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Modern Air Plant Wedding Decor

I love when wedding decor can be re-used as home decor. Loooove it. So when I (Emma here!) spotted these modern hanging air plant holders over at Handmade Sam Made, I couldn’t resist sharing their geometric awesomeness with you. But first, what is an air plant, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you!

What is an Air Plant?

These is an air plant? Here’s what it looks like:

Air Plant Wedding Decor |

by handmade sam made

An air plant — aka Tillandsia, if you want to get technical — is a sometimes rootless tropical plant with grasslike leaves, according to Google. Water and airborne nutrients are absorbed through its leaves.

Air Plant Wedding Decor

An air plant makes an exceptionally lovely flower alternative for wedding decor, especially for a modern wedding because it offers a minimalist look (similar to the succulent). If you want to decorate your wedding with air plants, we recommend using them as centerpieces, like so:

Air Plant Wedding Decor |

by handmade sam made

Air Plant Wedding Decor |

by handmade sam made

Or in a vase:

Air Plant Wedding Decor |

by handmade sam made

Another way to use air plants as decor is to hang them, whether from trees, rafters, or displayed on a back wall as a sconce or plant holder. These brass Himmeli designs are some of the prettiest I’ve seen yet…

Giveaway: Win a $50 Gift Certificate!

Happy Monday, loves! We are kicking off the new week with a giveaway from My Little Chickadee Creations! You’ve seen their work featured at EB before, like when we talked about these just last week. This shop offers handmade coasters, trivets, ornaments, and magnet favors. This week, you could win $50 to spend on anything your little heart desires! Use it towards your favors, gifts for your wedding party, or even a gift for your new home. This shop is fantastic because there’s something for everyone: you’ll find a design that perfectly suits your bohemian, rustic, seasonal, nautical, beach, or modern themed wedding (including others). Plus, custom designs are welcome — and you know we love that! Here are some ideas on what you can get with your gift certificate, along with the full details + entry form below. Good luck!

nautical anchor coasters big

sailboat coasters

If I had to choose, I’d pick a set of four coasters, like these pine trees. They match this painting that Andrew and I have — and most of our decor is nature-inspired.

pine tree coasters

Or these really cute bicycle built for two coasters. I can’t wait to get some serious bike riding in this summer.

bike coasters

What would you pick if YOU won the $50 gift certificate?

Giveaway Details

o Enter between 5/4/15-5/10/15 (11:59pm EST)
o Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to My Little Chickadee Creations
o Winner has 72 hours to respond to winning email or new winner will be selected
o Winner pays shipping on products purchased with gift certificate
o No purchase necessary
o Winner has 6 months to claim prize
o Prize value: $50 | No cash value
o Past giveaway winners within 30 days not eligible to win
o Use entry form below to enter

Enter below!

These Flower Vase Favors are Brilliant — Here’s Why

When we received this question from bride-to-be, Amy, we couldn’t wait to share what we found with you! Here’s her question, submitted to us on the Ask Emmaline inbox:

Hi Emmaline! I am looking for wedding favors that can also add to our decorations. I was thinking of giving flowers since we’re having a bohemian rustic wedding and we’ll be using wildflowers throughout. Do you have any advice on how to give flowers as favors? What container to use, how big they should be, etc.? Thanks!

We love the idea of giving flowers as favors, Amy! It’s a thoughtful gift guests can actually use, which is our favorite kind of favor! When giving flower favors, be sure to provide a small glass or bottle. A tag is also appropriate, so guests know they’re favors and should be taken home. They should also be kept fresh before placing on tables — and when it comes to the flowers you pick, anything goes! On our quest for the perfect flower favors, these flower vase favors from JoBlake came to mind. We love ’em because they are essentially THREE wedding details in one: they’re 1) favors, 2) place cards, and 3) decorations. Talk about a time (and money) -saver! Individually, they’re lovely decor pieces; in a group, they’re visually stunning! Plus, they can be used for your wedding reception or bridal shower. Take a look:

Flower Vase Favors

flower vase favors
by joblake

We love these because they’re handmade + chock full of love. Joanna, the designer, even made these for her own wedding. TIP: She said her mother-in-law stored her flowers in the fridge and put them out in the vases the day of the wedding to keep them fresh.

place card escort card
by joblake

flower vase favors with tag

by joblake

by joblake

flower vase favors in jars

by joblake

Lovely! You can find out more about these favors and take a closer look in the shop.

– – –

Thanks for your question, Amy, and we hope this helped to answer your questions. If you’re a bride-to-be (or a bridesmaid, MOH, mom of the bride, etc.) and need advice, we’re here to help! Just submit your question here.


7 Things to Know Before Giving Macaron Favors

Giving macaron favors? Be sure to read these seven tips first! Also, follow along on our RSS feed. It’ll keep you in the loop on all the latest wedding trends, tips, and giveaways!

