rustic escort card horseshoes (see #5) she asked us for our help. We sought out the ultimate list of where to buy horseshoes for weddings (and crafts!) so your wedding can be 10x less frustrating. Read on to see what we’ve found…

where to buy horseshoes for weddings crafts

Where to Buy Mason Jar Drinking Glasses / Mugs

Brides: wondering where to buy mason jar drinking glasses for your wedding? Want to make mason jar drinking glasses but want the kind with a handle? You’ve come to the right place! This post will show you the best places to buy mason jars with handles to use as drinking glasses AND how to save a bunch of money doing it. Read on to find out more…

Where to Buy Mason Jar Drinking Glasses (w/ Handles)

Where to Buy Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

I’ve purchased many mason jars in the past, and I always order from the same place. Amazon. Why? I can almost never find the mason jar drinking glasses with the handle at my local stores, nor do I feel like picking up two or three boxes of quart or pint-sized mason jars and lugging them around with me all the way home. Plus, ordering mason jars in bulk is always a money-saver, which matters oh-so-much when planning your wedding.

Libby Fair Mason Jar Mugs

If I had to pick, the Libby Fair 16 1/2 oz. mason jar drinking glasses are my fave. They even feature a cute little country fair emblem on them, which is perfect for a country wedding.

libbey county fair mason jar drinking glasses with handle

libbey fair

Golden Harvest Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

You can also try these by Golden Harvest, which feature a smooth front.

mason jar drinking mug glasses

golden harvest

Ball Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

The most inexpensive ones are probably these by Ball, but they’re a bit smaller (12 oz) and I haven’t tried them myself, so I won’t vouch for them. The reviews look promising, though!

mason jar drinking mugs


Anyways, I always buy mason jars here because they arrive right to my door (you can get a lot of ‘em for free two-day shipping, which is awesome, especially in a last-minute party panic) and the prices are always so reasonable. Whenever brides ask us where to buy mason jar drinking glasses, mason jars, or jelly jars, the answer is always Amazon. Plus, you can pair ‘em with striped drinking straws easily all-in-one order. And, stripey straws make drinking out of mason jars infinitely more awesome. (And, some people just don’t like to drink out of a jar, so a straw definitely helps.) Besides, have you seen how many amazing striped and patterned drinking straws are available today? It’s amazing. Ah, well, we’ll talk about that in an upcoming post. :)

Hope it helps!


Custom Stamps for DIY Wedding Projects

Hello, loves! Happy Monday! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. We’re kicking off the brand new week with DIY wedding ideas using custom stamps. If you love do-it-yourself projects but you need a professional touch, consider adding a custom stamp to your supply list. These custom stamps by Paper Sushi, for example, can help you make save the date cards or wedding favors with ease. Read on to find out more…

Custom Stamps

A wood slice wedding favor attached to a formal card becomes a keepsake save the date magnet for a rustic wedding.

Custom Stamps for DIY Wedding Projects (by Paper Sushi)

DIY Printable Wedding Invitations

Brides: want to try your hand at a little DIY? Need a professionally designed set of printable wedding invitations? Today you can have both! We’re loving the gorgeous collection of DIY printable wedding invitations at Melissa Gail Creative. Printable wedding invitations is one way to do-it-yourself while maintaining a stylish, cohesive look. Read on to see four DIY printable wedding invitations plus win free invitations custom made for you! It’s all inside…

DIY Printable Wedding Invitations

1. Turquoise Vineyard

Turquoise-loving brides: this is the invitation for you! I adore the typography, vines, and color.

DIY Printable Wedding Invitations (by Melissa Gail Creative) - turquoise

5 Rules for Mason Jar Glasses or Favors

Brides: are you using mason jar glasses for your bar? Planning to give favors packaged in mason jars for guests? Don’t miss this post! Read these five rules to ensure your drinking glasses or favors are well-received by guests. We’ll also show you a few key ingredients for drinking glasses guests will love, along with a chic way to personalize a mason jar favor. It’s all inside…

5 Rules to Mason Jar Glasses (or Favors)

1. Accessorize.

Mason Jar Glasses - colorful #striped #straws and daisy lids! #wedding #lids #mason #jars #favors #mason-jar #drinking #glasses

Minneapolis Black Tie Wedding

Jennifer and Damon’s Minneapolis black tie wedding is something you won’t want to miss. Their elegant Minneapolis wedding has the perfect combination of class and DIY details. Some of Jennifer’s DIY details include the handmade table number cards with favorite quotes and cake topper college mascots, Wisconsin’s “Badger” and Nebraska’s “Herbie Husker”. Jennifer’s handmade earrings were from an artist on Etsy. Photographing Jennifer and Damon’s Minneapolis black tie wedding was Natalie from Natalie Champa Jennings Photography. Check out the full wedding after the jump…

How to Create the Perfect Brooch Bouquet

We love to hear from our readers. Love it. We like to hear what you’re planning, what you’re working on, what is driving you crazy… and we like to share it with readers who may be experiencing the same thing. So, when we heard from a reader who had an incredible handmade wedding idea planned for her bridal shower, we couldn’t wait to share it with you! Read on to find out this unique + totally inspiring idea PLUS get inspired with some of our favorite handmade brooch bouquets after the jump!

how to create the perfect brooch bouquet

DIY Wedding Style: Stephanie + David

Stephanie and David’s beautiful autumn wedding in Bayfield, WI near Lake Superior has an elegant DIY style. Their DIY wedding style is appeasing and gentle to the eye. From Stephanie’s wedding dress and flowers to the innovative custom guest book, their special day was filled with well thought out subtle details. Stephanie and David’s wedding was craftily documented by photographer Natalie from Natalie Champa Jennings Photography.

Find out more after the click…

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Handmade Wedding in Huntington: Missy + Jason

Missy and Jason’s handmade wedding in Huntington, WV was filled with magnificently crafted details. Their handmade wedding started with a ceremony at Verde Farm, a beautifully landscaped farm with intimate settings for the sophisticated bride and groom. With a vintage feeling handmade wedding in mind, this couple incorporated a wishing tree with hanging tags, mason jars with lace and flowers, and handmade burlap and lace flower girl buckets with button details. Two other handmade details handily crafted by the bride were fabric bunting banners and curtains, along with handmade shaped programs that doubled as fans for guests with which to stay cool. Capturing Missy and Jason’s handmade wedding in Huntington with detail was storyteller photographer Kelli Dailey from Third Line Studios. Kelli fills us in on more wedding day details after the jump…