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Peach and Mint Wedding Inspiration (+ Win!)

Hi, loves! Emma here. I’ve talked about my admiration for mint wedding ideas in the past, but add peach to the color palette and I’m in love! Today we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite peach and mint wedding ideas to inspire your color palette. This color combination is ideal for spring or summer weddings and you can decide to do mostly peach, mostly mint, or a healthy mix of both. They’re beautiful shades that complement each other nicely. Plus, to sweeten the post, we’ve teamed up with the ladies of Rustic Gem Jewelry to offer one of our favorite finds below as our newest wedding giveaway item! What is it? Read on to find out!

peach and mint wedding colors

7 Most Inspiring Ceremony Backdrops

When you see wedding ceremonies, what inspires you? Is it the emotional couple, the unique aisle decor that catches your eye, or maybe the venue itself? One of my favorite wedding day details is the ceremony backdrop and today we’re talking about the best, most inspiring ceremony backdrops we’ve seen yet. If you’re handy, many of these ceremony backdrops are DIY-able; or, as always, keep a sharp eye out for talented artisans who are ready to help you create the ideal backdrop for your particular ceremony. We’ve gathered up the best of the best from around the web and narrowed it down to seven of our favorite ceremony backdrops. Prepare to be inspired!

7 Most Inspiring Ceremony Backdrops

#1: Something Blue

Ah, something blue: a cooling, calming color to soothe your wedding day nerves. This particular backdrop is reminiscent of the ocean and is a welcome change of pace from the traditional neutral color palette. The birds are a whimsical addition.

ceremony backdrops in blue

Fabric Wrapped Letters

Happy Weekend! We spotted these fabric wrapped letters by Forest Girl Design and think they are oh-so-sweet! Each whimsical letter is crafted by hand and is covered completely in beautiful patterned fabric. Use a monogram letter to display in your handmade wedding as décor – either at your ceremony or reception – and display in your home after the big day. Read on to see a few of our favorites…

fabric monogram letters

10 Flower Brooch Pins You’ll Re-Pin Forever

Several months ago, I bought a few flower brooches in light pink, ivory, and grey. I soon found myself pinning them everywhere: my scarf, my jacket, my cardigan – I even place them on a pretty china plate on my dresser because they look so pretty as-is. So, I thought, wouldn’t flower brooches look incredible on everything wedding? I pictured flower brooch pins added to bridesmaid dresses for the perfect pop of color, pinned to a gorgeous satin ribbon and wrapped as a wrist corsage, flower brooches pinned to sashes, bridal cardigans, and clutch purses. I even pictured them pinned to shoes as flower shoe clips. So, when we spotted the new fabric brooches collection at The Blooming Thread (featured at Emmaline Bride in The Marketplace) we knew you’d fall in love with them, too. Imagine these flower brooch pins gifted in a delightful box, pinned to bridesmaid dresses, and re-worn on “girls nights” for years to come! Which one do you love most?

flower brooch pins

Dahlia Fabric Boutonnieres

We’ve talked about clever bridal bouquet alternatives like brooch bouquets, button bouquets, and billy button bouquets as a way to hold on to your bouquet forever. So, why not apply the same idea to boutonnieres or floral corsages? Today, we’re bringing you beautiful handmade dahlia fabric boutonnieres which can be worn by groomsmen, by bridesmaids as wrist corsages (just add satin ribbon), or by guests as flower pins at your bridal shower. These dahlia fabric boutonnieres are handmade by When Love Happens and they are adorable. Soft dahlia petals and striped ribbon? Count me in!

fabric boutonnieres

Fabric Covered Love Letters

Love is in the air today! The Groundhog walked out and saw his shadow (6 more weeks of winter, folks) only to climb back into his bed and tag Cupid as “it”. To kick off the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, we’re sharing these adorable fabric covered love letters by the lovely people at Duryea Place Designs. These paper mache letters are covered in a beautiful vintage-style floral paper with the edges slightly distressed to achieve a sweet, shabby chic look. This particular pattern features pretty pinks, reds, blues, and greens, but can be customized to suit a specific pattern or color scheme you have in mind – just ask! Read on to see more…

fabric covered love letters

How to Make Your Bouquet Last Forever

We love the smell of fresh blooming flowers (and the mere sight of a pink peony makes me especially weak in the knees), but a bouquet that lasts forever? Brilliant! Fresh flowers, while lovely, will wilt. And, days after your wedding you’ll be tossing away your bouquet in the trash. Today, however, we’re showing you how to make your bouquet last forever so you can avoid the sad toss-away dance and replace it with a bouquet that lasts forever! These five handmade fabric bouquets by Autumn and Grace Bridal are crafted with love and can be re-used after the wedding day as delightful home decor. Many years from now when your daughter asks what your bouquet looked like, you can show her in person. Who knows, maybe it will even be her special “something borrowed”! Read on to see 5 hand-picked bouquets you’ll love to hold onto down the aisle and happily ever after…

5 Fabric Flower Bouquets

1. Vintage Inspired Fabric Bouquet

This vintage-inspired fabric flower bouquet features large cotton cabbage roses, rosettes and lace. We love the lace detailing and beading in the center.

how to make your bouquet last forever

5 Something Blues You Can Reuse

Looking for a something blue that will outlast the wedding cake? It seems most traditional something blue items such as a blue bridal veil or a blue gown sash tend to be worn once and tucked away in brides’ sock drawers, never to be seen again. But wouldn’t it be nice to find a something blue accessory you’ll love to wear – and re-wear – long after the wedding day? Absolutely! Read on to check out five hand-picked something blues you can reuse happily ever after.

something blue

How to Display Wedding Photographs in Style!

After the cake is cut, the last song is played, and guests have gone on home, you’ll have two things that remain: a happy ever after and photographs to remember the day. If you’re wondering how to display wedding photographs in style, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re sharing with you a fun new product by the folks at Indigo Album Design which will inspire you to customize a wedding memory book to display those gorgeous wedding day photographs in a stylish keepsake book for generations to come…