I adore macarons. Love them. But I’m not crazy about making them. Making macarons is tough. It requires so many factors to get them right. You need patience; you need time. You need the right tools… and you need to follow that recipe to a tee.

via la petite delicat

strawberry macarons | via

via la petite delicat

You see, I lack these things and then get stubborn and rush the recipe and then it tastes terrible. But that’s with all baked goods, I swear. My cookies are always a little burnt. Patience in the kitchen has never been my strong suit, but I’m getting better. And I’ll be the first to agree that macarons not only look amazing, but they taste delicious, too. That’s why giving macaron favors is one of my favorite wedding trends. And, instead of telling you that they’re impossible to make, today we’re showing you a fun product that makes macaron baking a less-daunting task. We’re also sharing where to buy perfect macarons from a pro, in case you’re like me and don’t have the patience to give it a go. We’ll also show you some really pretty ways to wrap them up for giving as favors.

Are you giving macarons as wedding favors? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

FUN FACT: in case you’re wondering, macaron can be pronounced two ways → MACK-A-RON or MACK-A-RUNE, it’s up to you. ;)

Okay, on to the inspiration!

Things to Know Before Giving Macaron Favors

1. Macarons can be made in any color.

To really make ’em pop, make them (or order them) in colors that coordinate with your color palette.

2. You’ll want to maximize their freshness.

You’ll want to store macarons in the fridge and in an airtight container. Also, let them warm up on a table at least fifteen minutes before serving them.

3. For maximum flavor, enjoy as soon as possible.

Macarons are best enjoyed as soon as possible and should be eaten within a few days of purchase. For instance, if you’re buying a ton in bulk, you need to plan accordingly and have them ready no more than 3 to 5 days before the wedding. If they’re consumed after approximately five days, they’re likely to be hard and chewy, rather than nice and flaky.

4. Making them yourself? Do a trial run.

We’re not here to discourage you, so if you want to make your own macarons we say, GO FOR IT! But do a trial run, first. You’d hate to be putting together macarons for your wedding favors a week before the wedding and stressing out over them either a) looking a wreck or b) tasting not so hot. Read this article we found on top ten tips for macarons. And if you need helpful advice on what they should taste like or look like, you should consult this very helpful trouble-shooting guide on all things macaron. Here’s an example they have of a perfect macaron:

perfect macaron | via 7 Things to Know About Giving Macaron Favors

And if you want our advice on how to make the perfect macaron at home, try this. We call it a macaron maker, but they call it a macaron kit. It would be even better if you threw some batter into a machine and it spit out 100 perfectly colorful macarons, yes? One can dream. But at least this is the closest thing to it!

by lekue

5. Or save the stress and order in bulk!

One place to buy them is La Petite Delicat. I haven’t tried them myself, but holy cow do they look gorgeous. They also boast amazing reviews in their shop. Take a look at some of their examples:

I mean, honestly, Minnie Mouse macarons?! So cute.

via la petite delicat

salted caramel macarons | via 7 Things to Know About Giving Macaron Favors

via la petite delicat

via la petite delicat

6. You can offer macarons as part of a dessert bar.

Instead of giving as favors, you can display macarons on a pretty cake plate or in mini dessert cups, like these:

macarons in mint boxes | via 7 Things to Know About Giving Macaron Favors

by tableau party

Guests can take them back to their seats easily. Plus, they look so elegant this way.

7. Or, offer macarons in clear boxes to give as favors.

Sending them with guests to-go? Place a few in clear boxes, like these. Clear boxes enable the beauty of macarons to show right through. Tableau Party has so many perfect macaron favor boxes, all dressed up and ready to go (and perfect for any theme).

macaron in a box | via 7 Things to Know About Giving Macaron Favors

by tableau party

macarons in clear boxes | via 7 Things to Know About Giving Macaron Favors

by tableau party

yellow quatrefoil macaron favor box | via 7 Things to Know About Giving Macaron Favors

by tableau party

hot pink macaron favor box | via 7 Things to Know About Giving Macaron Favors

by tableau party

by tableau party

by tableau party

by tableau party

♥ | ♥ | ♥

Are you giving macaron favors?

So, tell us: are you giving macaron favors? Tell us below. Oh, and if you’re making them at home, we’re happy to, you know, taste-test. You can send a batch to Emmaline Bride, c/o Emma, 119… just kidding. ;)


Fun Idea → Beer Tasting Couples Shower

If a traditional bridal shower isn’t your thing, consider a couples shower instead. A couples shower is where men and women are invited together to party and celebrate the happy couple. Today we’re sharing one of our favorite ideas: a beer tasting couples shower. This is a great way to toast the happy couple, mingle, and get acquainted with some fun new craft brews. This is a great shower idea, but works extremely well, too, for a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. Or, it makes a great reason to throw a party for a groomsmen / bridesmaid get together so everyone can get acquainted before the wedding. If there will be non-drinkers, we encourage you to include root beers in the mix — there are a surprisingly large number of different root beers to sample. Just check your local grocery store! Okay, on to the inspiration!

