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Beach Wedding Dress Sash with Coral Motif

Beach brides: are you looking for a beach wedding dress sash to complete your look? You’ll adore this dress sash from All for Love! It features a coral inspired motif made of embroidered bullion, seed beads, bugle beads, and rhinestones, all set on tulle backing. The dress sash features a ribbon tie in the back to make a bow. What a stunning piece! It’s the handmade wedding find of the day:

Beach Wedding Dress Sash Belt

Beach Wedding Dress Sash | Sash Belt for Beach Bride http://emmalinebride.com/planning/beach-wedding-dress-sash/

dress sash | handmade by all for love by Gina

Coral Motif Beach Wedding Dress Sash | Sash Belt for Beach Bride http://emmalinebride.com/planning/beach-wedding-dress-sash/

dress sash | handmade by all for love by Gina

Get details on this Beach Inspired Dress Sash

You can find out more about this sash (and see others like it) at All for Love, who also designed this incredible beach veil.


Vintage Brooch Dress Sash

Vintage brides: this one’s for you! Today’s find of the day is a gorgeous vintage brooch dress sash, which features eight brooches in total to complete the piece. It is handcrafted by The Storied Sash and has a gold rhinestone bow and heart. The brooch center piece is attached to a soft chiffon belt (in white, ivory, blush pink, or sage green) and can be worn with any style gown. Take a look!

Vintage Dress Sash with Brooch

Brooch Dress Sash | http://emmalinebride.com/bride/brooch-dress-sash/

by the storied sash

Brooch Dress Sash | http://emmalinebride.com/bride/brooch-dress-sash/

by the storied sash

Find out more about this brooch dress sash

You can find out more about this beautiful wedding dress belt here.


Winery Style Wedding Shoot at B.R. Cohn Winery

Are you dreaming of a winery style wedding? You’ve come to the right place! Today we’re sharing a winery styled shoot with d.Royal Engagements at the event styling helm and the lovely Olivia Smartt Photography behind the lens. A handful of talented wedding vendors came together to bring wine themed ideas to fruition, including a stunning location — B.R. Cohn Winery — and a full video by Spencer Sarson Visuals. In this post, you’ll find a breathtaking ceremony arch with chandelier, ceremony seating inspiration, gorgeous dresses (and handsome attire), extravagant floral design, a stunning wedding cake with custom cake topper, appetizer ideas, and more. If you’re thinking of planning a wine themed wedding, now is the time to start planning — and this shoot is sure to get your creativity flowing! Read on to begin…

Winery Style Wedding Shoot - The Bride and Groom at Winery (photo: olivia smartt) http://emmalinebride.com/themes/winery-style-wedding/

Winery Style Wedding Shoot

Winery Style Wedding Shoot - ceremony arch with chandelier (photo: olivia smartt) http://emmalinebride.com/themes/winery-style-wedding/

I’m obsessed with this chandelier — it’s gorgeous! It was rented from Wine Country Party.

Winery Style Wedding Shoot - lavender wedding arch with chandelier (photo: olivia smartt) http://emmalinebride.com/themes/winery-style-wedding/

Loving these custom dress hangers from Black Label Decor:

Winery Style Wedding Shoot - The Bride's Dress on Custom Hanger (photo: olivia smartt) http://emmalinebride.com/themes/winery-style-wedding/

Winery Style Wedding Shoot - The Bride's Dress on Hanger (photo: olivia smartt) http://emmalinebride.com/themes/winery-style-wedding/

I love all of the bride’s accessories… but this dress sash from Something Treasured is amazing!

Winery Style Wedding Shoot - The Bride's Accessories (photo: olivia smartt) http://emmalinebride.com/themes/winery-style-wedding/

See the sash on the bride’s reception dress, below:

Winery Style Wedding Shoot - Wedding Gown on Satin Hanger (photo: olivia smartt) http://emmalinebride.com/themes/winery-style-wedding/

The invitations from Throne Invitations set the color palette of this theme perfectly, right from the start:

Winery Style Wedding Shoot - The Wedding Invitations (photo: olivia smartt) http://emmalinebride.com/themes/winery-style-wedding/

The floral design of this shoot was exceptional — right down to the boutonnieres! By Enchantment Floral.

Winery Style Wedding Shoot - Boutonnieres (photo: olivia smartt) http://emmalinebride.com/themes/winery-style-wedding/

I love the bride’s white robe for getting ready. It’s by Doie (you can visit their website here).

Winery Style Wedding Shoot - The Bride in Robe Getting Ready (photo: olivia smartt, robe: doie) http://emmalinebride.com/themes/winery-style-wedding/

7 Reasons Your Dress *Might* Need a Sash

When you’ve finally found The Dress, you might be ready to pick out your veil (or alternative), shoes, or even a dress sash. But does your dress even need a sash? Generally, a dress is perfect as is — but a sash can sometimes add a little glam or sparkle to a dress. A sash is never a requirement — but whether or not to wear one really depends on the dress you choose and how the sash will complement your overall look. Today we’re sharing seven reasons why your dress might need a sash.

brooch dress sash

by the storied sash

On to the inspiration and, might I add, some of the loveliest sashes we’ve seen yet! Will you be wearing one?

Does Your Dress Need a Sash?

Here are reasons why your dress might need a sash:

1. You found one you really, really love — and you just couldn’t say no.

I get it. A late night shopping online or browsing Pinterest caused you to find a sash you just couldn’t turn down.

millinery flower sash

by angee w.

pearl sash with ribbon

by angee w.

2. Your dress is elegant, but simple — and you crave a little bling.

A sash is the best way to add a little sparkle and shine to your dress. Pearls, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, or colorful blooms are just a few ways brides choose to add a dose of pretty, personal style.

by simply weddings

Sometimes you just need some rhinestones…

gorgeous sparkly sash

by enrich by millie

What’s Hot in The Marketplace – 9.5.13

Hi, lovelies! If you’re a new reader to Emmaline Bride, you may not have yet explored the handmade wedding loveliness that goes on in The Marketplace! Emmaline Bride is home to the original handmade wedding marketplace, which houses hundreds of the best handmade wedding finds. We work with the best vendors, the most talented artisans, and there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. With new items being added every day, it’s no wonder our readers love to shop + see what’s new! Today we’re sharing seven new finds from The Marketplace to give you a small sampling of what to see in the shop. What did we find? Browse our hand-picked items below… and tell us which one is your favorite!

1. This gorgeous silk sash

This silk sash is the finishing touch to any bridal gown.

What's Hot in The Marketplace - dress sash (by davie & chiyo)
What's Hot in The Marketplace - dress sash (by davie & chiyo)

by davie and chiyo

2. This beautifully-designed ‘Bride’ tote bag

The perfect tote bag for the bride’s essentials! (Hey, MOH! This makes a great ‘bridal survival’ bag, too!)

What's Hot in The Marketplace - bride tote bag by dream state

by dream state

3. A flower girl dress with a bubble hem (cute!)

The hem on this dress is darling.

What's Hot in The Marketplace - flower girl dress by muse

by muse

4. A small rustic ring pillow made of burlap

A ring pillow that’s perfectly fitting for a fall / rustic wedding.

What's Hot in The Marketplace - burlap ring pillow by the artsy hippie

by the artsy hippie

5. A pair of autumn-ready slipper shoes for the bride

Slip these on wedding shoes and your feet will stay happy!

What's Hot in The Marketplace - wedding shoes by good little things

by good little things

6. These classy Gatsby-inspired wedding invitations

Everything about this invitation suite is perfect: the colors, typography, and style. Love!

What's Hot in The Marketplace - invitation by invited by lama works

by invited by lama works

7. This bridal purse with ‘best day ever’ in lining

How perfect is this purse? I love the ‘best day ever’ embroidery on the lining.

What's Hot in The Marketplace - bridal clutch with 'best day ever' embroidered on lining by sara c accessories

by sara c accessories

Worth the Mention!

Earlier this year, we shared a wedding photography giveaway with one of our preferred photographers, Justin Battenfield. Justin has extended the giveaway to make room for one more couple to take advantage!

bridesmaids mismatched dresses (photo by justin battenfield)

photo by justin battenfield

Click here for the original post — and click here to enter on his site!

– – –

Ready to start shopping? Visit The Marketplace for more pretty finds for your wedding day!

Happy Planning!


8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
(+ Where to Buy a Sixpence)

Do you need ideas for something old, new, borrowed, and blue? We’ve found eight of them! This wedding tradition (from an old English rhyme) is said to bring good luck to the bride. It doesn’t mean you’ll have bad luck if you don’t oblige, but it’s a fun wedding tradition to participate in nonetheless. On a strict budget? Don’t panic: most of these items can be borrowed from a loved one (old, borrowed, and blue) and your ‘new’ can always be your wedding dress. Read on to see our ideas for something old, new, borrowed, and blue; PLUS, find out where you can get a sought-after sixpence for your shoe!