Beer Tasting Couples Shower

Here’s a round-up of our favorite ideas, from beer tasting scorecards to the perfect beer tasting couples shower invites! Enjoy!

Here’s a really cute invitation to kick things off, spotted at Dea + Bean:

couples shower beer tasting invitation | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower

by dea and bean

A sign that sort of explains things is always a good idea. Here’s a chalkboard example we found:

beer tasting sign | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower


If you’re lucky enough to have a rooftop party area at your fingertips, here’s some serious inspiration. An outdoor beer tasting party is great for the summer!

beer tasting party inspiration | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower

via style me pretty, photo: liz and ryan

via style me pretty, photo: liz and ryan

No beer tasting party is complete without an actual tasting, so you’ll need a kit like this from Big Yellow Dog Designs:

beer tasting kit | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower

by big yellow dog designs

And you’ll want flights, like these, which come with the tasting glasses, too:

flight beer paddle | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower

by jt woodworks

These state-themed flights are really awesome, too. There are just a few examples in the shop, but any state is available by custom request, I believe.

by rogue made

Add a little cheer to your party space with a bunting banner, like this one we found at Rustic Daisy Designs:

cheers beer tasting banner by rustic daisy designs | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower
by rustic daisy designs

Here’s a chalkboard idea to show what beers are available:

beer chalkboard sign | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower

photo: lunabear studios

You can have guests help themselves with big beverage tubs and signs:

left: down emery lane, right: the owlerly printables

And since you can’t have beer on an empty stomach (and this is a party), you’ll want to think of an awesome menu. Have lots of beer snacks on hand (nuts, pretzels, snack mix, popcorn, etc.) along with a regular lunch menu. Burgers are always a great pick, especially if your party is bbq style.

cookies | lonestars and stripes
food spread with large soft pretzels | via chicago now
tiny cheeseburgers | via it’s a bride’s life
snack bar with jars | via decorating obsessed

Serve cupcakes and add these cute toppers to them:

left: the tiny toppery, right: bella grey designs

You’ll want to entertain guests with some games. Indoors, play a few rounds of he said / she said or bridal shower beer-o…

bridal beero

via hitched salon

… and outdoors, there’s always room for a corn toss tournament! These custom corn toss boards are from By Folks.

custom cornhole game | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower

via byfolks

… or croquet! Or beer pong on this giant table. Or a GIANT lifesize Jenga game, which is over 6 feet tall during play! Outdoor games are perfect for playing and sipping.

And finally, a few party favors or gifts for your wedding party are essential. Another idea: One of our favorite ideas? Beer koozies! These are from Rook Design Co.:

wedding day ipa koozie | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower

by rook design co

What else would we add? Oh, these awesome button bottle openers, of course! We found them at Big Yellow Dog Designs:

rustic antler beer bottle openers | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower

by big yellow dog designs

And these beer holsters for your groomsmen so they don’t, you know, have to carry their beer around. Just place in their holster and have two free hands for the corn toss tournament. By Rocky Mountain Holster.

leather beer holsters for groomsmen | via Beer Tasting Couples Shower

by rocky mountain holster

by rocky mountain holster

Cute Wedding Favors for Kids

If you’re inviting children to your wedding, you’ll want to keep them entertained. You see, kids aren’t as jazzed about the music or the food or the ceremony. Or the speeches. They’re much more excited about the cake and the dance floor. And maybe even the favors, if there is a candy buffet involved. So, while they wait for said cake and dance moves and sugar overload, you can keep them happy with these fun bags that include games and fun treats inside.

Wedding Favors for Kids

wedding favor bags for kids
from mavora art & design

wedding favor bags for kids
from mavora art & design

wedding favor bags for kids
from mavora art & design

And if you’re wondering what age is best, these are recommended for kids age 4+ with adult supervision.

– – –

You can see more details right here.


Skeleton Key Escort Card Favors

What are you going to pick for escort cards? What about favors? Did you know you could combine your escort cards and favors into one? You can — and it’s a fantastic way to save time and money. Check out these skeleton key escort card favors we spotted here as one example. All you need to do is write the names of guests on the tags, hang or display on a table or a vintage hutch or dresser, and add a sign so guests know to take their key and find their seat. And if you’re wondering how these skeleton keys double as favors, it’s because they’re actually bottle openers — how neat is that? And you know how crazy I am over functional favors. Take a look at these charming skeleton key bottle openers and the pretty vintage tags that accompany them, below. They are from Trees of Lace.

Skeleton Key Escort Card Favors

Here are the keys…

skeleton key escort card favors |

by trees of lace

And a stunning display…

skeleton key escort card favors |

by trees of lace

skeleton key escort card favors |

by trees of lace

You can find out more about these here.

♥ | ♥ | ♥

Happy weekend! We hope you’re out enjoying some sunshine and much needed relaxation. Get ready because this upcoming week is going to be jam-packed to the max with wedding planning advice, tips, ideas, inspiration, and giveaways. Be sure you subscribe or you’ll miss out.