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via EmmalineBride.com) - antique ring box via housewarming

via housewarming

7 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue


For something old, think vintage handkerchiefs (wrapped around your bouquet), vintage lockets (worn as day-of jewelry), or a vintage wedding purse.

1. Vintage Handkerchief

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via EmmalineBride.com) - vintage handkerchief by duryea place designs

by duryea place designs

2. Vintage Shell Wedding Purse

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via EmmalineBride.com) - vintage wedding purse via all for love, l.o.v.e.

by all for love, l.o.v.e.


New is the most fun – it means you, you know, have to buy a little something for you! A dress sash, garter, or new pair of heels are a few favorites. If you don’t want to spend extra, your new wedding dress can count!

3. Dress Sash

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via EmmalineBride.com) - Dress Sash by Eclu

by eclu

4. Garter

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via EmmalineBride.com) - Garter by The Garter Girl

by the garter girl


“Something Borrowed” can be anyhting: a ring you borrowed from your sister, a brooch from your grandmother, or do what I did: wear your mother’s veil. Lucky for me, my mom has exceptional taste. You can also use part of her veil and turn it into a custom hair piece or blusher veil.

5. Blusher Veil

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via EmmalineBride.com) - 1920's inspired blusher veil by Letters to Jane, photo by Allison Lee Photography, Model - Hannah Joest

by letters to jane, photo by allison lee, model: hannah joest

6. Brooch

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via EmmalineBride.com) - Brooch by Big Rock Bridal

by big rock bridal


“Something Blue” can be completely bold or very subtle. A clutch purse with a blue flower pin, for instance, or a pair of blue earrings are perfect examples. For even more subtlety, pin a thin light blue ribbon to the underside of your gown with a simple safety pin. A single stitch of blue thread (hidden, of course) is another great example. A pair of something blue underwear is another easy example: I mean, who needs an excuse to shop for pretty underthings? (I heart these. Plus, this weekend, 40% off and free shipping. Score. And, no, they’re not a sponsor, just one of my most favorite stores!) And, last but not least, we’ve seen a lot of these shoes popping up in Real Weddings. The back logo has, you guessed it, just the right amount of blue.

7. Something Blue Flower Clutch

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via EmmalineBride.com) - Clutch by Eclu

by eclu

8. Blue Earrings

8 Ideas for Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (via EmmalineBride.com) - Earrings by Jewelsalem

by jewelsalem

Where to Buy a Sixpence?

And, last but not least: a sixpence for your shoe! I had no idea where to buy a sixpence for my wedding. You can grab one here. Also, the sixpence is traditionally placed in the bride’s left shoe.


by darice

Happy Planning, loves!


Now it’s your turn: what are YOUR ideas for something old, new, borrowed, and blue?

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps

Brides: have you found the perfect dress but want to add a little something extra? A bridal sash is a welcome addition to any gown to add a pop of color, bling, or an heirloom detail to your dress in seconds. Today we’re showing you how to choose a bridal sash in three easy steps, along with inspiration from the lovely SparkleSM, an expert in the bridal sash industry. So, grab that huge afternoon cup of coffee (um, I recently discovered carrot cake coffee and I’m hooked!) – or tea – and read on to find out how to choose a bridal sash + get a dose of handmade loveliness after the jump! Enjoy!

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps via EmmalineBride.com

How to Choose a Bridal Sash: 3 Easy Steps

It’s easy to select a perfect sash in three easy steps! Once you’ve found the perfect wedding gown, read on for the step-by-step guide on how to choose a bridal sash.

1. Decide which style is right for you.

First, select a style that incorporates your vision. Ask yourself why you want to add a sash: do you want to add bling, a pop of color, your “something blue”, or a vintage heirloom? Once you decide how your sash will accentuate your gown, you’ll be on your way to selecting the perfect style.

For bling, look for a sash made with Swarovski crystals or diamond pointed rhinestones for maximum sparkle + shine down the aisle. The Liv, shown in the top image (and below) is one beautiful option.

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps (sash by SparkleSM) - liv bridal sash with bling

For a vintage touch, look for a touch of art deco like Cadence, SparkleSM’s nod to the roaring twenties.

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps (sash by SparkleSM) - cadence 1920s sash

Need a pop of color? We love this green flower sash (style: Cole)…

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps (sash by SparkleSM) - cole with green flower

… this peach-colored Elle sash is a stunning show-stopper…

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps (sash by SparkleSM) - peach

… and this purple McKenna sash features purple lucite stones. Gorgeous!

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps (sash by SparkleSM) - mckenna purple rhinestone sash

And, let’s not forget Tabitha, which features some of the most stunning multicolored beads we’ve ever seen!

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps (sash by SparkleSM) - tabitha multicolored sash

Last but not least, something blue is always a popular request from brides. The Leighton bridal sash has you covered!

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps (sash by SparkleSM) - something blue bridal sash

Want to add an heirloom quality? You can select a brooch add-on at SparkleSM, like these we spotted…

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps (sash by SparkleSM) - brooch options

2. Measure.

One of the most important steps of how to choose a bridal sash is to measure correctly. Since the piece is custom-made, you’ll want to make sure the measurements you provide are accurate. Use a sewing tape measure to get an accurate read around your waist.

3. Have it Photoshopped onto your Dress.

It’s amazing what technology has done for the wedding industry! Not only can you buy handmade wedding finds online (from vendors around the globe!), but you can get a visual on how your sash will look on your particular gown. Stephanie of SparkleSM offers this unique ‘photoshopping’ service so you can take a peek of your sash + gown combination BEFORE you buy. Awesome.

How to Choose a Bridal Sash in 3 Easy Steps (sash by SparkleSM) - sash

Now that you know how to choose a bridal sash, you’re ready to start shopping! Visit SparkleSM to browse designs you’ve seen here + more from Stephanie’s gorgeous collection.

SparkleSM is a Featured Artisan in The Marketplace.

Happy Planning Sashing!


About the Author

emma arendoski author of the handcrafted wedding and emmaline bride
Emma Arendoski is the author of The Handcrafted Wedding and editor of EmmalineBride.com. Grab a copy of her book here! You can follow her on Twitter @EmmalineBride.

10 Killer Wedding DIYs to Obsess Over

Happy Monday! We hope you had an amazing weekend! We’re kicking off a brand new week of handmade wedding goodness with a collection of 10 killer wedding DIYs we think you’ll love. This list contains some of our favorite wedding DIYs ever… and we think you’ll agree! Feel free to follow each tutorial to a T or mix it up with a variation of your own. And, if you tackle a craft below, please let us know so we can see your beautiful work (+ share it in an upcoming post!) So, ready to get crafty? Read on to see which DIYs made the list… after the jump!

homemade perfume via design sponge

10 Killer Wedding DIYs

1. DIY Perfume

Become a frangrance mixologist in an evening! This custom homemade eau de perfume by Design Sponge makes a great gift for bridesmaids. I plan to make one myself!

homemade perfume

2. DIY Paper Peony (+ FREE Printable Template)

Pretty up your place cards with DIY paper peony flowers thanks to a FREE printable template + tutorial from Ellinee.

diy paper flower

3. DIY Sharpie Mug

Decorate mugs for your coffee or tea loving bridesmaids or create a custom ‘His’ + ‘Hers’ mug set thanks to this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. This DIY is super easy to do with cheap white mugs (try Ikea), Sharpie markers, and your oven! Get the full how-to here.

diy sharpie mug

4. DIY Coasters

Make your own (affordable) favors with this tutorial via FellowFellow: it’s fun and easy.

diy coasters

5. DIY Cement Votive Holders

Deck out your outdoor reception tables (or patio) with DIY cement votive holders. These are easier than they look and can be reused for years after the big day! Read the tutorial at Say Yes to Hoboken.

diy cement votive holders

6. DIY Wedding Program

Make your ceremony programs with this tutorial via Intimate Weddings using burlap and vintage patterned paper. Pretty!

diy wedding program

7. DIY Homemade Lip Gloss

Homemade lip gloss makes a great gift for bridesmaids. Customize the labels to make it your own. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make these… Cheeky Kitchen shows you how it’s done!

how to make homemade lip gloss

8. DIY Bow Sash

Last but not least, you can add a pop of color and a girly detail to your dress (or bridesmaid dresses) with this tutorial by Momtastic.

diy bow sash

9. DIY State Art

Personalize your reception space with DIY state art to show where your love resides. This fun idea – called Heart in Ohio – comes from The Harpster Home. Decorate your reception + display in your love nest after the big day.

diy state art

10. DIY Wrap Bracelet

It’s a wrap! We finish up this round-up with a funky twist on traditional wedding jewelry: wrap bracelets! Visit Honestly WTF for the full tutorial.

diy wrap bracelet

Psst. Did you know you could print on burlap? It’s true… imagine menus, place cards, escort cards, programs… so many possibilities. Just thought we’d share! :)

* * *

Happy Crafting!


P.S. We have a new giveaway coming up next! Don’t miss it!

P.S.S. Are you following us on Pinterest yet? We’d love to follow your boards, too… connect with us today!

20 Dress Sash Styles Your Bridal Shop Won’t Carry

You found the perfect wedding dress… now it’s time to make it your own! A dress sash – tied around the waist – can embellish any gown with your own distinct personal style. Today, we’re bringing you twenty dress sash styles you can’t find at a bridal shop: these are all handmade with two hands by the lovely SparkleSM! If you crave individuality, have a discerning taste, or want a custom dress sash made just for you, look no further! Read on to see which dress sash styles made the cut, why we love ’em, and find out which dress sash was given the Emmaline Bride Top Pick approval. Enjoy!

20 Dress Sash Styles

1. Rosemary

Soft satin ribbon + tons of sparkle caught our eye on this dress sash! We love how the rhinestones surround the ribbon so it doesn’t get lost in the same shade of your wedding dress.

handmade wedding dress sash

2. Bridgit

This strikingly beautiful dress sash features diamond cut rhinestones for a unique look.

handmade wedding dress sash

3. Lilah

This dress sash features repeating bright white satin bows with rhinestones and crystals. Perfect for the bride and works well for a bridesmaid or flower girl sash, too.

handmade wedding dress sash

4. Cole

Four rows of sparkle, anyone? This sparkly dress sash features rhinestones and a 4″ chartreuse flower embellishment.

handmade wedding dress sash

5. Shoshanna

This sash combines both diamond and round cut rhinestones to create a diamond-shaped dress sash centerpiece.

handmade wedding dress sash

6. Willa

Looking for something blue? The Willa has you covered with blue lucite stones across a satin ribbon in your choice of color.

handmade wedding dress sash

7. Leighton

The Leighton is another “something blue” sash can be worn down the aisle, paired with bridesmaid dresses, or worn as a reception dress embellishment.

handmade wedding sash

8. Mattie

If you love classic pearls, this is the wedding sash for you! Crystals, iridescent beads, and a side burst of pearls combine to form this elegant aisle-ready dress sash.

handmade wedding sash

9. Mckenna

This bauble-filled sash features a smoky quartz/purple color crafted with lucite stone. Wear on your wedding day – and beyond! – with a favorite little black dress.

handmade wedding sash

10. Felicity

Felicity is similar to Cole (#4 above) but features a poppy pink + yellow flower piece in lieu of chartreuse. If you like the rhinestones on either of these sashes but prefer another color, just ask!

handmade wedding dress sash

11. Scarlet

For a true stunner, check out the Scarlet sash: it’s a mix between modern with a vintage feel, and features rhinestones completely around the dress. Plus, the elegant focal piece is “draped” ever so slightly to make a statement.

handmade wedding dress sash

12. Yardley

The Yardley sash reminds us of Rosemary (#1 above) but with two rows of rhinestones + satin ribbon instead of one.

handmade wedding dress sash

13. Gracelyn

This dress sash features lucite stones in clear and black with emerald, marquise, round, and square shapes and black seed beads provide an elegant trim. You’ll get plenty of use with this dress sash on the big day – and beyond!

handmade wedding dress sash

14. Cadence

This dress sash is reminiscent of 1920’s charm! Sophisticated rounds of crystals makes this one stand-out statement piece.

handmade wedding dress sash

15. Maia

Rhinestones with “braiding” makes Maia a must for 2012.

handmade wedding dress sash

16. Violet

If your gown already has enough sparkle, opt for a sparkly-free dress sash instead like the Violet. The colorful satin ribbon and soft organza flower tie in pretty layers of purple + pink just in time for summer wedding season.

handmade wedding dress sash

17. Corinne

For the bride who wants sparkle and a little pop of color, the Corinne is perfect! Rhinestones on this sash are pieced together in a diamond-shape pattern with a lovely yellow flower for embellishment.

handmade wedding dress sash

18. Kendell

Simple, sweet, and elegant are three words to describe the Kendell, which features rows of pearl beads and crystals.

handmade wedding dress sash

19. Savannah

Savannah features a black satin ribbon and a white 4.75″ fabric flower with rhinestone stamens and a larger rhinestone centerpiece.

handmade wedding dress sash

20. Emilie

Finally, last but not least, the Emilie – our EB staff top pick! – features a rhinestone studded scroll pattern with beading, a silky satin ribbon weaved throughout, and a large rhinestone jeweled brooch. The brooch is detachable, which makes this our favorite! Wear the sash with the brooch for your wedding; turn it into a pin or hair accessory as a keepsake after the big day.

handmade wedding dress sash

* * *

All dress sashes above by Stephanie of SparkleSM, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace! Stephanie currently offers 120 handmade wedding dress sashes… view the full collection here.

We want to know: which dress sash is your favorite?

Happy Planning!


EB HolidayPalooza 2011: Wedding Giveaway #5

Good morning! It is Day 5 in our Wedding Giveaway HolidayPalooza and we’re giving away five beautiful handmade wedding giveaway prizes! Read on to find out about today’s giveaway and find out how you can enter for a chance to win!

Wedding Giveaway – #1 3D Guestbook

The first prize is a unique 3D wedding hearts guestbook, size medium by Suzy Shoppe. This guest book also comes with an instruction card and pen. You can make this item your own with plenty of custom colors from which to choose! Your guest book will arrive recessed behind glass within a 20″x20″ shadowbox frame.

wedding giveaway

suzy shoppe

suzy shoppe

Winners Announced 12.31.11

Thank you to all who entered + to our sponsors for their generosity! If you have won, please check your inbox soon for details on claiming your prize. :)

Wedding Giveaway – #2 Custom Initial Stamp

The next wedding giveaway item is a custom initial stamp by MaKenzie Noelle Creative. This self-inking stamp features your initials and can make over 25,000 impressions! This is a great gift to be used on wedding correspondence and after the wedding day on thank you notes and to personalize mail sent from your love nest!

wedding giveaway

makenzie noelle creative

wedding giveaway
makenzie noelle creative

Wedding Giveaway – #3 Rose Clutch Purse

A beautiful white ribbon rosette clutch purse is the next prize in today’s wedding giveaway. This clutch will look pretty on your wedding day and features silver lining in satin with silver color hardware. This clutch measures 5″H x 9″W x 3″D and is handmade just for you by Lolis’ Creations.

wedding giveaway

lolis’ creations

Wedding Giveaway – #4 Sash, Bobby Pins & Shoe Clip Gift Pack

The next wedding giveaway prize is three parts and includes a gorgeous sash (pictured below) with both a matching bobby pin set and pair of show clips to complete your entire look. This bridal sash is made with chiffon flowers and measures 1 7/8″ wide and 3 yards long. The entire gift pack is handmade by Nestina Accessories.

wedding giveaway

nestina accessories

Wedding Giveaway – #5 Custom Cuff Links

The final prize is a pair of custom photo cuff links by Hot Magnets. This pair of cuff links can be customized with any image you wish, which means you can win this special pair and gift to your groom on the big day! This also makes a great gift for the best man, groomsman, father, or grandfather.

wedding giveaway

hot magnets

wedding giveaway
hot magnets

Wedding Giveaway

This giveaway will result in five winners, each of which will receive one (1) prize. We will randomly select the winners via random.org. The first number pulled will be able to select which of the five items he or she prefers; the next number will select among the remaining four prizes; so on and so forth. The last winner will receive the remaining prize.

How to Enter

This wedding giveaway runs for one day only on December 30th, 2011 at or before 11:59pm EST. Entrants must be 18 years or older to enter and reside in the United States to be eligible (shipping is provided by sponsor to US only). It’s easy to enter… simply visit the following shops and comment about one (1) item from each shop that you like best. You must comment about an item from each shop to be eligible:

Suzy Shoppe

MaKenzie Noelle Creative

Lolis’ Creations

Nestina Accessories

Hot Magnets

After visiting each site, return here to Emmaline Bride and leave a brief comment on which item(s) you liked best at each shop. This will give the sponsors some feedback and give you the chance to enter to win a prize!

You may receive two additional entries by sharing this giveaway:

– share via Twitter, and/or
– share via Facebook

Please be sure to add a separate comment below for each method used so we can credit appropriately.

Good luck! ♥


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